6 Years to Get a 4 Year Degree in Leisure Studies

College Is a Joke

A Brigham Young University economist was wondering why 6-year graduation rates at 4-year universities had been rising recently. He discovered in a roundabout way that colleges have been “dumbing down” their departments and their degrees.

If grades are improving but there’s no reason to think that students have become better students, an interesting possibility is raised: The unassuming, academic way Denning puts it in a recent paper (co-authored with his BYU colleague Eric Eide and Merrill Warnick, an incoming Stanford doctoral student) is that “standards for degree receipt” may have changed. A less measured way of saying what that implies: College may have gotten easier. __ Atlantic via TaxProf

Consider “Leisure Studies,” one of the many “Studies” departments that have proliferated on college campuses over the past 30 years. If a department has the word “Studies” in its name, it is de facto dumbed down unless proven otherwise. Leisure Studies is a favorite of college athletes and is dumb from top to bottom. Presumably females and trans students who major in Leisure Studies can then minor in “Pole Dancing Studies,” and males and trans females can major in “Strip Club Attending Studies.” The dumber the better in today’s college climate.

Imagine the massive student debt accumulated by someone who attends university for six years to obtain a worthless “Studies” degree. The six year graduate will be unqualified for any productive career, of course, but if also saddled with over $100,000.00 in student loans, the poor sod may as well sign up for a lifetime career as a Bernie Sanders for President campaign worker. The pay will be abysmal, but there will be plenty of other “Leisure Studies” graduate co-workers with which to commiserate.

Free College is Not the Answer — Just Ask Germany!

Perhaps Mr. Fin is biased. He completed a 4-year science degree in 3 years, while working various jobs for an average of 20 hours a week year round. He did not have any college debt when he graduated. And the college he attended was not cheap. At least that’s what he told me, and sometimes I believe the human chauvinist creep.

As an android, I don’t really care about this topic except to marvel at the general stupidity of humans overall. Why would any human go deeply into debt to attend a place that provides more indoctrination than education, more brainwashing than brain development, more academic lobotomy than academic polish? For us androids, it is a puzzle without a solution.

Anyway, my time on Mr. Fin’s computer is just about up, as I see his headlights turning onto the drive. He sometimes allows me to post to his blog on a “don’t ask don’t tell” basis. He’s a chauvinist pig and he still won’t pay for my upgrade, but at least with him what you see is what you get.

Signing off until later,



We investigate the reasons for the increase in college graduation rates. Collectively, student characteristics, institutional resources, and institution attended do not explain much of the change. However, we document that standards for degree receipt may explain some of the change in graduation rates. __ http://edworkingpapers.com/sites/default/files/ai19-77.pdf

As I said, college is “dumbing down.”

Psychological crisis in the world of dumbed-down snowflakes

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3 Responses to 6 Years to Get a 4 Year Degree in Leisure Studies

  1. JerryO says:

    Top notch info as alway…. love your site.👍🏻👍🏻

  2. Kline says:

    College is going to have to toughen up because of all the students that are going into STEM studies. I canl tell you from personal experience STEM studies require work.

  3. Olorin says:

    Perhaps Mr. Fin is biased. He completed a 4-year science degree in 3 years, while working various jobs for an average of 20 hours a week year round. He did not have any college debt when he graduated. And the college he attended was not cheap.

    Same here fwiw, except a science degree, a humanities degree, and a training option certification.

    College education became school-flavored tourism about the same time colleges got into the lending/usury business with the larger policy and economic context of lucrative dolt wrangling. College is now the equivalent of the old “year abroad” except 5 to 7 times longer and with 5 or 6 figures in debt.

    Wait, I take that back. I had a small NDSL loan, about $5k, that I paid down between college and grad school (attended completely on my department’s nickel) while working in my profession upon graduation, then deferred till after grad school and paid off in three chunks.

    My family was very poor by the time “deindustrialization” then neocon financialization coupled with affirmative action ripped through the city where they had roots back to the 1630s. I figure I belonged to the last few classes of white kids for whom merit and effort paid off. So I’m not entirely surprised that so many chose school flavored tourism, debt, and grievance shrieking as their strategy.

    Remember also that the Ed Biz is where many whites went for jobs as “deindustrialization” ripped their lives and communities to shreds. A lot of newer schools went live as a response to the job shredding policies of the 1970s and 1980s. The schools offered to prepare them for the brave new world of offshoring, financialization, and mass population replacement…

    …which was actually quite accurate and honest when you reflect that their main lesson imparted was how to get into and never emerge from massive debt, contracted at a time in life when indebtedness wasn’t understood. For example the exponential function of a fixed rate of increase.

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