News Media Puts World and Markets Into Panic Mode

What Virus is Killing Hundreds of Thousands?

For now, influenza remains the far bigger global public health threat. Each year, about 1 billion people become infected with seasonal flu, killing some 300,000 to 500,000. This season alone (2019-20), about 20,000 Americans have died from flu, including 136 children. Yet, very few people fear the flu. Society has accepted it as part of reality, and people carry about their daily lives without excessive concern over influenza. This is the likely future for COVID-19. __ Why Do You Panic?

According to the Johns Hopkins map above, worldwide there have been 4,720 deaths and 68,310 recoveries from the Wuhan Coronavirus. But it is likely that the number of “recoveries” is even higher than the official count because the number of undetected cases — particularly in high impact areas — has been high.

This is a serious virus — particularly if you are elderly or if you have a serious chronic disease condition. But if you have been watching Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong — as I asked you to do almost 2 weeks ago — you would know that when the virus is treated with respect rather than panic, that the spread can be quite slow and limited.

If you simply must panic over a respiratory virus, why not panic over the respiratory virus that kills the most people?

One-Trick Pony Media Stuck in Panic Mode

Viral Takeoff Rates

Recovery rates from Wuhan Coronavirus are many multiples higher than death rates. Outside of China and Iran, most of the deaths appear to be in elderly persons with serious chronic health problems. Actions taken by governments such as the US to restrict travel and to limit the size of public events are reasonable, in order to slow down the rate of viral spread:

Flattening the Curve: Slowing the Initial Spread

Given how rapidly Wuhan Coronavirus spreads — and the fact that it can spread in a few meters’ radius around an infected person — it makes sense to limit travel, maintain interpersonal distance, and avoid large gatherings of people. But why all this media-inspired panic?

There is NO INDICATION that this will last longer than any other virus issue. For now, it will probably continue to expand into April/May before we see any top in the number of cases… it is not such a justified health issue to be causing such a panic. That does make it seem that there is something else behind it. __ via ZH

The Wuhan virus has had a horrible impact on Italy, Iran, South Korea, and Hubei province. All of these outbreaks were directly connected to persons who traveled from Wuhan. The same is true for the King County cases in Washington state. It will likely be found to be true for several other scattered outbreaks that are developing.

For seven weeks, Chinese communists kept medical doctors in Wuhan from warning the rest of China and the world. They refused to cooperate with the US CDC and other national infectious disease centers. And weirdly, China is still trying to silence medical doctors who were at the center of the original Wuhan outbreak. The latest to speak out was emergency doctor Ai Fen, whose recently published interview was later deleted by state media.

“How could I refrain from discussions with my medical colleagues knowing that a new and significant virus had emerged? I followed my intuition as a doctor – so what mistakes did I make?”

… __

We know that the Wuhan virus was actively spreading in the Hubei province since November. But the Chinese governments turned a blind eye to the warnings from multiple physician whistleblowers. Even now, it is unlikely that China is providing the world with accurate disease information.

Propagandists from both the communist party of China and the Islamic revolutionary government of Iran, are attempting to promote a conspiracy blaming the US for the creation of the Wuhan Coronavirus. Given China’s culpability in allowing the virus to explode out of Wuhan to the rest of the world, this approach by the communist and Islamist propagandists appears to be an act of desperation. By taking this propaganda tack, China is adding credence to suspicions that the virus may have been at least partially engineered.

Meanwhile, propagandists in the western world — who often call themselves “journalists” — are also busy attempting to blame specific political entities in their own countries, to gain political advantage for the well connected political cronies who own their particular media outlets.

Besides blaming political enemies for the effect of a virus from China, these ubiquitous media propagandists are also working hard to instill panic in the population at large. A wild over-reaction by investment markets could easily lead to further signs of population panic. Thanks a lot, news media.

As for readers, wash your hands, avoid crowds, and don’t shake hands or engage in close contact with strangers except under exceptional circumstances.

Something to Cry About

Modern people have little historical perspective, and tend to cry very readily in self-pity from something as minor as an ingrown toenail. Here is a look at some other disease outbreaks, for comparison with Wuhan Coronavirus:

Of course if you want to panic over a minor league respiratory virus, then by all means sell your stocks and buy all the toilet paper off Costco shelves. Meanwhile the thing that will eventually kill you is still getting nearer with every day that passes. And it is not likely that a thing like hand sanitizer will stop it.

As they used to say: “Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.”

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  1. JerryO says:

    As always, great article/great insights. I have ZERO fear of this “disease,” but I have a lot of fear of the economic and supply chain disruptions that the media is causing. Those ppl are utterly despicable

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