A Timid and Fearful EU Bows Low to Its Tormenter

“China has continued to run a global disinformation campaign to deflect blame for the outbreak of the pandemic and improve its international image,” the initial report said. “Both overt and covert tactics have been observed.” __ NYT

Careful timelines of the Wuhan virus pandemic make at least three things clear:

  • China denied for weeks that the Wuhan virus could be spread from person to person (P2P), although medical personnel already knew that P2P spread was common
  • China allowed potentially infected Wuhan travelers to fly internationally for three days after they had been forbidden to travel within China
  • China prohibited external experts from the US CDC to investigate the Wuhan outbreak, at the early stage when it might have warned the world of the danger
  • Based on these and other documented facts, the European Union prepared a report that correctly blamed Beijing for loosing the Wuhan coronavirus on the rest of the world. But then communist China objected to the language in the report, and the EU relented in fear.

    Bowing to heavy pressure from Beijing, European Union officials softened their criticism of China this week in a report documenting how governments push disinformation about the coronavirus pandemic, according to documents, emails and interviews.

    Worried about the repercussions, European officials first delayed and then rewrote the document in ways that diluted the focus on China, a vital trading partner — taking a very different approach than the confrontational stance adopted by the Trump administration.

    … China moved quickly to block the document’s release, and the European Union pulled back. The report had been on the verge of publication, until senior officials ordered revisions to soften the language. __ NYT

    Across the western world, reactions to the Wuhan virus pandemic have been based on fear and panic, rather than a reasoned and measured response. One might begin to wonder how much of the world will be left at the end of this panic binge.

    Thanks to lockdowns that were supposed to save the healthcare system, a significant part of the US hospital system is under threat of collapse. Is this an unintended consequence of the lockdowns, or were some of the lockdown-planners hoping that hospital systems would collapse along with a large part of the rest of the economy — so that the deep swamp of the federal government could swoop in “to the rescue?”

    Some countries of Europe and elsewhere are contemplating plans for re-opening. The same is true for some US states.

    Last week, several state governors announced they would allow shelter-in-place orders to expire either on or before April 30 with certain conditions in place to kickstart their stalled economies while keeping the virus at bay.

    States preparing partial reopenings include Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and Texas. __ https://thefederalist.com/2020/04/22/police-have-started-revolting-against-draconian-coronavirus-edicts-from-local-tyrants/

    If that does not happen, large numbers of people will revolt, and re-open anyway. In such an event, it is likely that many law enforcement personnel would stand with the people — since the people who would be rebelling happen to ordinarily be among the few stalwart supporters of law enforcement.

    Better Learn Your Lessons: The Next One May be Bad

    Different people will learn different lessons from the Wuhan virus pandemic. Much depends on the result of November’s elections. But it is certainly true that those upon whose backs the American economy is built, will remember how readily their elected representatives and news media turned on them, and stripped them of their constitutional rights without so much as a “by your leave.”

    The CDC director is threatening a simultaneous flu pandemic on top of a resurgent COVID-19 outbreak, next autumn. Is this a build-up to election shenanigans? Perhaps.

    China is making PPE and selling it. But most of it is defective. Some of it may even be seeded with virus. Who knows, these days?

    The Wuhan Virus and the Impoverished Third World

    In Africa and much of the rest of the third world, they do not have the luxury of total shutdowns and gestapo style extreme social distancing. If these places suffer as badly as places like Italy and New York, who will help them with PPE and more ordinary necessities?

    In Africa, COVID-19 cases have surged 43% in the past week to 26,000, according to John Nkengasong, director of the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The figures underscored a World Health Organization warning that the virus could kill more than 300,000 people in Africa and push 30 million into desperate poverty.

    In Muslim communities, the pandemic was casting a shadow over the holy month of Ramadan — marked by daytime fasting, overnight festivities and communal prayer. Ramadan begins for the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims with this week’s new moon. Many Muslim leaders have closed mosques or banned collective evening prayer to ward off infections. The virus has already disrupted Christianity’s Holy Week, Judaism’s Passover, the Muslim hajj pilgrimage and other major religious events. __ Source

    Remember, the virus is likely to stay in global circulation for a significant time, based upon its ready spread and its tendency to infect persons in asymptomatic fashion. In the long run, a million people may die of Wuhan CoV-19 — just as millions die of the flu — another serious virus.

    We need better weapons to use against Wuhan CoV-19. Vaccines, antivirals, immune modulators, neutralizing antibodies etc. — and gene therapy. Yes, gene therapy.

    Much more on the quest for a cure

    Lessons to Learn

  • Western nations had best learn to stop being so dependent on enemy nations for basic necessities of life, such as medicines, machines, and myriad other types of supplies.
  • People in free countries should understand how much of their prosperity and recreation is dependent upon a free and open “commons”
  • Citizens should learn from how quickly government officials moved to imprison them in their homes and deny them their livelihoods — and how eagerly the media and academic “experts” egged the tyrants on.
  • Wuhan CoV is a serious virus, just as influenza viruses and other coronaviruses are serious. They can all kill you. While dangerous viruses are circulating, it behooves us to take rational precautions.


    • go to work
    • stay away from crowds
    • maintain a 2 meter distance
    • wash your hands
    • wear a mask in public
    • don’t touch your face
    • don’t shake hands
    • keep public surfaces clean/disinfected
    • wear cotton gloves in public

    In the grocery store:

  • Go shopping at a time that’s less busy. If you type in the store’s name and location in Google search, a box often will pop up showing when foot traffic there is highest.
  • Take germicide with you. Use it to wipe your hands and the cart before and after you shop.
  • Use a credit or debit card. That way, you don’t have to hand over bills or receive change. Also, use your own pen to sign receipts. If you can, use a virtual payment system like Apple Pay so that you don’t have to open your wallet at all.
  • More at source

    Rational social distancing and personal protection just makes sense, as we have been saying. Total lockdowns do not make sense. The Gestapo must be destroyed before it destroys the rest of us.

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    2 Responses to A Timid and Fearful EU Bows Low to Its Tormenter

    1. DelAware says:

      Alas, after all these years you’ve lost this reader. Have fun thanatophilically (and lucratively?) cheerleading each and every virus that emerges, or is released, and kills a tiny fraction of humanity mostly through hist weakness. The boot on the face forever.

      Frankly I’m far more concerned about the unmarried women aged 45 to 50, 50 to 70 percent of whom have genital herpes and shed it without anyone knowing. That population is highly represented in “health” “care.”

      Or how about the population responsible for 95+ percent of new STD infections, for whom the likes of Kaiser Permanente hangs out rainbow flags in celebration each June?

      Wuhan virus is a nothingburger that couldn’t even have been made into the Pharma PR firm attention grab it has, had people still exercised basic 20th century white man’s hygiene.

      Look up Ragan’s Health Care PR and Marketing Awards. Watch closely for the 2020 entries, particularly in social media. Ofc I’ve suspected for some time that Al Fin is in Pharma, so there’s that.

      • alfin2101 says:

        The medical impact of Wuhan CoV will probably be seen historically as a “nothingburger.” The sociological and geopolitical impacts from the viral pandemic are shaping up to be monumental and long-lasting.

        I have been disgusted with this topic for several weeks, but awareness of the higher level repercussions from the virus-related panic will not allow me to ignore it.

        They never shut down the economy for HIV/AIDS, which is a far worse pandemic than Wuhan. Before now, they never shut down the economy for anything for this length of time. It is an absurdist excursion into the utterly surreal.

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