Jordan Peterson: The Movie

A new documentary about the Jordan Peterson phenomenon is being released in movie theatres, titled “The Rise of Jordan Peterson.” It is an attempt to present the man with all his warts, wrinkles, and foibles — while also revealing the immense wisdom that Peterson has unearthed through decades of study and struggle.

Jordan Peterson isn’t always ready for his close up. His temper flares as college protesters attempt to drown out his message. The professor steps back from those moments, eager to learn why his emotions got the best of him.

He’s endlessly curious, and sometimes fears he’s sharing the wrong life lessons. His fans may disagree, showering him with praise for the impact his “Rules” had on their lives. The film could have trimmed away some of that adulation.

Peterson wrote the book on getting one’s life in order, and it’s a stern but kind message that continues to reverberate in a culture kowtowing to victimhood. __

Below is a trailer for the documentary:

Peterson Has Entered Rehab

Jordan Peterson’s wife Tammy has been fighting cancer, and that may have proven the straw that strained the camel’s back. Peterson was prescribed the anti-anxiety drug clonazepam, and after a number of months discovered that he was unable to stop taking the drug on his own. According to his daughter Mikhaila he has entered rehab to deal with this addiction and other health issues.

He tried to quit cold-turkey over the summer after his wife, Tammy Roberts, “miraculously” recovered from complications with a kidney surgery, Mikhaila said.

But he went through “horrific” physical withdrawal that has left him looking “like a lost puppy,” she said.

“He decided to check himself into a place because he didn’t want to stress mom out, wanted to get off of this as quickly as possible, and honestly needs the medical help…” said Mikhaila __

Peterson’s travel schedule connected with his “Rules for Life” world book tour was hellishly demanding, and that alone — combined with a rapidly growing fame — would have brought most men stumbling to a halt. But if you also throw in a wife and childhood sweetheart’s life and death battle with cancer, it is no surprise that the man began showing some cracks in his armour.

Below is a Peterson family video update from Mikhaila Peterson:

The update video provides some inside information as to why Dr. Peterson has backed away from much of the public spotlight over the past several months. It also provides a serious warning to those who are taking clonazepam or who are considering taking the drug.

Jordan Peterson Has Just Begun to Fight

The documentary “Rise of Jordan Peterson” is coming out at the same time that Peterson is himself recovering from a very dark time. Expect to see a Jordan Peterson emerge who gains even more strength through an honest exposure of his inner struggle.

Anyone who doubts the depth, strength, and resilience of Jordan Peterson has a lot to learn. And Jordan Peterson is just the person to teach them. Stay tuned.

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10 Responses to Jordan Peterson: The Movie

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  2. Craig says:

    God bless Jordan Peterson. He’s done a lot of good in the world (so far). Let’s hope he comes out this stronger and more effective than ever.

    • alfin2101 says:


      He has been very perceptive and insightful with regard to human nature, human vulnerability, and in devising life guidance for helping others. I expect him to develop even broader skills as he contemplates his own experiences alongside what he had already learned directly from patients, from clinical research, from students, and from his decades of scholarship in the fields of mythology, archetypes, human evolution, and philosophical/psychological theory.

  3. Bob says:

    He’s been using various psychiatric drugs for a long time, long before this recent episode.

    [Admin: He says he used antidepressants in the past. That is a different class of drugs than very addictive anti-anxiety agents such as benzodiazepines. Please be precise in your comments.]

    He talks about his extensive drug use in his older interviews and media appearances, before his more recent incarnation as a self-help guru.

    [Admin: Yes, especially antidepressants. He seems to have had a close acquaintance with depression over the years, which is often genetic.

    But other than that class of drugs, I suspect almost all psychology students at large universities experimented with psychoactive drugs at some point in their training. He talks about some friends in his youth who could not get back from their abuse of drugs and alcohol, and it was clear that their experience was quite different from his own.]

  4. Craig says:

    So Bob, what’s your point? That using anti-depressants and anti-anxiety ‘medicine’ invalidates Jordan Peterson’s contributions to our understanding of the human condition. I guess then that Babe Ruth’s home runs and pitching records are invalid too since he boozed it up after every game.

    And your dismissive term self-help guru implies he’s some kind light-weight snake oil salesman. In other words he doesn’t deserve the dignity of being a learned college professor and a bonafide clinical psychologist???

    • alfin2101 says:

      Jordan Peterson is an amazing man — clinical psychologist, scientific researcher, professor, entrepreneur and developer of highly acclaimed self-help tools, industrial consultant, scholar of deep level psychology and philosophy, author, public speaker, internet personality, much in demand for television and radio interviews worldwide, and so on …

      It seems that every cheap shot artist in the world has taken aim at Peterson, and most end up hitting themselves instead.

      • Bob says:

        I don’t think anyone denies his intelligence, success, and his commercial and public speaking talents. But surely you’d agree that his intellectual output, advice, and integrity warrant closer scrutiny in light of his history and background.

        [Admin: If you have anything substantial to add to the volumes of close scrutiny he has already received over the past several years, feel free. If on the other hand you can only rehash the same old tired criticisms, do not expect to make a big splash.]

    • Bob says:

      Actually, Ruth didn’t hide his lifestyle and half-jokingly promoted it to aspiring youths:

      “The player himself put in little effort to hide his extravagant lifestyle. A famous quote by Ruth is: “It’s simple kids, if you drink and smoke and eat and screw as much as me? Well, kiddos, someday you’ll be just as good at sports.””

    • Bob says:

      Most of what he talks about is based on Jungian archetypes and psychology, which can be interesting topics in terms of intellectual history, but are dubious as far as clinical psychology goes. It’s similar to Freudianism in that regard.

  5. Bob says:

    Peterson has often promoted his daughter Mikhaila. It turns out she has drug and marital and relationship issues:

    [Admin: Haven’t we all had “issues” in our lives? That would tend to make a person more normal — unless, like Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson, they had found a way to transcend those issues. That would make a person special, holding something of value to others.]

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