Confessions of a Chinese Virus-Maker

“… we built a chimeric virus encoding a novel, zoonotic CoV spike protein…”

__ Telegraph

Mysterious Leaked Dossier from the “Five Eyes”

While the leaked dossier does not reach a conclusion whether COVID-19 is of natural origin or engineered, it includes a February 6 study from the South China University of Technology which suggested “the killer coronavirus probably originated from a laboratory in Wuhan.

The paper was withdrawn due to what its lead author said was a lack of direct evidence, however the dossier notes that scholar Yanzhong Huang said on March 5 “No scientists have confirmed or refuted the paper’s findings.”

That said, the Telegraph notes that the official US position is that the virus was not engineered, but that it escaped from either the Wuhan Institute of Virology or the Chinese CDC, which is located roughly 900 feet from the Wuhan wet market from which a cluster of early cases emerged. __ Mysterious Leaked Dossier

“To examine the emergence potential (that is, the potential to infect humans) of circulating bat CoVs, we built a chimeric virus encoding a novel, zoonotic CoV spike protein — from the RsSHCO14-CoV sequence that was isolated from Chinese horseshoe bats — in the context of the SARS-CoV mouse-adapted backbone,” the study states.

One of Dr Shi’s co-authors on that paper, Professor Ralph Baric from North Carolina University, said in an interview with Science Daily at the time: “This virus is highly pathogenic and treatments developed against the original SARS virus in 2002 and the ZMapp drugs used to fight ebola fail to neutralise and control this particular virus.”

A few years later, in March 2019, Dr Shi and her team, including Peng Zhou, who worked in Australia for five years, published a review ­titled Bat Coronaviruses in China in the medical journal Viruses, where they wrote that they “aim to predict virus hot spots and their cross-species transmission potential”, describing it as a matter of “urgency to study bat corona­viruses in China to understand their potential of causing another outbreak. Their review stated: “It is highly likely that future SARS or MERS like coronavirus outbreaks will originate from bats, and there is an increased probability that this will occur in China.”

It examined which proteins were “important for interspecies transmission”.

Despite intelligence probes into whether her laboratory may have been responsible for the outbreak, Dr Shi is not hitting pause on her research, which she argues is more important than ever in preventing a pandemic. She plans to head a national project to systemically sample viruses in bat caves, with estimates that there are more than 5000 coronavirus strains “waiting to be discovered in bats globally”.

“Bat-borne coronaviruses will cause more outbreaks,” she told Scientific American. “We must find them …”

US embassy scientists and diplomats in Beijing visited the laboratory and sent warnings back to Washington about inadequate safety practices and management weaknesses as it conducted research on coronaviruses from bats.

“During interactions with scientists at the WIV laboratory, they noted the new lab has a serious shortage of ­appropriately trained technicians and investigators needed to safely operate this high-containment laboratory,” the cable stated. __ Australian Telegraph

Yes, there will be more Chinese viruses, more lab leaks, more outbreaks. We can be sure of that. But will we learn from this Chinese virus, in order to be better able to deal with the next one? And how many viral onslaughts will we accept as fate, before we choose to slam the door on the root causes? If we wait too late, the last virus will be the one that no lockdown in the world can stop from killing us. That might be the one they’ve been looking for all along.

Why did Dr. Fauci outsource bat virus research to Wuhan?

Enormous evidence points to Wuhan lab

Massive CCP coverup surrounding the origins of Wuhan CoV-19 and the early dynamics of the Wuhan outbreak

Dangerous Wuhan coronavirus experiments partially funded by Australia and US

Although the evidence is circumstantial, it seems a strong possibility that SARS-CoV-2 is one of the horrifying chimeric bat viruses Wuhan researchers deliberately created, which escaped thanks to poor safety practices.

Whatever the source, China appears to have responded in the worse possible way by arresting whistleblowers and attempting to conceal the outbreak, instead of going public and focussing all their efforts on trying to stop it. __ WUWT

Meanwhile in Sweden

Sweden’s government realized that the Wuhan CoV-19 would be around for a long time. They refused to indulge in happy fantasies of hiding everyone in a closet at home while the virus burned itself out — or until a fortuitous vaccine miraculously appeared. There was no way for that story to have a happy ending. So the government of Sweden took the advice of its hard-headed epidemiologic advisors, and instructed the public in the basics of responsible social distancing — and kept most of the country’s economy open for business.

Sooner or later the lockdowns must end, as people become more afraid of losing their livelihood than losing their life, or as other overlooked mental and physical costs pile up to the breaking point. In the absence of effective and widespread vaccination, the viral spread can be slowed but not stopped. Singapore, for example, initially did well at containment, but now new cases are appearing. It is possible that Sweden’s larger initial wave of infection pulled forward infections that other countries are likely to encounter in subsequent waves as those nations’ lockdowns are inevitably relaxed. Indeed, Dr. Michael Ryan, executive director of the health emergencies program of the World Health Organization, suggested that perhaps Sweden “represents a future model” of what a post-lockdown society might look like . __ Sweden: Look, Ma! No Lockdown!

Surrounding countries that chose gestapo lockdowns will have to face the music sooner or later. But they will face the music in the midst of financial ruin.

Sovereignty Reigns

Viruses respect borders — at least they do wherever people are forced to respect borders. Because viruses piggy-back on people. Stop the people at the borders, and you stop the viruses they are carrying.

This viruses-don’t-respect-borders business is a perfect globalist slogan. It conveys absolutely nothing but aggressively enough so as to cow others into swallowing any inclination to stand up and disagree with you. It is what is called in zoology ‘display’.

But in fact, the scientist is wrong. This virus happens to travel on people. If people can be made to respect borders, viruses will ‘respect’ them too, in the sense that they will not cross them. If this is true of households, then it is true of nations. __ Spectator

The idiot nations, cities, and states that chose lockdowns — combined with open borders — will pay a huge price. There is no way to compensate for what they have done to themselves. But the damage will be spread over years and decades, with plenty of plausible deniability for the slimy instigators to slink back into the swamp almost undetected.

Contrary to the media narrative, the data is unclear on how much good these shutdowns have actually done. And there is no scientific evidence to justify forcing Americans to stay in their homes for months on end.

What is clear is that the emergency phase of the epidemic is drawing to a close, and that our economy is on the verge of collapse. The next phase calls for cautious, prudent but immediate reopening of our economy. Different regions and communities and industries will reopen at different speeds. And that is exactly what America’s good governors and mayors are trying to do. __ Move On

Models have no wisdom They are stuck on Rung 1.

Experts have no wisdom. By being stuck on Rung 1, they make the crisis worse.

More Coronavirus

When the law is unjust, people lose respect for the law

Fear is the mind killer

I remember reading that by last week, so this was in March, they said by April 24th, Florida would have 465,000 people hospitalized because of COVID-19. Well that is something that’s really scary, especially when you consider Florida only has 70,000 licensed hospital beds.

So if you’re predicting that you’re predicting the biggest break of the healthcare system probably in human history. So what ended up happening? So that’s the 465,000, way up there for hospitalizations. You look down, 2,111 hospitalizations. So they were off by about 463,000 hospitalizations.

Gavin “Gestapo” Newsom strikes again

Ideologically blinded leftist politicians are pushing hard to achieve economic ruin. They hope to use the resulting suffering of their own people to leverage Washington DC to alter a wide range of personnel and policies that will — among other things — open the floodgates of fiat (deficit) currency to wash away their sins … past, present, and future.

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