Wuhan Coronavirus is a Sprinter, Not a Marathoner

10 March 2020 Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Map

Now that the Wuhan Coronavirus has emerged from the bamboo curtain into the more civilised world, modern science can begin to dissect the characteristics of the virus. One important discovery seems to be that infected persons unload large amounts of virus in the early stages of infection, with the danger of transmission decreasing in the later stages.

Shedding from the upper airways early in infection makes for a virus that is much harder to contain. The scientists said at peak shedding, people with Covid-19 are emitting more than 1,000 times more virus than was emitted during peak shedding of SARS infection, a fact that likely explains the rapid spread of the virus. The SARS outbreak was contained after about 8,000 cases; the global count of confirmed Covid-19 cases has already topped 110,000.

… the data in the paper confirm what the spread of the disease has been signaling — “early and potentially highly efficient transmission of the virus occurs before clinical symptoms or in conjunction with the very first mild symptoms.”

… Importantly, the scientists could not grow viruses from throat swabs or sputum specimens after day 8 of illness from people who had mild infections.

__ German Scientists Learn About Chinese Virus

If these findings are replicated, they will help explain why the virus spreads so rapidly. With time, a thorough acquaintance with the Wuhan coronavirus should provide clues for stopping it in its tracks.

China Has Suffered Loss of Face

Beyond the massive financial hit that China is taking — and the likely loss of future foreign investment — China’s government is facing a growing loss of respect from its own people.

“The party propaganda machinery has unwittingly admitted that Xi was responsible for the fiasco,” says Steve Tsang, head of the China Institute at Soas in London. “The changes Xi has made to the operation of the party-state have not strengthened its capacity to act in order to pre-empt a crisis. [Instead]it has made it easier for a crisis to emerge as it all depends on Xi understanding the situation properly and making the right call at critical moments.”

An adviser to senior officials in Beijing agrees. “This virus crisis was really 70 per cent human error [attributable to] the leadership,” he says.
__ Source

Another reason for the communist party government of China to lose face is its continuing use of political, ethnic, and religious detainees for purposes of organ donation. Although the communist party claims that all organs come through voluntary donations, the evidence contradicts those claims.

Since 2015, due to international pressure China’s organ transplantation system has claimed to source organs from voluntary donors only. Forensic analysis of the relevant data shows that it has been falsified. This appears to be a deliberate attempt to deceive the international medical community as to the current source of organs in China. Given that transplants continue both at scale and on demand, it appears that a secondary concealed organ source is now also being exploited.

During the same period, the Chinese Communist Party has embarked upon a large-scale campaign against Uyghur Muslims. Part of this campaign has included blood-testing, DNA typing, and the reported shipment of Uyghurs from Xinjiang to the Chinese interior by rail. Former Uyghur detainees now in exile have reported blood tests and physical examinations consistent with those necessary to establish organ health.

The coincidence of the mass internment in Xinjiang, ongoing rapid organ availability in Chinese hospitals, and blood and physical tests consistent with assessing organ health, is readily explicable by the exploitation of Uyghurs for their organs. __ https://www.victimsofcommunism.org/china-organ-procurement-report-2020

This idea will not come as a great shock to anyone who has watched the actions of communist China over the years.

Meanwhile, a Sprinting Coronavirus Uses Every Opportunity to Spread

When senior managers for Biogen Inc. got together for a strategy meeting a few weeks ago, they were not counting on meeting with the Wuhan Coronavirus as well. But that is exactly how things went, and whatever strategy they thought they were devising has now taken a back seat to stopping the unwitting spread of the virus up and down the eastern US seaboard.

The spread of coronavirus infections from the meeting highlights the potential dangers in going ahead with the gatherings and conferences that are a staple of conducting business but which also threaten to amplify epidemics.

“There’s a lot of handshaking, there’s a lot of being in close quarters, and that puts you at risk,” said Manish Trivedi, the director of the division of infectious diseases at AtlantiCare in New Jersey. “You eat something. You rub your eyes. You touch your face.”

Senior Biogen managers who attended the strategy meeting at the Boston Marriott Long Wharf hotel have since traveled to gatherings of investors and doctors, as well as returned to their homes in communities that are also now confronting infection risks.

Among those testing positive for the coronavirus because of the meeting is an unnamed Biogen executive now in isolation, a company spokesman said.

Massachusetts has felt the biggest impact from the Biogen meeting’s role in the transmission of the virus. The state’s health department said Monday that 32 patients presumed or confirmed to be infected have links to the meeting. To limit further spread, schools in the area briefly closed.

… About 175 Biogen senior managers from around the U.S. and international locations convened at the Boston Marriott Long Wharf on Feb. 26 and Feb. 27, a Biogen spokesman said. Then early last week, some attendees began reporting flulike symptoms, he said.

The company soon afterward contacted public-health authorities, the Biogen spokesman said. Those who attended the company meeting were asked to stay home and monitor symptoms for 14 days, a Massachusetts health department spokeswoman said.

A Marriott spokeswoman said it was informed of the coronavirus infections. “We are working closely with the appropriate public-health authorities and are following their guidance,” she said. __ https://ih.advfn.com/stock-market/NASDAQ/biogen-BIIB/stock-news/81955459/how-biogens-meeting-spread-virus-in-massachusetts

All it needs is a tiny toe-hold, then it is off to the races.

Remember, Coronavirus is a Sprinter, Not a Marathoner

The researchers found very high levels of virus emitted from the throat of patients from the earliest point in their illness —when people are generally still going about their daily routines. Viral shedding dropped after day 5 in all but two of the patients, who had more serious illness. The two, who developed early signs of pneumonia, continued to shed high levels of virus from the throat until about day 10 or 11.

This pattern of virus shedding is a marked departure from what was seen with the SARS coronavirus, which ignited an outbreak in 2002-2003. With that disease, peak shedding of virus occurred later, when the virus had moved into the deep lungs. __ https://www.statnews.com/2020/03/09/people-shed-high-levels-of-coronavirus-study-finds-but-most-are-likely-not-infectious-after-recovery-begins/

Demographic factors for illness and death from Wuhan Coronavirus

Reality Check: Reasons Not to Panic

Minimise your risk

Clearly, we will need to schedule much fewer numbers of face-to-face meetings. We will need to go easy on the handshakes and kisses for a while. Children may need to school from home — because even if children do not get seriously ill from the virus, they can certainly spread it like crazy.

We can see that for now, China’s draconian quarantine measures have slowed the in-country spread of the China virus appreciably. It is possible that warmer weather will assist in China’s putative “mopping up” efforts. Time will tell.

For the rest of the world, a staying closer to home seems called for, with less travel and fewer large gatherings. This will be hard on the travel and hospitality industries for a few months. Large employers will arrange for more work to be done from home. Workplaces that require jobs to be done on-site, will begin screening and testing employees on a much larger scale in an attempt at containment. Large-scale intensive training in how to avoid catching and spreading viruses should be mandatory for all workplaces and schools.

A certain amount of infectious spread has to be accepted at this point. But we must do our best to keep it to a minimum, as much as possible.

Common Sense Measures

China screwed up, big time. China compounded its mistake by withholding valuable information that could have drastically reduced spread of the virus. As a result, the rest of the world must deal with a large number of explosive bush fires of infection. We will have a chance to see how the greater world will face this test.


US Pattern of Spread So Far:


US legislators have decided now is the time to hold China to account: What accounts for this sudden attack of “conscience?”

China’s incompetence made Italy sick. Now China pretends it wants to help.

10 Reasons not to panic

Sensible steps

A practical approach to the epidemic

Viewing China with new eyes

China seeded the world with Wuhan Coronavirus. The virus seems almost custom-designed for rapid spread, as if modified in a lab. But it is not ready for use as a bioweapon, and the circumstances of its release suggest sloppy procedures in the lab — if indeed that is where the virus got its sprinting ability.

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