New French Study Confirms Benefit of HydroxyChloroquine

A recent Marseille study of 80 patients with novel coronavirus showed very encouraging results, using the combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin:

In 80 in-patients receiving a combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, the team found a clinical improvement in all but one 86 year-old patient who died, and one 74-year old patient still in intensive care unit. The team also found that, by administering hydroxychloroquine combined with azithromycin, they were able to observe an improvement in all cases, except in one patient who arrived with an advanced form, who was over the age of 86, and in whom the evolution was irreversible, according to a new paper published today in IHU Méditerranée Infection. ___

These results will have ample opportunity to be replicated by medical personnel around the globe, as the case counts of the Wuhan coronavirus continue to ramp up — particularly in densely populated areas.

They Called Trump a Xenophobe and an Alarmist When He Restricted Travel

The mayors of NYC and New Orleans refused to take the warning seriously, and as a result their cities are bursting with new cases of Wuhan virus.

President Trump’s order to halt all travel from China on January 31, for example, was met with hollers of xenophobia from the loudest corners of mainstream media [ed: and the political opposition]. Those cries have since been memory-holed — quite literally, in some cases (Vox) — but it’s worth revisiting the where the worst actors in media stood when this pandemic started. In fact, it was the very next day after Trump’s executive order that mainstream media outlets published stories downplaying the threat as merely another xenophobic reaction to foreigners, just like they’ve done with Trump’s position on immigration at the southern border. __ Spectator

Now that they are being hit between the eyes with their own malfeasance, many of the country’s mayors and governors have rushed to blame President Trump for their self-worsened crises. What is even more despicable, the worst of them are rushing to demand that the economy be shut down to the point of destruction.

Destroying the economy will result in a far worse outcome than the Chinese virus could ever generate.

Alarmist disease models are being backed away from earlier holocaust-style predictions:

Crucially, those who began by claiming that we faced half a million deaths from the coronavirus in this country have now greatly lowered their estimate. Professor Neil Ferguson was one of those largely responsible for the original panic. He or others from Imperial college have twice revised his terrifying prophecy, first to fewer than 20,000 and then on Friday to 5,700.

… The vast majority develop very mild symptoms or none at all. Millions may already have had it. __

Wuhan was horrific. Lombardy was horrific. Iran was horrific. NYC and other poorly run municipalities are horrific. We should not base our hopes and fears on the polities that invited tragedy on themselves by refusing to face what was happening to them until they were drowning in the virus.

Keep in mind that most of the US cases come from cities and states — such as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Louisiana — where elected officials pretended that President Trump was being xenophobic to restrict travel from China and other locations with severe outbreaks. But now these same pretenders are demanding that President Trump move heaven and Earth to help them so that they will not look bad. It is a good thing that Trump takes his job more seriously than they apparently took theirs.

The US outbreak of coronavirus is not uniform across the 50 states. It is worse in the coastal cities, densely packed and poorly prepared. Many of the epicenters are sanctuary cities, places where travel restrictions were laughed at — until it was too late. But large areas of the US have very few cases, and very slow growth of new cases. In much of the heartland of the US, recovery rates can be higher than new incidence rates.

The diameters of the circles are meant to reflect the sizes of the outbreaks. But there are only four sizes, with the smallest representing 2 cases and the largest representing 60 cases (or more!). That is a tiny range when considering how many coronavirus infections there actually are in cities such as NYC. Clearly that simple choice by the mapmakers represents a serious distortion of information transfer. Was it intentional? Given the blatant actions by the news media to mis-represent virtually every aspect of this epidemic (and to misrepresent every aspect of the federal response to the epidemic), it would not be unfair to suggest that it is an attempt to minimize the distinctions between the realities on the East Coast, and the much less harsh reality for most of the rest of the country.

This is a serious virus. Take precautions:

  • go to work
  • stay away from crowds
  • wash your hands
  • wear a mask in public
  • don’t touch your face
  • don’t shake hands
  • keep public surfaces clean/disinfected
  • wear cotton gloves in public

In the grocery store:

  • Go shopping at a time that’s less busy. If you type in the store’s name and location in Google search, a box often will pop up showing when foot traffic there is highest.
  • Take germicide with you. Use it to wipe your hands and the cart before and after you shop.
  • Use a credit or debit card. That way, you don’t have to hand over bills or receive change. Also, use your own pen to sign receipts. If you can, use a virtual payment system like Apple Pay so that you don’t have to open your wallet at all.
  • More at source

    Remember that a wide variety of treatments are being tried, some with good results.

    Be responsible. And try to hold your elected officials and news media responsible wherever possible.

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