Two Nations With Divergent Economic Paths

Why China is Falling and Dragging Germany Along

We have long been told that this is the Chinese century. It is supposed to be China’s turn to lead the world according to talking heads and journalists. Yet if one looks just a bit beneath the surface — something journalists and “intellectuals” rarely do — the data tells a different tale.

The U.S. press has fixated for years over the ascendency of China, and its increasingly entrepreneurial economy. If it is ascending, why does the stock market show little sustainable progress over the past decade? Further, how can China have such a vibrant entrepreneurial economy, while the market itself is flagging?

The simple answer is, it cannot. __

Geopolitically, Communist China has become a cancer. Like any invasive cancer, the Chinese Communist Party and all it stands for needs to be eradicated for the health of the world body. Interestingly, the Chinese government itself seems to be cooperating in the effort to weaken the malignancy, through its own mismanagement of economic development both inside and outside of China.

… it appears that the Chinese government seeks to directly control the pace of economic development in China, including the pace of development (or growth) of the capital markets. In pursuit of this goal, the Chinese government acts as a major investor, the major regulator, the issuer and trader of currency, a major banker, and the judge in all major disputes.

The record of the Shanghai and S&P markets show that that system has not been working for the past decade to produce internationally competitive growth and returns for investors, including for both Chinese investors and the Chinese people. ___

Just as biological cancers can grow too quickly and starve themselves of nutrients, so has the mismanaged shadow ghost-bubble economy of communist China misallocated resources and efforts to the point of widespread default — particularly among the zombie enterprises of China.

China Returns to Coal

The public image of China projected to the outside world is one of universal growth, strength, and global responsibility. But in reality China has fouled its own nest resulting in toxic air, toxic water, toxic soil, toxic food, toxic pharmaceuticals, and accompanying birth defects among the next generations.

Approvals for new coal mine construction in China have surged in 2019, government documents showed, with Beijing expecting consumption of the commodity to rise in the coming years even as it steps up its fight against smog and greenhouse gas emissions. __

China is vulnerable to a naval blockade of much of its food and energy supplies at several chokepoints. As a result, China must turn to its strategic assets, such as dirty-burning coal.

China is a Cheat, a Thief, a Pirate, and a Murderer

China is well known for stealing intellectual property and foreign technical expertise by any means imaginable. With stolen tech, China builds counterfeit replacements for the foreign innovations. Globally, China makes no distinctions between “friend” and foe when it steals and counterfeits. It is as happy to steal from Russia as from the United States.

In order to try to moderate China’s illegal practises, US President Trump has instituted a number of punitive tariffs on Chinese goods. This has resulted in an acceleration of the rate of foreign companies withdrawing production facilities from China — moving to other Asian nations, Mexico, or back to the home nation if possible.

China would have never grown rich and powerful if not for foreign corporations moving there and facilitating transfer of technology and an unhealthy dependency on China for commercial supply lines.

This emerging foreign corporate withdrawal from China is having a slow strangulating effect on China’s ability to do harm at home, and globally. China’s desperation is growing greater — as we can see in the growing stridency of attacks against Trump by western journalistic “China friends.” But these “China friends” have long since shot their credibility and their clout from a constant sniping at President Trump, and so they are reduced to mostly just shooting blanks.

China’s Crumbling Foundations

The government is not the country. The Chinese Communist Party is not the people of China, it is a blood-sucking vampire stealing the future from under the people’s feet. This is something that the people of Hong Kong have discovered, something the people of the Republic of China on Taiwan already knew, something that the rapidly growing China Lobby are learning, and something that the people of mainland China will either learn — or they will suffer from the malignancy to the end.

It is the latest economic undertow now sweeping the sloppily-laid foundations of the CCP shadow ghost-bubble economy, that is sending shockwaves to the highest levels of the Beijing Butcher Society and its overseas dependents. And all signs suggest that the undertow is just beginning to swell.

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  1. Improbus says:

    Good summary … you could do a post on each of those sub-sections. One thing most people don’t know about China’s coal is that it is brown coal, the lowest rank of coal. The power plants based on this brown coal are MUCH more polluting that the coal plants in the US. To bad the Chinese don’t have shale gas.

  2. bob sykes says:

    Today, the Regime murdered Jeffrey Epstein. The murder was done openly without any disguise or misdirection. It was a display of Regime arrogance, power, and invulnerability. Nero/Caligula on steroids.

    Is there any doubt where the US is headed? Look behind you.

    [Admin: What actually happened? No one is telling. You do not know where to point the blame yet you do it anyway. It is your own credibility that suffers.]

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