Putin Won’t Leave So Russia’s Best Have To

100,000 of Russia’s Best Leave the Country Yearly

There are too few skilled and independent-minded Russian people to begin with. If the economic and political climate under Putin remains dismal, more good people will leave — and Russia’s future will grow ever dimmer.

Every year, some 100,000 Russians emigrate. The majority of these are “politically dissatisfied,” but once abroad, they typically cease to care what is happening in Russia.

And in their place, the Putin regime is bringing in “comrades from Central Asia who are getting Russian passports and will to the end of their days vote for Putin and United Russia.” __ Economist Vadislov Inozemtsev quoted in WOE2

The ethnic Russian population was quite small to begin with, but it is rapidly being watered down due to high losses and high replacement rates by Central Asian outsiders with no particular affection for Moscow. Drug addiction and alcoholism are rampant, with an alarming growth in HIV/AIDS incidence and prevalence rates.

Young Talented Russians Want to Leave

For the ambitious and talented young of Russia, Putin’s mafia-land is a depressing, dead-end place to be.

According to data from The Boston Consulting Group, 59 percent of respondents under 21 and 57 percent between the ages of 21 and 30 would like to work abroad. Over half of the respondents were IT specialists and scientists who felt inspired by the success stories of other Russian emigrants.

The survey data showed Russia’s “brain drain” continues and could complicate the potential for technological breakthroughs the government has in mind. __ MoscowTimes

Russia continues to suffer high chronic levels of both brain drain and capital flight, and will do so as long as Putin remains mafia godfather.

China’s Personality Cult of Xi is a Dark and Ugly Monstrosity

Xi cannot tolerate religion, which represents a direct threat to his “divine mandate.” Xi’s personality cult is the only religion that the CCP is willing to allow.

Revised regulations on religion were introduced early last year introducing even tighter restrictions on religious practice. Children under 18 are prohibited from attending places of worship, and cameras have been installed to monitor who does.

A new law regulating religious activity online has been drafted, requiring people to obtain a license before disseminating any religious materials on the internet.

In some parts of the country, Christians have been coerced into replacing religious paintings with portraits of Xi Jinping as a personality cult from the Mao era returns.

Xi, who has amended the constitution to make him president for life and insert his thought within it, has unleashed a campaign to Sinicize religion, which includes requiring all religions to teach the Communist Party’s propaganda. __ https://www.preda.org/2019/06/the-tiananmen-massacre-30-years-on-why-modern-china-remains-orwellian/

Of the two corrupt dictatorships, China is clearly the darker destination. If US President Trump can nudge China toward fairer trade practises, at least a little of the lying/cheating/stealing/killing behaviours exhibited by Chinese actors might subside. Whether that would lead to kinder behaviour by Xi toward his own people is doubtful — likely the reverse. China is a dirty place and growing dirtier by the day in almost every way conceivable.

Nevertheless, China has the cash advantage over Russia. This allows China to continue dominating the large scale commercial transactions between the two states, with a slow motion stealth invasion and takeover of the Russian Far East and many Siberian natural resources by the Chinese.

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2 Responses to Putin Won’t Leave So Russia’s Best Have To

  1. ROBERT SYKES says:

    Putin is the greatest statesman of the 21st and late 20th Centuries. He is on a par with Churchill and very much better than FDR. He saved Russia from the oligarchs who had stolen Russia’s industries and resources (using money from Goldman-Sachs and others). He turned around the economy, and death rates that were Third World under Yeltsin fell, birth rates rose. He modernized the Russian military, and reestablished Russia as a relevant world power. He has expanded Russian influence everywhere. Most importantly, he has linked Russia and its Eurasian Union to China and its One Belt One Road project. This is the most important economic and political development since Bismarck unified the German principalities. It will lead to massive economic development in Eurasia.

    Not the least of his achievements is getting China, India, and Pakistan to work together in SCO, OBOR and numerous other projects. If the US (under Israeli control) succeeds in expelling Turkey from the West, and if Europe can be brought back to JCPOA, he will have achieved a major, world historic realignment.

    The silly map you repeatedly put up showing China occupying Siberia actually reveals something important. China desperately needs a strong, united Russia as an ally. Were China to seize Siberia, Russia would be an enemy, and China would be isolated in a truly hostile world. Japan, South Korea, Russia and the US would be allied against her. Not to mention the nuclear war that would have devastated China. That map must have been drawn by one of the CIA’s 22 year old intelligence analysts, fresh from a Skull and Bones party at Yale.

    The great world historic disaster was committed by several of our benighted Presidents. When the Soviet Union fell, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Medvedev, and Putin all called for a united Europe “from Lisbon to Vladivostok” (Putin’s own words). They all called for Russian membership in the EU and NATO. What a coup that would have been! As it is, Russia and China are building MacKinder’s World Island, and it is the US that will be isolated and alone, surrounded by enemies.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Unfortunately for longsuffering Russians, China is already occupying large parts of the Far East and has taken control of significant Siberian assets (see Lake Baikal). China desperately needs Siberian resources, and the Russian manpower to provide them is not there — so the Chinese themselves must provide the manpower and the brain power to retrieve them. Putin has signed off on all of these actions by China. He has no choice, he is painted into a corner — unlike a true statesman. Putin is at heart a gangster and will suffer a gangster’s end in all likelihood.

      The NY Times map of a total Chinese takeover of Siberia is meant to be facetious. Clearly such a takeover will occur slowly, over time, and with Russia’s permission. When it is all over, Russia will look nothing like in the map.

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