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Nuclear Micro-reactors In Case of Apocalypse

In Case of Zombie Apocalypse You’ll Want One of These Ordinary nuclear power plants require massive containment structures, take years to build, and typically produce about 1 GW of power per reactor. Micro-reactors are relatively small, and produce between 1 … Continue reading

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Who Told Nancy Pelosi to Destroy Joe Biden?

Nancy Pelosi’s abrupt and unexpected decision last fall to hold impeachment proceedings in the US House of Representatives — specifically to impeach President Trump on the basis of his Ukraine inquiries — made it inevitable that Joe Biden’s corrupt dealings … Continue reading

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Long Lasting Lithium Batteries that Don’t Explode

2,000 Cycles; Charge from 0 to 100% in 10 Minutes; No Explosions After several charge-discharge cycles, lithium batteries tend to grow “dendrites” that can short-circuit the cell and start fires: There’s a problem with lithium batteries that stems from those … Continue reading

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China’s Empty Streets Do Not Ship Product

Returning to China in mid-February, I had seemingly stepped into a parallel universe. Much of Beijing looked, and even smelled, like the familiar metropolis in which I’ve lived for decades. Except for one thing. Where were all the people? … … Continue reading

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Did Potatos Save the World?

At up to 50 tonnes per hectare, the potato is the king of crop yields. Only bananas come close — but bananas only grow in the tropics. Potatoes are grown around the world, in almost all climates. After the high … Continue reading

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Novel Coronavirus Hits Global Stock Markets

U.S. stocks tumbled early on Monday as the spread of the coronavirus outside China sparked a global sell-off. The Dow fell 3%, while the S&P 500 SPX, -3.13% declined 2.9% and the Nasdaq COMP, -3.46% slipped 3.3%. The Italian FTSE … Continue reading

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Can Cold Showers Save the World?

Either a cold shower or a slap to the face… Cold Water Therapy Around the World Ice water immersion is a more intense experience than a cold shower. But cold showers are more accessible for most us. Scandinavians have known … Continue reading

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Asia is Going Gangbusters for Coal!

Don’t write the obituary for coal just yet. In many lands near the end of global energy supply lines — China, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, even India — coal is booming like never before! China and India are home to over … Continue reading

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Novel Coronavirus: Making Ghost Towns

The streets are almost empty. Roped-off playgrounds gather dust instead of giggles. Aside from grocery stores and emergency facilities, virtually nothing is open. Shanghai and the public life that flowed through its concrete veins disappeared. Old Shanghai shopped; new Shanghai … Continue reading

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What Continues to Hold China Back?

A Tendency to Default Backward Historically, China was first with many technological breakthroughs, but was unable to improve upon them — or even to hold onto them as they were. China did not develop a system of independent science strong … Continue reading

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A Complex Family Heritage

The discovery of a new ancient human ancestor is still in its primitive stages. But early indicators hint that the ghost population shared a common ancestor with Neanderthals, modern humans and Denisovans around a million years ago. And at some … Continue reading

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Novel Coronavirus Global Business Disruption

Graphic Look at Supply Line Disruptions China’s economic collapse … could push its Q1 GDP negative according to Goldman as the second largest world economy grinds to a halt… … will have an adverse impact on countless supply-chains, which in … Continue reading

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A Pleasure

Pleasure is something we know when we experience it, but is not such a simple thing to communicate to others. The more diligently we go about defining and describing what pleasure is, the further we drift away from the thing … Continue reading

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Recreational Challenges in the US

At times a person needs a break for reflection and recreation. The “journey quest” is a time-honored way of testing yourself against the elements, against the quirks and whimsies of the real world, and against your own weaknesses. Below are … Continue reading

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Novel Coronavirus: Perhaps 100 Million Will Die

5 Billion Infected Means 100 Million Die Professor Ira Longini, an adviser to the World Health Organization, estimates that two-thirds of the world’s population could catch coronavirus. He is co-director of the Centre for Statistics and Quantitative Infectious Diseases at … Continue reading

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A Spectrum of Homelessness in the US

Brief Summary: Homelessness in the US comes from many causes. Each cause of homelessness — whether bad luck, drug addiction, mental illness, or the phenomenon of the criminal transient who chooses to be homeless and prey on weaker homeless — … Continue reading

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Climate Apocalypse: Are You a Believer?

If we are on the road to climate apocalypse, we are taking a long and roundabout way to get there. See why from the graphic charts below, provided by Anthony Watts, via John Hinderaker. Guest posting by John Hinderaker at … Continue reading

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When a Thoughtful Democrat Goes to a Trump Rally

She is an organizational psychologist who uses Zen and mindfulness in her work. She enjoys knitting as a form of relaxation. But when her small group of New England knitters and political compatriots erupted in outpourings of political hatred, she … Continue reading

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Novel Coronavirus: China at the Tipping Point

Note: Communist party officials have altered the criteria for “new cases” of novel coronavirus. But they are not allowing outside experts to investigate the true situation on the ground. The graph below is offered as an example of the topsy-turvy … Continue reading

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Will Shanghai Become World’s Top Financial Center?

At this time, the global cities at the top of the financial services industry are all located outside of mainland China — for good historical reasons. But according to opinions reflected by the graphic above, a significant number of the … Continue reading

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You Just Can’t Get a Good High Yield Bond Any More!

Interest rate returns for bonds and investment accounts just are not what they used to be! Below is a graph showing the historical fall in bond yields, followed by a graphic revealing the historical decline of interest rates. Fall in … Continue reading

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Novel Coronavirus: Is It Slowing Down?

Note: Conspiracy theories come naturally where governments lie in a reflexive manner — as in China. The shameful actions of government officials in the early weeks of the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic created a climate of skepticism and doubt that will … Continue reading

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Hobbling Time

There is an allotment of time for every thought. Our bandwidth of consciousness is limited to under one hundred bits per second at best, in spite of our ability to chunk information and utilise massive parallelism of cortical columns. When … Continue reading

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Why Europe Conquered the World: A Modest Booklist

It was in Europe — and the extensions of Europe, above all, America — that human beings first achieved per capita economic growth over a long period of time. In this way, European society eluded the “Malthusian trap,” enabling new … Continue reading

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Novel Coronavirus Stuns Tesla, China, World

Update: The Threat of Globalism after novel Coronavirus 2019 Update: Wuhan whistleblower physician Li Wenliang tried to stop the epidemic almost two months ago by alerting other Chinese physicians — but communist leadership silenced him. Now he is dead of … Continue reading

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