Marrying a More Beautiful Life

When contemplating marriage, most people plan on marrying a person with the same ethnic and cultural background as themselves. But a significant number of people want something more interesting, more “beautiful”, more secure, or more sexy.

When thinking about marriage outside of one’s own race, how do people of different races prioritise their choices?

Prolific statistical blogger “Audacious Epigone” looks at this question in his column on The Unz Review. Interestingly, most people — whatever their race — seem to prefer the idea of marrying within their own race. But when considering intermarriage to someone of a different race, they tend to have distinct priorities.

Female beauty as judged by men reveals a “hierarchy of beauty,” where the most beautiful women in most countries look suspiciously very much like European women. With the ideals of female beauty being what they are — perhaps in part from long exposure to Hollywood film stars — we can understand why males may have the enthusiasms shown in the graph above.

But why would females of other races feel better about “a close relative” marrying a white male in preference to males of the other alternatives outside of their race? Several different reasons. For black women, it may have something to do with financial security or a better match for their own interests, education, and ambition. For hispanic women, it may involve a desire for assimilation and social advancement. For asian women, the desire for a different type of masculinity and the quest to launch their children more deeply into the mainstream of the new more integrated world may play a part.

As for whites, they overwhelmingly prefer the idea of marrying other whites, but when thinking outside the box they tend to prefer asians or hispanics almost equally at the expense of blacks.

What About the $20 Billion Skin Lightening Cream Market?

Around the world, men and women are driving the lucrative skin-whitening cream market. As often as not the image of a thing is enough to appeal to deep and unstated preferences — if money is allowed to talk.

In 2012, India alone used 258 tons of skin-lightening cream (such creams have recently caught on with men there). In Lagos, Nigeria, one survey found that up to 77% of all residents use skin-lightening creams. Demand for such products is currently being driven by the Asia-Pacific market—led, interestingly, by Japan—but they are also popular in parts of Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and Latin America. A 2009 report from Global Industry Analysts declared skin-lightening a $10 billion industry; as of last year, GIA was projecting that number would hit $23 billion by 2020. __

Europe Changed the World

Europeans — and nations populated largely by persons of European stock — shaped the modern world as it is. This apparent power to move mountains and build complex systems of materials and ideas, appeals to other populations who would like to have the same things.

Yes, it is a type of “cargo-cult” thinking. But that kind of thinking can drive behavior in profound ways.

And so we see that although most people seem to wish to marry within their own race, when they contemplate “marrying-out” many seem to like the idea of marrying those with the best “cargo.”

There is always an element of “magical thinking” involved in the contemplation of marriage. Sometimes, it may even work, if the magical thinking is backed up by an iron will to succeed.

More — Comparative numbers of interracial offspring:

In North America, “hispanics” and settlers of more northern European extraction have been living in close proximity for almost 200 years across the American southwest. It is no surprise that most multiracial babies in the US are of “white” and “hispanic” heritage. We are likely to see rising numbers of “white” and “asian” multiracial births over time.

The future of “white” and “black” intermarriage and multiracial births has much to do with choices made within the black community itself. When a population demonizes another population — as Palestinians demonize Jews, for example, or as growing numbers of American blacks are taught to demonize whites — the less likely we are to see the two groups making common cause for the future.

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  2. Bob says:

    Incidentally, the model you posted above, Doutzen Kroes, is married to some black DJ. I’m not sure what kind of “cargo” a black DJ would bring to the table. Certainly it would have nothing to do with the “power to move mountains and build complex systems of materials and ideas.”

    [Admin: Right. The article suggests that non-whites marry whites for their “cargo,” not the other way around. Each person will choose according to his own set of priorities. We are not stuck on “single-causes”.]

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