Why 100,000 Typically Want to Go to Trump Rallies

Donald Trump spoke to the “woke billionaires” at the WEF in Davos, but they were not necessarily listening. The World Economic Forum has a different vision for the future, which is less concerned about whether people have jobs, and more concerned with leftist virtue signalling.

He is not the favourite of the Davos crowd — that would be Greta Thunberg. But he consistently draws large and enthusiastic crowds. For comparison, Joe Biden had 85 people at a “big” Iowa rally.

100,000 people are now seeking tickets to one of Mr. Trump’s signature Keep America Great rallies, to be staged in Wildwood, New Jersey, on Jan. 28 in a venue that only seats about 7,500.

__ 100,000 in New Jersey

Trump meeting Jeff Van Drew
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What Trump Has Accomplished in 3 Years:

  • 7 million jobs gained;
  • record-low 3.5 percent unemployment;
  • more women in employment than men;
  • record low unemployment of African Americans, Hispanics, Asian-Americans and veterans;
  • the return of U.S. manufacturing jobs;
  • accelerating wage growth for the bottom 10 percent of wage-earners and for millennials.

Cutting taxes and deregulation might sound like standard Republican fare. But no previous Republican president has tackled America’s perverse, uncompetitive corporate tax rates. After eight years of Barack Obama, the Trump administration’s record of one new regulation enacted for every eight rescinded marks a major reversal in the growth of the administrative state.

… The president rejected what he rightly called the “prophets of doom” and their failed predictions of apocalypse. “They are the heirs of yesterday’s foolish fortune-tellers,” he told the Davos crowd, which happens to believe in the prophecies of the current generation of fortune tellers. “They want to see us do badly. We won’t let that happen.”

Indeed, earlier doomsayers predicted an overpopulation crisis in the 1960s, mass starvation in the 1970s and an end of oil in the 1990s. “These alarmists always demand the same thing,” Trump said. “Absolute power to dominate, transform and control every aspect of our lives.” __ Trump at Davos

Brian Wang tried to put a good face on the WEF’s “rah! rah! sis boom bah!” but it seems clear that most of the attendees at Davos were mainly interested in grabbing fat government contracts from big initiatives that any government might get suckered into. Or as Trump said, they want “Absolute power to dominate, transform, and control every aspect of our lives.”

Government connections are the surest road to riches across most of the world, after all. But if you want the best outcome for the most people, you must take a different path:

Human Development Index & Economic Freedom

Human Development and Economic Freedom
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The UN’s Human Development Index (HDI) is calculated from a number of components and sub-components including:

  • Life expectancy
  • Education
    • Mean years of schooling
    • Expected years of schooling
  • Gross National Income PPP per capita

Once, all the sub-indices have been calculated, the actual HDI is calculated as the cube-root of their product.

HDI = \sqrt[3]{L_I \cdot E_I \cdot I_I }  

The geometric mean has the nice property that since all the sub-indices vary from zero to one, so will the HDI. In addition, if any of the sub-indices goes to zero, so will the HDI.

Clearly, as the index of economic freedom increases, so in general do countries’ HDIs. … as economic freedom increases and the HDIs approach their ideal value of one, the scatter progressively narrows. What this says is that whatever cultural variables influence HDI, they are so tightly coupled to economic freedom at high values of both indices that the index of economic freedom becomes a progressively better predictor of HDI,

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If your main concern is getting rich at the public trough, following media fashions, or pursuing a rigidly conformist and politically correct ideology, then you will not care whether the average citizen has a job or can support a family. And neither does the Davos crowd care about such things, it seems.

But if you do care about maximising opportunity for ordinary people, you will try to minimise the opportunities for opportunistic vampires who lurk in the deep state swamp waiting for the chance to suck the blood of the masses.

But beware! Blood-sucking parasites will tend to resent any interference and will pull out all the stops to cast you out from any position of influence. And that is just what they are trying to do.

More: One big way that education has been “dumbed down” for decades. It takes courage to debunk “common wisdom and consensus” within large academic fields. But it is long past time for a “great debunking” of accepted wisdom across the full spectrum of a dumbed down academia. And it seems that Donald Trump is the only person handing out courage these days!

Trump is changing the rules of the game

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