Christmas Present for Wifeless Chinese Men

Thank you, Santa!

Resourceful communist party officials in Beijing have uncovered a hidden treasure trove of women that it can use to help satisfy its growing masses of surplus young men.

Han Chinese men had been assigned to monitor the homes of Uighur women whose husbands had been detained in prison camps… As part of the “Pair Up and Become Family” program, Han Chinese men stay with and sleep in the same beds as Uighur women.

According to the Chinese Government, the program is designed to “promote ethnic unity”. __

It seems this is all quite innocent, and should not be misinterpreted as some form of sexual conquest or mass rape.

… a Chinese official told Radio Free Asia the purpose of the program was to “help the families with their ideology, bringing new ideas … they talk to them about life, during which time they develop feelings for one another”.

“Normally one or two people sleep in one bed, and if the weather is cold, three people sleep together,” he said, adding “it is now considered normal for females to sleep on the same platform with their paired male ‘relatives’”.

They claimed the “relatives” and their female hosts sleep at least a metre apart at all times and that male Communist Party officials have never tried to take advantage of women. __

The weather is often considered cold in the parts of China where such sleeping rules apply.

Elsewhere in China

Chinese criminal gangs are using drones to contaminate large swine herds with African swine fever.

Chinese state media reported last week that gangs were exploiting the African swine fever crisis by deliberately spreading the disease by using drones to drop infected items on to pig farms. The farmers are then forced to sell meat cheaply to the gangs, who then sell it on as healthy stock, according to China Comment magazine, which is affiliated to state news agency Xinhua. __

Authorities are reportedly helpless to protect Chinese farmers from the swine fever drone gangs.

Religion in China comes under fiercer fire

In the past few years, numerous reports have indicated that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been persecuting unregistered churches in China, officially known as “underground churches.” However, there have recently been reports that the Chinese regime is also targeting state-approved churches.

According to Bitter Winter, a magazine on religious liberty and human rights in China, 56 Three-Self Churches that are run by the government were closed down in Xinmi City, Henan Province, in August 2018. Meanwhile, in 2019, some of these closed-down churches were either demolished or repurposed for other use. __

Falun Gong practitioners are imprisoned and murdered for their organs, and muslims in China are being placed in concentration camps. Muslims from the Chinese concentration camps are also being used for organ harvesting.

A Surveillance Net Blankets China

In China there is no true rule of law, only corruption and state sponsored violence and crime against citizens.


Meanwhile in Sweden, the Swedish judicial system has refused to deport two Eritrean gang-rapists who brutalised a Swedish woman for hours. The Eritrean nationals are deserters from the military in Eritrea. Swedish judges worry that the violent aliens might be punished harshly if returned to Eritrea as part of their punishment for brutal gang rape.

In other Swedish government news, the government of Sweden has placed information about refugee violent crimes under an official news blackout. You can go to prison in Sweden for telling the truth about migrant violence.

Meanwhile Climate Change Grows More Versatile

Whatever the weather, climate change will always be real! It has to be. Climate always changes. For such reasons are leftists and their rubes pressing hard to overturn the global economic and energy system.

Not Just Fake News; Now Its Fake Government

The US House of Representatives has a tiger by the tail and it doesn’t know what to do with it. After holding a kangaroo court of “impeachment” to re-affirm that House democrats do not like US President Donald Trump, speaker Pelosi halted the proceeding in mid-stride by refusing to forward the two insubstantial articles of impeachment to the US Senate, as mandated by the US Constitution.

Nothing says “fake government” like impeachus interruptus. Under speaker Pelosi the House is a fake governmental body revealing what Americans might expect from a US President from the same political gang.

Another opinion on the status of impeachment, with legal references.

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