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The Many Strains of Wuhan Coronavirus

The Deadly Chimeric Virus Has Many Strains The origins of the Wuhan Coronavirus are wreathed in mystery. There are some who may wish the mystery is never solved. Someone manufacturing a virus targeting people would have started with one that … Continue reading

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Wuhan Virus: Is China At War With the Rest of the World?

No. It is the Communist Party That Has Declared War Update: China’s war against Italy: A Pretense of Aid Update: China sends faulty medical equipment to Europe Guest Article by Brian T. Kennedy: The Chinese Communist Party, led by Chairman … Continue reading

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New 13 Minute PCR Coronavirus Test Being Ramped Up

Private industry is capable of responding to a crises — if it is taken off its government leash. Abbott is in the midst of ramping up production and expects to deliver 50,000 of the tests per day in the US … Continue reading

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New French Study Confirms Benefit of HydroxyChloroquine

A recent Marseille study of 80 patients with novel coronavirus showed very encouraging results, using the combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin: In 80 in-patients receiving a combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, the team found a clinical improvement in all but … Continue reading

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Wuhan Coronavirus: A Relative Pinprick?

Update: Preliminary report on clinical treatment of coronavirus with convalescent plasma: Five critically ill patients with confirmed COVID-19 and with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), who also had the following — severe pneumonia with rapid progression and continuously high viral … Continue reading

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15 Minute Antibody Test: Shining a New Light on the Problem

The current tests being used for Wuhan Coronavirus are far slower than desired. If we truly want to be hot on the trail for current cases so that we can trace & test contacts quickly, we need a fast test. … Continue reading

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A Distant World: A Pandemic of Virtuality

Our closely packed cities are custom-made for spreading infectious diseases. Masses of people rubbing shoulders on sidewalks, packed like sardines in subways, clustered around conference tables sharing respiratory droplets, shaking dozens of hands a day, making those face to face … Continue reading

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It Wouldn’t Be the First Virus to Escape from a Laboratory

Some Experts Believe the Virus May Have Escaped a Lab Viruses in the same family as Wuhan Coronavirus are routinely collected and studied at minimal protection levels, making lab accidents and viral leaks more likely. Ebright thinks that it is … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Fatality Rates Do Not Justify Public Panic

… The governors’ [of New York, California, and Illinois] numbers are hysterical and sloppy. None of them have released any detailed study that purported to support their extreme [economic shutdown] decrees. There was no opportunity for the many critics of … Continue reading

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Wuhan Coronavirus: Lessons from the Italian Skew

Old, Sick Italians are Dying with Coronavirus Wuhan Coronavirus is loose inside the Italian medical system. While there, it preys upon health care workers. 4,824 of them so far. Most of these Italian healthcare workers will survive the virus. But … Continue reading

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Drugs that Seem to be Effective for Wuhan Virus

Update: Which drugs work best against Covid19? This man claims his life was saved by plaquenil Update: Covid19 Treatment & Vaccine tracker — updated daily Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin Doctors in France, South Korea and the U.S. are using an antimalarial … Continue reading

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Get Ready to Re-Open This Economy

I have kept public health and economics separate, but they no longer are. Shutting down the economy is a public health measure. The costs of this measure are astronomical — at least a trillion dollars per month. __ John H. … Continue reading

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Let’s Nuke this Virus!

The Wuhan Coronavirus is stealthy, quick to spread, and often deadly. The Chinese government gave the virus a head-start by covering up the infection for seven precious weeks — and missed the opportunity to reduce the spread by 95%. But … Continue reading

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Panic, Damn You!

Fear is contagious: Fear is more contagious than any virus could ever be, and the media has really fed the fear factor when it comes to the coronavirus. __ William Murray Democratic Governors of California and New York Push Panic … Continue reading

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Store Shelves to be Overflowing with Toilet Paper

Why would anyone expect the US to run out of toilet paper? There should be a special word for that kind of insanity. “All the grocery stores are going to have pallets of toilet paper sitting in the aisles, and … Continue reading

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The Data is Useful; The Conclusions are Wrong

Good and Bad Data are Intermixed We have to use all the data we can get, even while we know that a lot of the data is misleading. The data collected so far on how many people are infected and … Continue reading

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Food is Abundant: Why are Shelves Empty?

Why the Bare Shelves? These people apparently do not know the difference between a low-grade respiratory virus pandemic, and a full-blown global catastrophe. Almost 12.5 million people have died on Earth in 2020 so far, and about 8,000 of those … Continue reading

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Wuhan Coronavirus: Vaccine vs. Blood Plasma Therapy

About 35 companies and academic institutions are racing to create such a vaccine [for Wuhan coronavirus], at least four of which already have candidates they have been testing in animals. The first of these – produced by Boston-based biotech firm … Continue reading

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Wuhan Virus: Death Rates and Spread Rates Fluctuate

When making sense of an epidemic, we want to know how fast it is likely to spread, and how many cases of the infection are likely to die from the disease. In the case of the recent China virus, these … Continue reading

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Coronavirus: “Free for All” vs. Quarantine vs. 2 Levels of “Social Distancing”

The Washington Post website features 4 fascinating epidemic simulation scenarios. At that site you can observe simulated epidemic spread of a contagious respiratory disease like Wuhan Coronavirus — under 4 distinctly different conditions. The first simulation illustrates how an epidemic … Continue reading

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Europe is Becoming the New Epicenter of Wuhan Virus

Europe Has Been Reluctant to Restrict Travel From Infected Regions China is reporting significant slowing of its rate of new infections with the Wuhan Coronavirus. The epicenter of both new infections and of deaths from the virus seems to have … Continue reading

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Why Did Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong Succeed, Not China?

After the deadly SARS epidemic hit China, Hong Kong, and Singapore in 2002/2003, their governments took steps to see that they would never be taken by surprise by a virus again. China failed miserably. Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, it … Continue reading

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News Media Puts World and Markets Into Panic Mode

What Virus is Killing Hundreds of Thousands? For now, influenza remains the far bigger global public health threat. Each year, about 1 billion people become infected with seasonal flu, killing some 300,000 to 500,000. This season alone (2019-20), about 20,000 … Continue reading

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Why Electric Airplanes Can’t Get Off the Ground

Because the Batteries Alone Would Weigh 2X Allowable Takeoff/Landing Weight After accounting for battery weight, there is no weight left over for the pilot, passengers, luggage, or even for the airplane itself! People can fantasize about flying an electric airplane … Continue reading

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Wuhan Coronavirus is a Sprinter, Not a Marathoner

Now that the Wuhan Coronavirus has emerged from the bamboo curtain into the more civilised world, modern science can begin to dissect the characteristics of the virus. One important discovery seems to be that infected persons unload large amounts of … Continue reading

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