The Tragic Shooting Death of Ahmaud Arbery

A young man’s shooting death was captured on video. The hackstream media is attempting to ignite a hellstorm of racial hatred over the sad event. But what likely happened on that day?

The facts as laid out by the local district attorney’s office suggest that the event did not happen in any way similar to how it is being portrayed by the hack media mainstream. It is certainly likely that the Black Panthers have gotten the wrong end of the stick.

The video above seems to have taken a very even-handed approach to the tragedy. For anyone interested in getting a more solid picture of what likely happened than what mainstream sources will provide, I suggest starting with the above video.

There is no better exposition of the counterproductive nature of much of human emotion, than what happened to Ahmaud Arbery — at the hands of both himself and of others.

The media seems to want to inflame the baser emotions of viewers, to make the entire tragedy immeasurably worse. Someday — we can always hope — the media will face its own reckoning.

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