Obama Disapproves of Trump

Opposing Visions

Trump Approval Numbers Higher Than Obama’s

It may have something to do with the economy, but Trump has higher approval numbers at this point in his first term than Obama did at the same time in his presidency.

Trump’s approval rating on Wednesday was 44.3 percent, according to a Real Clear Politics average of more than a half-dozen major polls. That is higher than Obama’s average approval rating of 43.9 percent on September 18, 2011, by the same measure. __ https://www.newsweek.com/trump-approval-rating-higher-obama-1460076

Trump Economy Shows Strength

While journalists are doing everything they can to wreck confidence and help bring about a US recession, in the real world the US economy is powering along.

The unemployment rate stayed at historically low levels of just 3.7 percent. Simultaneously, labor force participation continued to rise, reaching 63.2 percent, while average hourly earnings have increased by 3.2 percent over the last year. __ https://thehill.com/opinion/campaign/462001-trumps-economic-advantage-within-the-democratic-base

In the US construction trades there is more work than workers.

“Contractors are thinking about the future and are optimistic about what’s ahead,” said Christopher Griffin, CEO of USG Corporation. “Continued levels of confidence around backlog and profit suggest nonresidential construction will continue to play an important role in overall sector growth,” he added.

The Chamber noted that the industry is running short of workers and that 61% of commercial contractors plan to hire in the next six months.

“Half of contractors report turning down jobs because of a lack of workers,” said Neil Bradley, the chamber’s executive vice president.

Recent instability in the middle east reminds informed observers why the US shale revolution is such a big deal. While oil prices rose after an Iranian military attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities, the global market response was nothing like predicted by the perennial Cassandras of oilprice doom, who are about as reliable as the typical financial journalist — that is, not at all.

A booming oil & gas sector in the US helps to attract industries from Europe and other overseas areas, helping to maintain the US economic momentum.

Obama Administration Totally Corrupt

When even the FBI was utterly corrupted, you know that the leadership itself was rotten to the core.

And so with Trump out-polling Obama at an equivalent point in his presidency leading up to the elections for a second term, it seems an appropriate time to point out that Obama was supported by 95% of the press, as well as a gargantuan vote-scam effort that propelled him into a second term as president. Trump does not have such unethical advantages, but he does have a better economy going for him.

Fate of the World Rests on Trump?

For all its faults, the US is not on the same barbaric level as Communist China. China imprisons political dissenters, then rips their organs out without anesthesia to support a booming human organ transplant industry. China poisons its own people with toxic water, toxic air, toxic soil, toxic food, and toxic brainwashing. China made great gains under previous US presidents — especially Clinton, Bush II, and Obama. Only Trump has shown any sign of recognizing the global hazard of a world dominated by Communist China. Not one of his challengers in the upcoming election seems to be aware of a problem.

It will be an interesting 13 months and 2 weeks.

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