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“The Current War” Then and Now

The Current War is a movie depicting the fierce early 20th century contest between electrical pioneers Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse to determine whether Direct Current (DC) or Alternating Current (AC) electricity would power the homes and the rapidly growing … Continue reading

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California is Destroying Itself Out of a Hysterical Fear

California has big problems. The state cannot even keep its lights on, its people are becoming more impoverished, and state leaders are utterly confused as to the true reasons why. Businesses and taxpayers are leaving the state in larger numbers. … Continue reading

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Space Warfare: A Kill Chain Approach

Space is Military High Ground The US Air Force has been exploring multiple uses of outer space for decades. The latest flight of the secretive USAF X37B space plane came to an end recently after a record 780 days in … Continue reading

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Xi in Jeopardy from the Return of the Tuanpei?

… Xi Mingzhi was unsatisfied with her life in China after living for several years as a student in the United States. Out of love for his daughter, Xi Jinping was reportedly persuaded to let her return to school in … Continue reading

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New Genes Pop Up Like Magic

Since 2012 scientists have been learning how new genes are created in all kinds of organisms. The image below provides a look at simple gene expression, followed by a glimpse into the creation of a new gene out of “non-genic … Continue reading

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Is Genetic Divergence a Controversial Topic?

Genetic Divergence Genetic divergence is an accepted concept in evolutionary science. Genetic divergence is the process in which two or more populations of an ancestral species accumulate independent genetic changes (mutations) through time, often after the populations have become reproductively … Continue reading

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Why China Lags

China is amply endowed with a high intelligence population, hard working and ambitious. Historically, China has supplied the world with a number of significant inventions. So why is the modern measure of China so small and lagging? China Was Once … Continue reading

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Styles of Thought

The human brain did not evolve with any particular end in mind. But we have been lucky to find at this late date in our evolution that our brains are capable of several types of thinking. Using these different approaches … Continue reading

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Jordan Peterson: The Movie

A new documentary about the Jordan Peterson phenomenon is being released in movie theatres, titled “The Rise of Jordan Peterson.” It is an attempt to present the man with all his warts, wrinkles, and foibles — while also revealing the … Continue reading

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Working Age Populations Crash: What Does It Mean?

Compare the changes in working age populations for 8 nations in the graphs below. In the first graph we see the changes between 1990 and 2019. In the second graph we see changes projected for working age populations between 2019 … Continue reading

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Heredity and Behaviour in Dog Breeds

Evan MacLean (University of Arizona), Noah Snyder-Mackler (University of Washington), Bridgett vonHoldt (Princeton University), and James Serpell (University of Pennsylvania) recently published a paper in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, looking at the heritability of 14 dog behaviours. The … Continue reading

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Without Fossil Fuels Modern Civilisation is Impossible

80% of Energy Comes from Fossil Fuels With over 80% of energy consumption coming from fossil fuels, pretty much everything we have in our economy today is available thanks to fossil fuels. We wouldn’t have today’s homes, schools or grocery … Continue reading

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SpaceX: Mission to Mars, Earth, Luna — and Beyond

Elon Musk has one good company — SpaceX. The company has proven that it can provide reliable and economical space launch for most modern uses of space, from satellite launches to space station resupply. But Musk is introducing new goals … Continue reading

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