The Swamp Doesn’t Want to Be Drained

What is the Swamp?

“The Swamp” is a metaphor for the corrupt overgrowth of parasites and leeches that live and operate in and around Washington DC — sucking the productivity and prosperity out the people of America who work for a better life.

The swamp has existed for hundreds of years, but as the US economy grew to the world’s largest — and as government appropriated more roles for itself since the great depression of the 1930s and WWII, it expanded. Perhaps the greatest boost for the swamp was when deficit spending became the norm for the US government in the second half of the 20th century. Since then, there has been no limit to the swamp’s ability to loot and mooch from the people.

Trump is a Threat

In the 2016 US presidential election Trump promised to “drain the swamp,” which swamp-dwellers viewed as an existential threat to their ability to corrupt and loot everything they touched. The swamp triggered a monumental effort to prevent Trump’s election in 2016. When that plot failed, the swamp began a long campaign to destroy the Trump administration and to drive the US president from office.

Part of the swamp’s reaction to the Trump presidency is being exposed by US Inspector General Horowitz’ report, with followup from Attorney General Barr and his investigator Mr. Durham. At the same time another part of the swamp is in the process of referring two articles of impeachment against Mr. Trump to the US Senate.

All the week long, the Horowitz Report and its aftershocks were attended by the impeachment show in Jerrold Nadler’s House Judiciary Committee — an exercise so devoid of sense and prudence that it would embarrass all the kangaroos ever assembled in the courts of legend. As I write early Friday morning, Mr. Nadler’s majority is preparing to report out two dubious articles of impeachment: “abuse of power” and “contempt of congress.” As is always the case with the Resistance, Mr. Nadler’s posse is projecting on its enemy the very offenses it commits. One senses that the voters are seeing through this feeble hocus-pocus, and that even members of the greater Democratic caucus in the house may be getting the heebie-jeebies about staking their political futures on a vote for this idiocy.

A trial in the senate would be a ripe entertainment fer sure! Bring it on! For one thing, the procedure would ascertain finally that Mr. Eric Ciaramella does not qualify as a “whistleblower” but is rather a rogue CIA agent (from a rogue agency) helping to carry out a seditious conspiracy. The defense should call him to the stand, along with his enabler Michael Atkinson, the “Intel Community” Inspector General who flouted and altered the rules in the whistleblower ploy — and who, by the way, was formerly at the center of the RussiaGate mess when he worked as chief counsel to then assistant attorney general John P. Carlin, one of the instigators of the “Crossfire Hurricane” overture to RussiaGate. It could benefit the nation to hear testimony from shrinking violet Gina Haspel, the current CIA Director nobody has ever heard of. What does she know about Mr. Ciaramella’s role in this melodrama, who detailed him to the National Security Council, who supervised him, and who exactly were his associates?

And, of course, not a few fair-minded people would be interested to hear from Rep. Adam Schiff, who engineered the “whistleblower’s” entry into his concocted UkraineGate sequel to the now discredited RussiaGate ruse. Get Mr. Schiff under oath. He is almost certain to lie about his activities, and that will certainly get him expelled from congress in disgrace, along with losing his license to practice law. Bring in Hunter Biden and ask him to explain whether he was busted for crack cocaine in a rent-a-car before-or-after he was hired to serve on the board of directors of a Ukrainian gas company. Bring in Lt. Col. Vindman, bring in Daniel Goldman, bring them all in and compel their testimony under penalty of perjury. This will eventually get America right in its weakened mind. __ H. Kuntsler

The capitol hill denizens of the swamp have gone too far to take it all back. They are forced to commit themselves to the fight and hope that their swamp-allies in the media can provide them with enough cover to keep them in their corrupt sinecures. They also hope that Mr. Trump will be somehow “wounded” by their efforts so as to be unable to win re-election and govern effectively for another 5 years — until January 2025.

It is too early to say how things will turn out, but it is certain that most of the US public is sick of the entire charade — including the media’s part in egging it all on for the sake of ratings.

What is the Swamp?

The swamp extends out from the corrupt elected officials, bureaucrats, appointees, journalists, and lobbyists of the Washington DC area. It includes those who finance the elections of these corrupt slithering slimeworms, and those who own most large media outlets. It extends to universities that have grown bloated and wealthy through government benefits and policies, and thus have grown corrupt and biased in support of corrupt and bloated government. It extends to foundations and political activist monstrosities that exist to promote outsized government agencies that drive destructive and dysfunctional causes. It extends to big money interests from investors to tech magnates to wealthy heirs who just want to break things.

Example: George Soros

George Soros who hires armies of people to block and sabotage everything President Donald Trump attempts to accomplish for our country while causing chaos and confusion. The swamp cannot be drained until that hairball has been removed. That is the first priority.

Soros is behind every protest, riot, and misleading news report about our president and our country…

He is falsely making the public believe that it is the Republicans, yes, the conservatives, who have turned against our duly elected president “after seeing the truth,” which is the big lie. It is the conservatives that turned out in droves to put him in the Oval Office and who solidly stand by him today. This is another example of Soros’ misdirection which he so skillfully pulls off. __

Soros does not directly own most of the news media, but he is pretty good at controlling the agenda — using intermediate organisations and content sources.

Soros is not the only one. He is growing an army of emulators some of whom are being funded by billions of dollars from the Open Society Foundations — and others such as Tom Steyer who are using their own ill gotten gains to fund swamp-promoting activities.

The swamp exists to loot, mooch, and choke the vitality from the productive parts of the US economy. A bloated and corrupt government is essential to these dark anaerobic activities. That is one of many reasons why the swamp hates Trump and the president’s efforts to streamline government and to slash counterproductive regulations, policies, and taxes.

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Many worlds, some seen, some unseen:

“There is one world where the mainstream media is covering impeachment, but there is another world where Trump is racking up a myriad of accomplishments, many of which have the support of the same Democrats who want to remove him from office,” said political communications strategist Ron Bonjean.

… During impeachment, any other president would retreat into the bunker and be consumed with defense. Endlessly gaming various scenarios. Instead, Trump, the businessman, is looking for a way to use it to his advantage… __

Democrats may not like the consequences of their actions.

It’s showtime. Let the fools’ carnival of unfeasible candidates elevate the designated Democratic piñata for this successful if edgy president to hammer through the election campaign. And let the Democrats finally cease their howls of moral outrage against Trump and prepare their explanations for the indictments that are likely to emerge from the special counsel investigation of the illicit spying conducted against the Trump campaign and transition team, and the assorted legal and ethical lapses of the Obama Justice Department and the Clinton campaign. They have had their full share of public attention for their defamatory nonsense; they laid this rotten egg of impeachment and they can take full responsibility for the stench of it. __ Source

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