Bill Maher to News Media: From One Asshole to Another

Watch this entertaining video. Think of it as a message from one asshole to another.

On “Panic Porn:”

Sweden is one of the few countries that have elected to accept more cases of coronavirus in exchange for keeping a solid portion of its economy functioningso that there will be something left on the other side to help boost recovery after the epidemic burns itself out.

Sometimes, the best thing to do, is to do nothing at all. Take Sweden, for example, where the government decided not to shut down the economy, but to take a more thoughtful and balanced approach. Sweden has kept its primary schools, restaurants, shops and gyms open for business even though fewer people are out in public or carrying on as they normally would. At the same time, the government has kept the Swedish people well-informed so they understand the risks the virus poses to their health and the health of others. This is how the Swedes have minimized their chances of getting the infection while avoiding more extreme measures like shelter-in-place which is de facto house arrest.

What the Swedish experiment demonstrates, is that there’s a way to navigate these unprecedented public health challenges without recklessly imposing police state policies and without doing irreparable harm to the economy. __

So far [on 19 April 2020], Sweden’s coronavirus “death rate” is 152 per million. This is a lower death rate than most other European countries, except Germany. Sweden is one of the few European countries that doesn’t treat its citizens like prisoners — and further respects its citizens by letting them preserve much of their livelihoods.

Without a solid economy, millions more will die.

Are you tired of these commu-nazi lockdowns and all the panic porn? Are you close to using up your prepper rations yet? Are you feeling good about communist China right now? Neither is most of the rest of the civilised world.

A lot of people are rooting for the downfall of the western capitalist economies. I’m betting that you are not one of them.

Social Distancing from China

Several nations are beginning to take a second look at their relationships with China. President Trump wars that “there will be consequences” if it is found that China released Wuhan CoV-19 deliberately. Even Iran is complaining about China’s role in all of this. The backlash is beginning.

The UK is moving to drop Huawei as a vendor for the country’s 5G cellphone network in a major blow to Communist China over poor coronavirus transparency.

… UK foreign minister Dominic Raab said Friday that “we can’t have business as usual after this crisis,” vowing “hard questions” for China and a “very, very deep dive” on the origins of the pandemic. __ NYP

Hedge fund investor Kyle Bass has some choice words for China:

by December 31, the government of Taiwan sent a white paper to the World Health Organization explaining that they had full evidence that there was human-to-human transmission, and that it was going to be a new global pandemic.

And if you remember, on January 14, Tedros said to the world in a proclamation on a Tweet that this is not a global pandemic, and that he had just consulted with Xi Jinping and the Chinese, and that there is no evidence of human-to-human transmission—this is January 14.

And then January 23, Xi Jinping closed down all air traffic from Wuhan to the rest of China. But he allowed Wuhan air traffic to travel to the rest of the world. Essentially, Xi Jinping knowingly infected the rest of the world. … “If he’s going to go down, the world is going to go down with him,” essentially what he was saying.

That is not a responsible actor. That is not a government who’s ideologically aligned with the rest of the West. This is a government that basically covered up the truth. And we all know that they covered up the truth, but now, it’s actually after Neil Ferguson’s Boston Globe article, and now you see that the Chinese Foreign Ministry said on February 2 that it is xenophobic to close anyone’s borders to the Chinese, and that travel restriction shouldn’t be made. Xi Jinping himself shut down Wuhan, January 23; this is February 2, they’re telling the world this.

They are the most lying, coercive, manipulative government in the world… __ ZH

The Media Tells Us to Panic, and Not to Blame China

Our political and media overlords are telling us to stay home, panic, and “don’t blame China.” Apparently they want us to live in poverty and fear — and for us only to blame those who(m) they wish us to blame. And all of that should be enough to tell us whose side they are on.

They will do and say anything to destroy their enemies. They will steal, kill, and destroy — whatever it takes. Their favored candidate in the big US election next fall is Joseph Biden. Look closely at Biden’s ties and his accomplishments. Can you hold your nose and vote for that man?

Joe Rogan said he would rather vote for Donald Trump than for Joe Biden. With just a little more exposure to candidate Biden, I suspect that not even Bill Maher could hold his nose tightly enough to vote for poor Old Joe.

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4 Responses to Bill Maher to News Media: From One Asshole to Another

  1. kline says:


  2. bob sykes says:

    The native Swedes are doing the lockdowns and social distancing voluntarily and using their own judgement on how to do so. The native Swedes are intelligent, socially concerned, and trusting in their government and each other. So, this outcome is expected.

    It would be interesting to see the data from the Muslim/black slums and no-go towns, but Sweden will not separate out that data.

    The Swedish policy cannot work in the US.

    • alfin2101 says:

      You seem to be suggesting a lockdown of “Muslim/black slums and no-go towns” with everyone else being allowed to “social distance” using their own judgment. Very interesting suggestion.

      There is a huge difference between “lockdowns” and “social distancing.” Obviously. Unfortunately, too many of our dumbed down academically lobotomised citizens of the western world fail to comprehend that the two terms occupy different universes of experience and outcome.

  3. Craig says:

    It is my sincerest hope that Western corporations pull their heads out of their you-know-whats in regards to China. Profit is a good thing, but it can’t be the only thing. The Chinese are a bad actors, or more precisely the Communist Rulers of China are. The world’s perception and the reputation of official China should suffer. The West has got to stop empowering the CCP.

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