15 Minute Antibody Test: Shining a New Light on the Problem

The current tests being used for Wuhan Coronavirus are far slower than desired. If we truly want to be hot on the trail for current cases so that we can trace & test contacts quickly, we need a fast test. New 15 minute antibody tests might provide the new window on this pandemic that we need to be able to see it more clearly.

The FDA recently approved antibody tests from 29 manufacturers. Such tests can detect antibodies in the blood that are specific to the Wuhan Coronavirus, in less than an hour.

We Need to Know the Extent of Infection & What to Expect Next

We can certainly learn a lot from the cruise ship “experiments.” And the Iceland experience can also reveal a great deal to disease detectives. But nothing exposes the inner workings of an epidemic better than quick — almost in real time — screening tests coupled with rapid contact tracing.

More on what can be done with the new tests

Disease Models Have Only Fueled Hysteria

Politicians and news media have been driven to hysteria by poor disease models. More experts are beginning to realize that the doomsday models are leading entire countries down the path of economic ruin. And very slowly, a few politicians who had previously lost their heads to panic, are reluctantly beginning to admit they may have been too hasty.

Sweeping statewide quarantine orders may not have been the most effective strategy to combat the coronavirus, Gov. Andrew Cuomo conceded on Thursday, as he weighed plans to restart the economy.

“We closed everything down. That was our public health strategy,” said Cuomo during an Albany press briefing. “If you re-thought that or had time to analyze that public health strategy, I don’t know that you would say ‘Quarantine everyone.’”

China Continues to Lie About Wuhan Coronavirus

It is not true that China is not experiencing new cases of COVID-19. Instead, China simply stopped testing for the virus, and now gives patients with ARDS a different diagnosis pointing elsewhere.

Censors almost immediately removed a photo from the Caixin website showing a truck delivering 2,500 urns filled with the ashes of cremated people. Censors removed as well as an accompanying report that a truck had made another such delivery the same day.

China shrouds its viral experience in mysterywhat is really happening?

Government officials who have been too quick to praise and copy China’s draconian path, may have to back away from destructive policies that are based on the communist party approach. The knowledge that China was not nearly as successful as had been claimed should help the brighter and more conscientious ones to begin to rethink their precipitous and mindless hysteria.

It may already be too late for New York, home to almost half the cases for all the US.

Case numbers are growing rapidly in New York, compared to other US states with outbreaks. 15% of cases in the state reportedly require hospitalization. Number of deaths from Wuhan Coronavirus in New York exceed 500.

Cases of a new coronavirus that causes COVID-19 in the U.S. surpassed 69,000 on Thursday morning, according to a tracker maintained by Johns Hopkins University. More than 33,000 of those cases are in the Empire State and at least 363 people have died, the most deaths in a single state in the country.

It is not clear whether Cuomo’s “shelter in place” order has helped or hurt the public health crisis. But it is becoming clear — even to the governor — that it cannot be sustained for long.

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