California is Destroying Itself Out of a Hysterical Fear

California has big problems. The state cannot even keep its lights on, its people are becoming more impoverished, and state leaders are utterly confused as to the true reasons why. Businesses and taxpayers are leaving the state in larger numbers.

State officials and the media are blaming “global warming” for power blackouts and stoking climate fears to peaking levels of hysteria. What is really happening?

PG&E went all-in on the green energy projects that California lawmakers and their constituents love. So much so that the company was actively choosing to invest in new green projects rather than make the necessary safety upgrades to its existing transmission systems. Those investment decisions are how California got the deadliest wildfire in state history last year. They had shitty equipment that was past its useful life.

… The investment bank Credit Suisse estimated that contracts with green energy companies is costing PG&E $2.2 billion more than rates can support EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Over two billion dollars to nurse their liberal political connections, while the utility cannot afford even to inspect their 100,000 miles of power lines, let alone make repairs to them. The utility claims that inspecting the lines alone would require quadrupling their rates. That’s how long they have let their system rot in the service of liberal fantasies. __

PG&E followed the green energy incentives set out for it by the state of California. The company took the bait and now it must live with its own stupidity — and that of the State of California.

State of California policies must change.

Is Global Warming Even a Thing?

Earth’s climate has always been at the mercy of multiple overlapping cycles. If you catch the cycles at a certain point, you will see advancing glaciers and falling sea levels, along with lower average temperatures over much of the globe. But if you catch the cycles at another point, you will see what we see now — retreating glaciers over parts of the world, sea levels rising very slowly, and higher average temperatures over parts of the planet.

For the past twenty years, there has been neither significant warming nor cooling of the Earth overall. A recent dearth of sunspots may be pointing to a coming period of large-scale cooling that goes completely against fashionable climate predictions.
Solar Minimums Linked to Cooler Temperatures
We could be on the verge of a master lesson in climate that will teach academic “computer game players” [sometimes called “Climatologists”] a lesson in the perils of reckless extrapolation of trends that they will never forget.

More ice age “news”

Fear of Catastrophic Collapse of Civilisation is Overdone

Why are ‘apocalyptic’ stories of civilisational collapse so appealing in contrast with the more complex and nuanced narratives tentatively suggested by many archaeologists? At least since the early 20th century, we have been looking forward to the end, on a global scale…

… Stories of mass destruction, societal breakdown and civilisational collapse run deep in our culture, from Sodom and Gomorrah, destroyed by a wrathful god, to the destruction of Atlantis, submerged under the sea after a massive earthquake. No matter whether literally true or not, these remain two of the most well-known stories in our society – dramatic and vivid, easy to imagine and see. The destruction of Pompeii has captivated audiences for centuries…

… we are primed by our cultural inheritance to see past collapses as apocalyptic events. As storytelling animals, tales of civilisational collapse are attractive… Turning that to the possibility of near-future collapse, by imagining ourselves standing on the precipice of some epochal change, we make ourselves feel more important – we are living at a key time and we have the power to affect global civilisation, either positively or negatively. __

People want to think that they are living at an important time in history, suggesting that they themselves might be proven historically important, if they do the right things or believe the right dogma.

And so we see California which has become “a state of insanity” unto itself. Its cities are littered with human excrement and used drug syringes. Its state government is populated by incompetent, dysfunctional, loudmouthed ninnies. The managers of its critical electric power infrastructure have gone over to green religion nonsense, and are no longer capable of safely keeping California’s lights on. Cost of living is high and rising, and quality of life is falling. Many of California’s more competent people are leaving. What does the future hold for California?

… California Democrats are committing tens of billions of dollars for nothing but meaningless climate alarmist political propaganda while allowing the state to burn uncontrollably because of their misguided and incompetent priorities. __

As long as Californians keep electing madmen and madwomen to public office, and then submit their brains to these same officials and their media spokespersons for mass public brainwashings, the trajectory for the entire unhappy fantasy state will continue downward.

If you live in California, consider making provisions for difficult times ahead. Others who have been in your place have already moved to Texas, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana. But you will know best what you should do for yourselves and your families.

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood © .

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  2. Lance Burkhardt says:

    All we have to do is start logging and grazing sheep again. The logging permits are too expensive for small-timers and the mountain lions make grazing unprofitable. We could also re-plant native perennial bunchgrasses which burn less easily than the grass the Spanish planted that cover 95% of the state. Instead, the Left believes we’ll solve this problem with “higher costs” (more taxes) and a government takeover of PG&E which is another opportunity for bureaucratic plunder to shore-up CalPERS. Our state has $100 billion in differed road payments so there’s no way it will maintain power lines. The fires stemming from the electrical grid will worsen. As it stands, not enough tree trimming is done.

    Once the voters approve split roll for prop 13 in 2020, CA’s doom will be sealed.

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