Origin of Wuhan Cov-19: The Documentary

It is time to begin to zero in on the source of this Chinese virus, and to hold those responsible who appear to have allowed it to spread into populations around the world.

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Up to Half of Those Tested Already have Antibodies to Wuhan CoV

Imagine living in fear of Wuhan Coronavirus for weeks and months — only to discover that you have already had it, and you are immune.

A phlebotomist working at Roseland Community Hospital said Thursday that 30% to 50% of patients tested for the coronavirus have antibodies while only around 10% to 20% of those tested have the active virus.

Sumaya Owaynat, a phlebotomy technician, said she tests between 400 and 600 patients on an average day in the parking lot at Roseland Community Hospital. Drive-thru testing is from 9 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m. each day. However, the hospital has a limited number of tests they can give per day.

Owaynat said the number of patients coming through the testing center who appear to have already had coronavirus and gotten over it is far greater than those who currently have the disease. __ Source

Around the world, across multiple populations, large numbers of people are infected with Wuhan CoV-19 without realizing it. They will recover, gain immunity, and inept governments will try to keep them locked down for weeks and months longer.

Over the next weeks the results of larger scale testing programs across the US will be available.

The epidemic growth curve is slowly flattening around the world. But still economies are quickly dying from being unwisely locked down. The suffering from the lockdown will be immense and far worse than the long term impact from coronavirus — and far greater than it should ever have been.

It will not be the holocaust that the politicians and CNN said it would be, and now we are seeing the downside from all the media/political hysteria.

A great deal of the coverage of the COVID-19 crisis has been apocalyptic. That is partly because “if it bleeds, it leads.” But it is also because some of the medical experts with media megaphones have put forward potentially catastrophic scenarios and drastic plans to deal with them, reinforced by assertions that the rest of us should “listen to the experts,” because only they know enough to determine policy. Unfortunately, those experts don’t know enough to determine appropriate policies. __ https://mises.org/wire/why-central-planning-medical-experts-will-lead-disaster

The hysterics and panic-mongers at CNN etc. will try to back-spin on their alarmist rants that have helped create this economic disaster. And we will see how the public judges their mendacity when the time of accounting comes.

More countries are rushing to pull production out of China

Many people are vulnerable to the Wuhan CoV-19, and those should be protected. But those who have acquired immunity and who are not shedding the virus, should be given the freedom to move about unrestricted. Everyone else who is in good health should be allowed to perform their jobs and necessary tasks, using all due precautions against viral spread — particularly with regard to those most vulnerable.

China is responsible for all of this. Just how responsible the CCP is for the creation and intentional dispersal of the virus, we have yet to learn.

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