A Key Ingredient of Europe’s Decline

We already know about the demographic meltdown of Europe. With fewer and fewer young people, Europe is slowly evolving into the world’s largest and most expensive retirement home.

We already know about the flood of violent immigrants rushing to take advantage of Europe’s generous welfare provisions and lax system of law enforcement and criminal punishment.

We already know about Europe’s struggling economies and the steady slipping toward a stagnant recession of different countries there.

It’s about productivity and growth potential. If you run complex liberal democracies at low growth for a long time, things start to break… We’re going to see a tip, and in Europe we’re getting much closer to it: If Europe hits stall speed in 2020, which is a growth rate of below 1%, the chances of a recession are increasing. _ themarket

One Factor Underlies All of Those and More

No advanced nation can prosper without reliable and affordable energy and power. All of their critical infrastructures rely on abundant power and fuel. But some of the most powerful European nations have dropped the ball when it comes to reliable and abundant energy.

Frank Umbach, associate director of the European Center for Energy and Resource Security at King’s College, London, said energy costs in Germany are now driving manufacturing out of the country and to the United States.

… Germany and other countries are dealing with what is called “loop flow” – when the renewables aren’t performing, either because the wind has dropped or the sun has set, fossil fuels plants have to be activated. This means that renewable systems are often shadowed by old-fashioned gas and coal generation that has to be built, but which isn’t counted toward the cost of the renewable generation.

With increasing use of wind, which is the most advanced renewable, the problem of loop flow is increased, pushing up the price of electricity. Germany is badly affected and the problem is getting worse because it heavily committed to wind after abandoning nuclear, following the Fukusima-Daiichi accident in Japan. __ Europe’s Energy Death

Energy Poverty is a Growing Concern in Parts of Europe

Energy poverty is when the costs of energy and power are driven so high that lower income people cannot afford to pay for fuel and power — and when large employers are driven overseas due to high energy costs and a growing unreliability of electric power.

Average life expectancies are as much as two decades shorter in countries without widespread electricity…

A life without energy is a life of drudgery. Without the benefits of electricity such as clean water, modern health care, and home heating, communities are mired in sickness, hard physical labor, and limited opportunity.

… Environmental protection can and should be a priority—but those clamoring about the supposedly disastrous future effects of a mildly warming climate could better spend their time and attention on the very real, immediate impact of energy poverty. __ Energy Poverty is the Right Term

Unfortunately, energy costs to consumers in Europe have only begun to climb.

As industries flee Germany and other energy-impoverished European countries, jobs also flee along with their payrolls. Germany and others suffer economically as a result. As the economies of Europe falter, government budgets will be strained. By burdening herself with many millions of uneducated, unassimilable, violence-prone immigrants, Europe’s coming economic trials will be much worse than they needed to be.

Many books have been written about Europe’s poor choices in recent years:

The rise of energy poverty can only make these several problems worse, over time.

Is Europe Now a “Rape Club” for Middle Eastern and African Migrants?

Rape is a common crime across much of sub Saharan Africa, although crime statistics are not a top priority in that part of the world. The same is true for many muslim countries, where rape is often not even considered a crime — as long as local custom is not violated along with the rape victim. A third type of country suffers rape frequently — the multicultural nation. Outside of Africa and the muslim world, the more multicultural the more rape.

Europe is becoming more multicultural. Take Sweden and Norway, for example:

The rape situation is out of control both in Sweden and Norway. Women are actually raped on street corners and on ferryboats despite the presence of other people who fail to intervene either out of fear of violence by the immigrant-invaders or fear of being charged with a hate crime for interfering with the immigrant-invaders’ pleasure. As rapes by migrant-invaders are seldom punished, recently a rape of a young Swedish girl was livestreamed on Facebook while it took place.

Sweden has the highest incidence of rape of all countries except Lesotho.

… European governments have destroyed the quality of life for their own citizens by importing huge numbers of rape-prone men from cultures that are too different from European culture to assimilate. European women especially are paying a very high price for the idiotic policy of the European governments. Scandinavian readers in particular have asked me to report on the plight of women in Scandinavia as domestic media and police are not permitted to reveal that the extraordinary explosion in rape is due to immigrant-invaders and that the rapists are seldom punished.

Swedish police officer Peter Springare, frustrated by the blackout of migrant-invader crime statistics by the Swedish government which has refused to publish official statistics for over a decade, revealed that almost all of the explosion in major crimes, rapes, and gang-rapes are the result of the government’s immigration policy. Officer Springare was denounced as a racist, reported to the police and subjected to an internal investigation for inciting racial hatred. __ https://www.sgtreport.com/2019/12/why-do-western-governments-favor-immigrant-invaders-over-law-abiding-citizens/

As Europe grows more unlivable for its highly trained and skilled populations, more of her top people will follow Europe’s fleeing industries overseas, wherever possible. If the UK can manage a successful Brexit and strong trade agreements with North America, the Commonwealth, and East Asia, we will see many of Europe’s best move across the Channel for better prospects.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. Europeans should know that having to work another year or two for retirement benefits is not the worst thing that can happen to them. They should consider becoming more Dangerous to be ready to face the worse things that may be coming.

Europe ever more vulnerable to Russian “energy weapon”
Russia sells contaminated oil

Europe needs working nuclear fusion.

So how close are we to building a commercial plant capable of producing significant net power? Well, some research fusion reactors have caused fusion, and some have even produced more energy than they consume for short periods. So we are basically at the proof-of-concept stage.

But after endless spending on climate hysteria, freeloading immigrants, green “energy”, political correctness, etc. it has no money left to spend on what it needs.

Unlike when North America rescued Europe multiple times in the 20th century, Europe’s bad choices are so broadly and uniformly bad that there is only so much the former colonials across the pond can do at this time.

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8 Responses to A Key Ingredient of Europe’s Decline

  1. Gray liddell says:

    And is not part of it the USA sanctions on companies wanting to help build a pipeline for Russian gas to power up Germany.
    However we cant have that, that might help Russia economically so we sanction companies that build that pipeline.And exactly why is the business of the USA to interfere in econ0mies on the other side of the ocean??

    • alfin2101 says:

      US sanctions against Russia have been ongoing since Russia’s bloody invasion of Crimea and eastern Ukraine in 2014. The pipeline sanction seems to be in keeping with that long line of sanctions.

      On the other hand, do the Germans want to be at Russia’s total mercy every time the weather gets cold? It looks like Germany’s spies are right about Angela Merkel’s mixed loyalties here. Perhaps she has a golden parachute in mind as did Schroeder before her.

      Maybe Merkel is wise in placing Germany as a full energy thrall to Russia. If so it would be one of very few times she was anything but imbecilic.

  2. ROBERT SYKES says:

    A huge non sequitur. All of the problems Europe has greatly predated its high energy costs.

    The real mystery is why birth rates collapse in all modern economies, North America, East Asia, Europe, Central Asia… Africa and a few Muslim countries are the only ones to escape demographic collapse, perhaps because of their primitivism.

    • alfin2101 says:

      The problem is bigger. The government can deal with high costs using subsidies and grants. But the government cannot supply high quality power when its own policies are diluting good power with intermittent unreliable low-quality energy. When high-use industries cannot get the precise kind of power they need exactly when they need it, they lose customers. That is why they move overseas and take their jobs with them. That effect is building in a dangerous cascade.

      Business is different from academia, media, and politics. Things are more real and the results of getting them wrong are less easily brushed away and covered up.

  3. yoananda says:

    I live in France.
    Yes, Europe is slowly becoming a “shithole country”.
    You can add the brain-drain in the list of Europe plague : either the brain’s go elsewhere, either they use they “power” to solve shitty problems (like “what to do with islam and migrants”) either they work AGAINST the current society.
    What is the point to become a nuclear engineer in France for example ? you are not construction any future of any kind (in Europe at least).
    I genuinely think it’s the end of Europe and, sadly, europeans. We do not dream anymore here, there is really no future, we can all “feel it” (and we talk about it openly).

    • alfin2101 says:

      Yes, it is best to get all of the disturbing trends out in the open.

      The reason for discussing troubling trends is not to become utterly despondent, but rather so that adventurous minds can set about devising solutions.

      Under some circumstances, everything could change quickly from what linear trends project. Europeans are not destined to decline if they reject the styles of thinking that have cast them in that role.

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