The Coming War of the Drones

When Iran’s leaders gave the go-ahead for an incendiary proxy drone strike against Saudi Arabian oil facilities, they turned the eyes of the world to a new reality: A coming drone war.

The Drones Are Coming!

Recently another son of the late arch-terrorist Osama bin Laden was killed in a likely drone attack. Such targeted assassinations of Islamic terrorist leaders have become so common that this recent assassination would not have been remarked upon if not for the famous name of the target’s father.

Drones have been actively employed by military and intelligence agencies for decades, but now the use of drones is expanding rapidly into the civilian world:

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, just two years ago there were around one million drones in the US. This year that number will reach two million. Globally, there are around three million drones flying today. The drone industry worldwide will be worth around $82 billion by 2025.

In the US today, there are around 122,000 commercial drone pilots who fly drones to survey farmland, take video of property for sale or inspect construction sites. In addition, there are a further 800,000 people who own drones and fly them for fun. __ James Adams

The Saturday attack by “Iran” on Saudi oil facilities reveals that the drone cat is out of the bag. And the Iranians are not exactly apologetic about their complicity in the destruction.

Almost everyone can afford a drone that is capable of spying on neighbors, or causing the crash of civilian aircraft. Clearly better ways of defending against drone attacks are needed.

UK police were lucky enough to jam a drone attack by left-wing radical extinctionists against aircraft at Heathrow Airport. But as the technology evolves, future targets may not be so lucky.

A new generation of publicly available drones is in the works that will make much of today’s jamming technology obsolete. Instead of navigating using GPS, each drone will be independent and able to use onboard sensors and maps to find its way to a pre-designated target. Drones will also be part of the 5G communications revolution and will be much harder to jam.

All this means that within a very few years, every vulnerable public building, sports stadium or city center will have to install some kind of drone defense. But because drones are developing so fast, every defensive network will have to be regularly replaced if likely targets are to be protected effectively. __ Spectator

It seems that “the safety of the commons” is being eroded on many fronts. When 19 Muslim terrorists used civilian airliners as human-piloted incendiary drones 18 years ago, they announced a new way of life for people living in the advanced world. When the WTC towers and part of the Pentagon were destroyed, the deep sleep of people living in the west was disturbed — but just a little.

Now, it may behoove residents living in the prosperous west to consider how vulnerable they are to mass death strikes in public places and places of employment. Drones can carry explosives, incendiaries, biological and chemical weapons, and anti-technology weapons (EMP etc.) that can cause even greater harm in the long term. Drones are easy to transport covertly.

Drones are Just One Class of the New Weapons

Flying weapons drones can be remotely piloted or may be controlled by autonomous software — or a combination of both. Other forms of remotely piloted robotic vehicles may come in the form of boats, torpedoes, highway vehicles, tanks, or almost any other form capable of moving while carrying a working payload of some type.

Human beings may also be drones, as we have seen in the case of suicide bombers and mass shooters. But as the shape and type of possible attack grows less and less well-defined or predictable, defending places where large numbers of people assemble — or defending bridges, highways, airliners, ferry boats, and other forms of mass transport — becomes more chancy.

More people are ordering their daily food and dry goods supplies for delivery, rather than going out to shop for them in person. More people are thinking about working from home. And there are many other ways that people are changing their habits to avoid common areas that may entail risk.

Radical Muslims are a Problem, But Left-Wing Extinctionists May Be Worse

Radical Muslims just want to make everyone else exactly like themselves — and they are willing to kill a lot of people to accomplish it. But left-wing extinctionists want to eliminate everyone else, in order to “save the earth.” Such persons can easily be found in any university, in any government bureaucracy, in any large corporate office, and especially in almost any mass media outlet.

And that is the real problem. Not the weapons themselves, but the people who are willing to use them indiscriminately to promote a bloody eliminationist ideology.

You can invest $billions in drone defense and anti-terrorist technologies and training. But as long as the underlying ideologies that promote mass killing, genocide, and human extinction are being taught to your children in universities, are being blared from almost every news & entertainment media outlet, and are being covertly promoted across multiple government and corporate bureaucracies, you can never do enough to defend yourself and the future.

More: The Drone as a Black Swan

Small hobby drones may only carry 3 KG (roughly 6 pounds), but how much damage can 3 KG of high explosives cause? The answer is “considerable” if the target is flammable, or lightly shielded electronics.

Larger commercially available drones can carry up to 20 KG or 40 pounds–more than enough explosive capacity to take out any number of targets.

Put yourself in the shoes of those tasked with securing hundreds of miles of pipelines carrying oil and natural gas around the world. What’s your defense against drone attacks? A.I.-controlled or remote-operated gun towers every few hundred yards, along thousands of miles of pipelines? Human patrols covering the entire pipeline 24/7? The cost of such defenses would burden the defenders with enormous costs without providing 100% reliable security. __

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