Naked Asteroid Streaks By Earth: We Never Saw it Coming

It’s Always the Apocalypse You Don’t See Coming

On Monday of this week, the asteroid 2020 JJ flew less than 5,000 miles over the Pacific Ocean, well inside the orbits of many artificial satellites — but still far above the International Space Station which orbits an average of 250 miles up. It was only about 5 meters in diameter — unlike the mile-wide asteroid 1998 OR2 that recently did a fly-by of the planet.

No one saw it coming until it was right on top of us. More like above us, actually. Astronomers had no notice of asteroid 2020 JJ’s existence, as it was discovered using the Mt. Lemmon Survey in Arizona right around the time it reached its closest point to us. __ Sourcevia

Planet Earth is a sitting duck for asteroids, comets, gamma ray bursts, violent solar storms, and pretty a long list of existential threats that most people have never heard of. When the apocalypse hits, it will almost certainly be something that no one expected.

China is a Walking Apocalypse

The Chinese Communist Party is stirring up a war frenzy among its captive citizenry, while pretending to try to calm popular outrage. The CCP is pushing popular sentiment for an invasion of Taiwan, is egging Chinese troops to skirmish with the Indian army on that nation’s border, is using PLA ships to provoke a Japanese response over the Senkakus, is provoking Vietnam and the Philippines over the Paracels and the Spratleys, and is elsewhere committing veritable “acts of war” across multiple borders.

Wuhan Institute of Virology Further Implicated

An intelligence report presented to the US Senate Intelligence Committee suggests that the Wuhan Institute of Virology suffered a catastrophic accident in October of 2019, just a month before the first documented case of Wuhan CoV-19 in Wuhan City. The timing of the incident is important, given recent evidence that China’s propaganda services were already prepared with a “cover story” by the time the epidemic had grown too large to cover it up entirely.

The 24-page report includes an analysis of phone data from around the institute, including a pattern analysis of devices that frequent the WIV, show no mobile phone activity from October 7 to 24

The analysis shows that device traffic “in and around the WIV in the months prior to October was consistent,” but that “Beginning on October 11th, there was a substantial decrease in activity,” suggesting that the ‘window for incident’ was October 6th – 11th.

“During this time, it is believed that roadblocks were put in place to prevent traffic from coming near the facility.” __ Source

Beijing was already prepared with its “World Health Organization” smokescreen as well, and had no difficulty in shutting off Wuhan City from China while sending thousands of Wuhan travelers out to Europe, North America, and other distant locations — while they carried the Wuhan virus along with them, mostly unaware.

Deflections from a Chinese Lab

The global timeline usually commences with the viral exodus out Wuhan.

We started in February with the usual Chinese deceptions about their role in the birth, transmission, and worldwide spread of the virus.

No one, apparently except Mike Bloomberg and Bill Gates, was surprised by the accustomed politically correct prevarications of the Chinese-purchased World Health Organization, whose transparent lies were passed off as truth—and led to tens of thousands of deaths.

On cue, our own obsequious media accepted Chinese and globalist myths—their shared antipathy for President Trump meant whatever he is for or says, they are against and deny.

But by late March the bits and pieces of the truth had emerged. All that gobbledygook talk of a Chinese wet market, of patient-zero bats, snakes, pangolins and such, were likely ruses to deflect attention from a conveniently nearby level-4 Chinese virology lab. __ Source

We have seen, however, that the story begins much earlier, with the viral disaster at the WIV in October of 2019, followed by an unending attempt by the CCP to shut down any information regarding the virus’ origins, and to spare no expense in deflecting blame away from communist government run lab programs.

Made in a Chinese Lab

When the CoV2 genome was just sequenced and made publicly available on January 10, 2020, it was a riddle, as no closely related strains were known. But quite quickly, on January 23, Shi Zhengli released a paper indicating that CoV2 is 96% identical to RaTG13, a strain which her laboratory had previously isolated from Yunnan bats in 2013. However, outside of her lab, no one knew about that strain until January 2020.

It was immediately clear that RaTG13 is special… In order to better understand CoV2 origins, let’s take a look at spike protein sequences of our Unholy Trinity: CoV2, RaTG13 [Shi Zhengli’s bat CoV] and MP789 (pangolin-2019).

… the appearance of a new furin cleavage site was noticed immediately, as none of the closest or even distant relatives of Cov2 have such a site — those coronaviruses that do, share only 40% of their genome with Cov2: … the most recent work of this kind that I came across was an October 2019 paper from several Beijing labs, where the new furin site RRKR was inserted into not just some pseudovirus, but into an actual live chicken coronavirus…

… RaTG13 is a very unusual strain. Odd to see that Shi Zhengli’s group was silent about it for all these years. After all, it is very different from its SARS-like siblings, especially in the spike protein, which is precisely what determines which types of cells (and in which animals) this virus can infect. __ Made in a Chinese Lab

Perhaps Shi Zhengli’s group had a special purpose for RaTG13, and did not want to let the bat out of the bag too soon? Seriously, the article above is both technical and clearly written. There is no longer a reason to automatically assume that Wuhan CoV-19 is of entirely natural origin.

Meanwhile in the West

The news media seems to be elated with each new coronavirus death

Remember, the press, already out to get President Donald Trump, has been eagerly using the pandemic to intensify its campaign against him. Early on, the media could hardly disguise its delight when the U.S death toll, which at that time was likely quite accurate, exceeded that of China, whose numbers, cooked by a communist regime, cannot be trusted. To what end? To make the White House look bad.

At the same time, New York governor Cuomo — who genuinely botched his job of damage control in his state — is being closely protected from any negative news coverage by a worshipful press.

researchers believe that New York City was the epicenter for the spread throughout most of the country and that the New York subway system — far from a beacon of cleanliness at the best of times — was the largest incubator of the virus, according to the New York Times . As the virus took hold throughout the city, elected officials denounced concerns about its origins as racist and xenophobic, and encouraging their constituents to go about life as usual and attend festivals and movie theaters. As it turns out, the mayor snuffing out a groundhog was just a practice run.

Last week, the bombshell dropped that someone in New York authorized the use of nursing homes for recovering patients of COVID-19, a decision that led to approximately 1,700 casualties. That’s more COVID deaths than the entire state of Florida

They Really Don’t Know this Virus

Evidence is accumulating that suggests that “herd immunity” can be achieved with Wuhan CoV-19 much earlier than is claimed by the discredited Neil Ferguson Imperial College model.

In my view, the true herd immunity threshold probably lies somewhere between the 7% and 24% implied by the cases illustrated in Figures 4 and 5. If it were around 17%, which evidence from Stockholm County suggests the resulting fatalities from infections prior to the HIT being reached should be a very low proportion of the population. The Stockholm infection fatality rate appears to be approximately 0.4%,[20] considerably lower than per the Verity et al.[21] estimates used in Ferguson20, with a fatality rate of under 0.1% from infections until the HIT was reached. The fatality rate to reach the HIT in less densely populated areas should be lower, because R0 is positively related to population density.[22] Accordingly, total fatalities should be well under 0.1% of the population by the time herd immunity is achieved.

Such reasoning suggests that Sweden’s approach in utilising modest social distancing measures — as opposed to the totalitarian “lockdown” approach used by China, New York state, Michigan, etc. — would be less damaging to the overall health of a populace, taking into account the need to earn a living so as to be able to keep eating.

The Only Way to Counter a Militant China is to Out-Prosper the Dragon

For decades, the western world believed it would be safe to out-source its production of vital equipment, supplies, and drugs, to a communist country that is the sworn enemy of the western world. It was a stupid choice, and the west is just beginning to pay the price for this stupidity.

The CCP is always going to be a vile snake in the grass as long as it holds power. Who needs apocalyptic asteroids when they have China plotting the next apocalypse?

The coverup:


Weighing the risks of going out. The linked article describes the risks of being infected with Wuhan CoV-19 associated with various types of activities. The article deals only with risk of infection, not with risks of severe morbidity or dying. With improved anti-viral therapy, on top of better means of treating both cytokine storm and COVID associated hypoxemia, we should see improved recovery rates with lower risks of long term complications.

If the new data regarding “herd immunity” proves accurate, the back side of the curve is likely to look quite different from the front side of the curve for infections, severe morbidity, and deaths.

Interesting article discussing “super-spreader” events for the spread of COVID in 28 countries focusing on the modes of attack.

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  1. ROBERT SYKES says:

    Our elites are also promoting war fever, especially against China. Maria Bartiromo had a hysterical anti-Chinese meltdown yesterday. And one Senator after another demands action against China. I had not thought a shooting war with China was likely, but with all the jingoistic hate being spewed on all sides, the probability is rising.

    • alfin2101 says:

      The communist Chinese have been sloppy all the way around, from their virology labs to their ham-handed propaganda work. Some people might claim that they are really asking for it.

      I suppose they cannot help being who they are.

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