The Wasteland

Breathing the air in China is an exercise in suffocation. Drinking the water is slow poison. Eating the food is a recipe for degenerative conditions of body and mind. Soaking in the mindset of slavery kills the soul.

Chinese people lack access to fresh air and clean water. Ten of thousands of human rights defenders, lawyers, dissidents, and journalists have been thrown into prison. Political prisoners have died in custody, including the Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo in 2017. The family members of rights activists are targeted. Rights NGOs are shut down. Torture, enforced disappearance, forced eviction, and miscarriages of justice are pervasive and rising to a crescendo.

Since 1999, more than 4,000 Falun Gong practitioners have been tortured to death in detention. And 153 Tibetans self-immolated to protest the persecution against them. The CCP is demolishing churches, burning Bibles, and has now sent at least 1.5 million Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims to concentration camps in Xinjiang. This is not a “China miracle” or “China dream” but a China nightmare.


Chinese transplant surgeons are daily ripping vital organs from Chinese dissidents, Uighurs, Tibetans, religious believers, and others who threaten to present an embarrassment to the party line. These acts of violence are performed without anesthesia, while the victim is wide awake.

The communist government of China is a bloody curse on the world, and yet only a few global leaders appear to understand the deadly threat posed by an ever more powerful and ruthlessly belligerent outlaw nation.

Today, Chinese leaders are using the proceeds of trade with the United States to, among other things, expand their military while its officer corps openly talks about killing Americans. Twice in December, a senior Chinese officer publicly urged unprovoked attacks on the U.S. Navy in the global commons. In the second of the outbursts, on the twentieth of that month, Rear Admiral Luo Yuan proposed the use of two types of ballistic missiles to sink two aircraft carriers and kill 10,000 Americans.

The Chinese have even gone beyond bluster. In May 2018, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Chinese military, from its base in Djibouti, lasered an American C-130 cargo plane, causing eye injuries to two pilots. An attempt to blind pilots, of course, is tantamount to an attempt to bring down their craft and kill them. American planes are continually lasered in the East China Sea by Chinese forces. Moreover, last year sonic waves caused brain injuries to American diplomats at the consulate in Guangzhou. Because the Chinese Communist Party runs a surveillance state, Beijing either was the perpetrator of this crime or complicit in it.

Injuring American pilots and diplomats is not Beijing’s only sin. China is trying to dismember three American treaty allies in its peripheral seas. In the South China Sea, inside its expansive “nine-dashed line,” China has now positioned about 275 vessels around Thitu Island, which has long been under control of the Philippines. This pressure tactic, dubbed the “cabbage” maneuver, was employed to seize Scarborough Shoal from Manila in early 2012 and has since been used in various other Philippine locations in the South China Sea, such as Second Thomas Shoal.

Beijing is also trying to take apart another island nation, Japan, by pressuring East China Sea islands that Tokyo administers and calls the Senkakus. At the same time, Chinese state institutions, backed by state media, are making the almost-absurd claim that the Ryukyu Islands, including Okinawa, are part of China and not Japan.

In addition, Beijing disputes South Korea’s possession of the Ieodo Ocean Research Station, built on what is known as Socotra Rock in the Yellow Sea. __ China Waging War

There is no need to attack China. It is only necessary to stop building China up. North American and European corporations that have made China wealthy and technically proficient should back away from the bloody beast and focus on making their own nations great again.

Westerners created this monstrous threat to a better human future, and they need to withdraw their support from the miscreant dragon before it is too late. Without western corporations to steal from, China will be in trouble.

More: Up to 40% of US companies are moving out of China

A few of the corporations moving production out of China–


The action camera company is moving the bulk of its production out of China to Mexico by mid-2019. It will still continue to manufacture its local products in the country.

“Today’s geopolitical business environment requires agility,” GoPro CFO Brian McGee said in December. “We’re proactively addressing tariff concerns.”


The toymaker is shifting most of its production from China to Mexico, Vietnam and India due to Trump’s tariffs.

Steve Madden

The footwear and handbag maker, which ships the bulk of its goods from China, is shifting production to Cambodia. Executives at the Pawtucket, Rhode Island-based company previously said prices during the upcoming holiday shopping season would be higher as a result of the increased duties.

“We’d love to make shoes in the United States,” CEO Ed Rosenfeld told NPR. But “it’s very hard to envision a scenario where we’d make the types of products that we make, at the prices that we make them, in the United States.”

Stanley Black & Decker

The firm is shifting production of its hallmark Craftsman brand to the U.S., where it is opening a new facility in Fort Worth, Texas.

The company plans to hire 500 people for the $90 million plant, but will employ robots and other advanced technology to keep production costs in line with those in China.

Brooks Running

The athletic footwear maker owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is moving production from China to Vietnam, largely due to the new tariffs.

“We’ve had to make a long-term decision on this picture. It’s disruptive, but the reality. So we’ll be predominantly in Vietnam by the end of the year.” CEO Jim Weber told Reuters.

Whirlpool Corp.

The company is moving the manufacturing of some of its KitchenAid appliances to the U.S. from China.

Intel Corp.

CEO Bob Swan in June told Bloomberg the company is reviewing its supply chain and whether production can be shifted out of China.

“How do we move goods — sometimes our customers will move their operations — and how do we work the global supply chain so less product is coming directly from China to the US that would be subject to tariffs?” he told the outlet. __ Source

Apple is developing contingency plans for a phased pull-out from China, as are several other large firms who have not yet gone public.

“Last year, I noticed that the era of Made In China and supplying globally is over,” Tu said. The maker of mountain and racing bicycles closed one plant in China at the end of 2018 and shifted most U.S. orders out of the country. Giant announced last July it is setting up a factory in Hungary “as moving production close to your market is a trend.” __ Giant (bicycle) Manufacturing Company Reacts to trade war

China cheats in every way possible, which has allowed the tyrannical society to build its military and its cash clout quickly. But perhaps the world will eventually reconsider presenting its throat to the knife of the dictator. When that happens, the global economic and military calculus can change quickly.

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  1. Someone says:

    Both past administrations since past Reagan hand in building up China. Not to mention corporate greed. It’s good that some jobs are coming back to the US.

  2. Craig says:

    Interesting to see Whirlpool coming home. Where I’m from one of the mainstays on the eastside was the massive Whirlpool plant that closed in early 80’s and was finally torn down. It was the anchor for a neighborhood that is just now revitalizing. The city decided to create empty fields where businesses once stood in order not to look like a depressed and blighted area. The other Whirlpool plant in the suburbs was re-purposed into a plastics manufacturer. I couldn’t be happier that China is losing these businesses!

    What worries me about China is the military and the nukes. China easily explode nukes in the atmosphere above the U.S. in an EMP attack and make it look like Iran or NKorea. The U.S. would turn Tehran and NK into glass, but ultimately the U.S. would not survive anyway. China would move in, starting on the west coast, and start to rebuild… Whatever was left of the U.S. could do nothing to stop it. Don’t think for a minute China is not strategically planning this right now.

    • Improbus says:

      China should be worried about US nuclear subs. Nuke America and prepared to be nuked yourself. China wouldn’t be invading they would be trying to pick up the pieces of their country and starving to death.

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