Iranians Blame Ugly Ayatollah; Death to the Revolution!

Iran’s ruling regime finally admitted to shooting down a Ukrainian airliner, and the Iranian people are not happy. Last night young Iranians poured into the streets — first to mourn the dead from the loss of the airliner, then to express outrage against the Ayatollah and his bloodthirsty government.

… in a sharp rebuke to the regime, protesters tore down images of Iranian general and terrorist, Qassem Soleimani, calling him “murderer” and a “traitor” __ Source

Just last month, the regime killed 1500 Iranians who were protesting for better living conditions inside the backward nation. But that was under the orders of now-deceased Qassem Suleimani. And that was before the world started paying closer attention to the revolutionary republic.

Now the world’s eyes are on Iran, watching for the next mistake by the unhinged Islamic tyranny and state sponsor of terrorism.

Here is a timeline of recent events leading to today’s discontent against the bloody dictatorship of Iran:

  • Revolutionary Guard murders 1500 Iranian protestors in mid December 2019
  • Iranian backed militias attack US embassy in Baghdad around New Year 2020
  • US missile kills Iranian terror-master Qassem Suleimani 2 Jan. 2020
  • Iranians both celebrate and protest Suleimani’s death 3 Jan. 2020
  • Iran launches flurry of missiles at Iraqi military base housing US personnel 8 Jan. 2020
  • Iran shoots down Ukrainian airliner killing 176 8 Jan. 2020
  • Iran blames engine failure for crash but most observers believe the plane was shot down
  • Ukraine and Canada demand full investigation; Iran again denies missile 8-10 Jan. 2020
  • Iran admits-denies-admits shooting down Ukrainian plane 11 Jan. 2020
  • Iranians engage in mass demonstrations against dictator Ayatollah 12 Jan 2020

Mass protests in Tehran

Donald Trump expresses solidarity with Iranian people, warns Iran against another massacre.

Timeline of events from the perspective of a lukewarm Iranian apologist.

American Media Reluctant to Cover Protest in Iran

For several years, US media has been afraid to cover any news that puts the dictatorial and bloody government of Iran in a bad light — at least ever since Barack Obama began showing admiration and friendship toward the Ayatollahs and their agents of terror (including Suleimani). Instead, the mainstream media seems to want to put up a smokescreen to protect the Muslim terror regime in Tehran.

Another troubling sign of duplicity is the lack of any support shown by the US political opposition candidates for the Iranian people and their impossible situation. Instead, we have seen only anger from the clown-car candidates against Trump, for having killed the terror-master Suleimani. Are these prancing people on the campaign stage truly clowns and one-trick ponies, as they appear?

We know what Hillary Clinton would have done if confronted with a 3AM emergency at a foreign embassy, with American lives at stake: It already happened at Benghazi, and Hillary just rolled over and went back to sleep. But we have to wonder about Joey Biden, Colonel Sanders, Mr. Buttegig, Bloomberg, Warren, Klobuchar, and the rest of those packed tightly into the 1000-clown extravaganza. What would they do if they actually had to make a difficult choice where people were going to die no matter what they did. Would they roll over and go back to bed, or the equivalent? Probably so, and let their speechwriters and puppets in the media do their spinning to put it in the best possible light. It is the way of the post-Obama politician, with one notable exception.

One person still makes decisions — even if they are unpopular with the opposition and with the mainstream media pundits. The media — allied with the deep state swamp — has been pulling out all stops to eliminate that one true decision maker for the past 38 and 1/2 months. Most of those methods of elimination have been dishonest, and a significant number of the methods have been illegal.

But just as the media has covered up the bad actions of Iranian terrorists, so have they covered up the illegal actions of the deep state and the dishonest shenanigans of the US political opposition. Because, after all, the media is a core part of the US political opposition — as long as their political comrades are out of the White House.

Besides the butchers of Tehran, it is actually the media that is in the spotlight of bad behaviour. And those the media habitually covers up for, of course.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. Get Dangerous. Accept no media bullsh!t.

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