This is Not the Black Death

Black Death vs Coronavirus

It seems like everyone is panicking these days. Out of fear of the Wuhan CoV-19 entire economies are shutting down — risking large scale poverty with a resulting millions of dead — to accomplish a reduction of viral spread that could have been achieved by far less drastic measures. Now it seems the media-induced Cov-19 panic has spread to the US armed forces.

Navy Captain Brett Crozier was relieved of command for giving every sign of having panicked aboard his Nimitz-class aircraft carrier.

… Captain Crozier should have gone directly to his immediate commanders. It says that it was already acting on the crisis, and reckons that the captain of the Roosevelt, as the AP characterized it, created a panic by suggesting 50 sailors could die. The AP reported that more than 100 of the 5,000 men on the Roosevelt have tested positive for Covid-19, but none has been hospitalized so far.

He got caught up in the zeitgeist of panic created by media and politicians. Rather than working in a disciplined manner through his chain of command to resolve the issue of on-board infections, he sent dozens of copies of his email out over an unsecured channel, essentially telling the world: “I don’t know nothin’ bout birthin’ no babies!” I’m scared and don’t know how to work through chain of command to keep my ship operating under adverse circumstances!”

Young, fit sailors and marines on board a nuclear powered aircraft carrier live and work in close quarters — but it is not exactly a floating old folks home, ripe for the reaper’s use of a third rate respiratory virus. Captain Crozier declared in his much-copied email “We are not at war! Sailor’s shouldn’t have to die!” But in reality, an active duty nuclear aircraft carrier in the middle of a tour is always at war. The mission comes first, always working through the chain of command. Panic at sea on the part of a commander is not a matter for the public, media, or politicians to adjudicate.

Government Overreaction Could Cause Hundreds of Thousands of Suicides in US

“Shelter in place,” also known as “house arrest,” is not a benign means of saving lives. In the long run it may well cost more lives than would have been lost had less drastic and fascistic means of “shaving the curve” been used — such as are being used in South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, and other places that have been more effective in slowing the spread of disease.

In California, a paddle-boarder on the beach — miles away from another soul — was hunted down by sheriff’s deputies, taken to a sheriff’s station, and charged with the crime of breaking “house arrest.” In New York City, the mayor is threatening to arrest anyone who goes to church to pray or worship. We’re gonna need a lot more guillotines!

If things get as bad economically as predicted the cost in lives [by suicide] will be 190,000.

That’s just one of the ways that a faltering economy kills people. That’s just a small part of the total damage that the efforts, however well-intentioned they might be (something I, frankly, am unwilling to just accept as the case), will have. There are other ways that a faltering/crashed economy kills people. And many more will have their lives blighted in various ways, creating suffering and misery that need not be there.

And that’s the price we’re paying to “curb” something that was shaping up to be a somewhat worse than average (although far from the worst we’d had recently) cold/flu season.

The cure is worse than the disease. __

People will die of suicide, from violent crime caused by poverty and early release of violent felons, from despair and drugs/alcoholism, and from loss of better healthcare insurance due to loss of jobs.

Miscellaneous Wuhan CoV-19 News

A better approach to disease modeling to avoid unnecessary panic and economic hardship

Creating an ACE2 decoy to reduce viral load and save lives

The lower the virus number when infected, the better the prognosis. That is why masks and not touching the face and washing hands every 30 minutes or so and cleaning exposed surfaces and not shaking hands, are all good ideas — even if they do not elimate the virus 100%.

Antibody tests should help free up people to return to work/duty/freedom. As I have said before, antibody tests should be paired with viral genomic tests to be sure a “recovered” person is not still shedding virus.

99% of the mistakes that have been made in the US government reaction to the Wuhan CoV-19 resulted from Communist Chinese disinformation combined with the deep-state swamp’s inability to generate a testing regime via the FDA and the CDC. The CCP is irredeemable, and will have to be sorted out by the Chinese people. As for the deep-state swamp, the need to drain has never been more urgent.

This article provides several visual comparisons between countries with lockdown “shelter in place” policies, and those without — showing no meaningful difference in outcomes. Is the cure worse than the disease?

What is needed now is for politicians and the population to pause, take a deep breath, and address the epidemic with rational measures, such as social distancing of the older population, ring screening around identified cases, quarantine of identified infected individuals, and adequate hospital triage systems to protect other patients and health care staff rom infection in order to preserve our ability to treat the most severe cases. This is a strategy identified by myself and colleagues at Purdue in 2007 to ensure adequate capacity to deal with another true influenza pandemic, and it applies to this one as well.

__ Source

Stop the panic

How China suppressed news of the outbreak, risking its own people and the people of the world

Aerosol or not aerosol?

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