Are We Dead and Just Don’t Know It?

Forever Doomed

In 1988, famed climatologist James Hansen predicted that much of Manhattan would stay permanently underwater sometime between 2008 and 2018.

In 1989, a senior UN environmental official declared that entire nations would be inundated by rising sea levels no later than the year 2000. Source

In 2004, a secret Pentagon report warned President Bush that by the year 2020 European cities would be sunk beneath rising seas and the UK would be plunged into a Siberian climate. Source

In 2009, Jim Hansen told President Obama that he had only four years to save the planet. He said that action must be taken within Obama’s first four years or all would be lost. Source

Just last week (2019), former vice president Joe Biden affirmed that “we are all dead” if we do not stop using fossil fuels in the next ten years. Source

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) declares that the world is going to end in 12 years. BBC News warns we only have 18 months to reverse the damage we’ve inflicted. It sure sounds like we’re entering into the apocalyptic era. __ Spectator

The New York Times hypes a fake fish crisis due to “climate change”

We have well over 50 years of failed climate predictions, and further back throughout all of human history it is likely that climate change (floods, drought, deadly cold, failed crops, etc.) has been a favourite subject for false prophets and witch doctors.

Why is doom so popular these days? Doom has always been popular.

Belief in apocalypse is programmed into western civilization. Given our heritage, “the end is nigh” is the nearly unavoidable personal and collective response to times of uncertainty and rapid change. _Pattern Literacy via original Al Fin blog

The precise type of doom doesn’t really matter. Climate apocalypse, Peak Oil Armageddon, Pollution extinction, and every kind of ruination under the sun — these and more are all suitable tinder for lighting the fires of obsessive imagination of those with nothing truly important to do.

Modern civilisations rely upon hydrocarbons, nuclear energy, and hydroelectric power for reliable life-giving heat, transportation fuels, and electricity — to support the critical infrastructure of advanced societies. Without these reliable forms of heat, power, and fuel our elaborate and complex societies would collapse for lack of infrastructure.

Judging by the failed predictions above, it appears that a number of people would like to weaken modern societies by depriving them of vital fuel, power, and heat. Some of the false prophets may have actually believed their bunk, but most of those in media, politics, academia, the climate/green businesses, bureaucracies, lobbies, NGOs, and industries just wanted to take advantage of any “crisis” they could drum up.

People who talk the language of the false prophets above are not to be trusted — and should certainly not be placed in control of national and international policies.


Interesting lists of false prophecies:

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All the glaciers in Glacier National Park were supposed to be gone by 2020 — but they’re still here.

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Snowfalls are a thing of the past (from the year 2000)

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