China: The Asshole that Demands Gratitude

China is the country that dishes out death by pandemic, but demands the world’s gratitude.

Chinese officials initially covered up the outbreak in Wuhan. They have also appeared to be censoring research into the origins of the virus, and German and U.S. intelligence suggests that the World Health Organization (WHO) was pressured by China to downplay the threat posed by COVID-19. Meanwhile, the Chinese government has attempted to shift the narrative, as it tries to position itself as a global leader in dealing with the pandemic by sending medical supplies to nations around the world.

As research into the origins of the novel coronavirus continues, the global pandemic has already infected nearly 4.7 million people around the world. Of those infected, more 313,000 have died while over 1.7 million have already recovered. __ Don’t Rule Out a Laboratory Leak

China has created a monster, and in attempting to profit from the monster’s accidental release (while denying its own role in its creation), China is creating a monstrous suspicion.

Instead of maintaining stable foreign relations, Chinese diplomacy had been largely overwhelmed by the need to serve domestic propaganda, the person said.

“We attributed the victory over the coronavirus to the Chinese system and overplayed the advantages of the system, which was unlikely to convince Western countries. We sent medical supplies to selected European countries, which added a new layer of suspicion – in already China-wary Europe – that the assistance came with a political purpose and endangered the bloc’s solidarity.

“And there is another issue of below-standard epidemic prevention medical products from China, when the world is reliant on us for such supplies,” the adviser said.

… “If China is to have the kind of relationship it wants with the world, it will have to adjust its diplomacy.” __ South China Morning Post

The Communist Party of China’s leadership is engaged in a decades-long plan to place China on top of the global hierarchy of nations. Everything that happens in the world must somehow be fit into this grand plan of world domination. But China is vulnerable, and it is most vulnerable to ideas that undermine the totalitarian authority of the CCP.

… the ideas that threaten China with “major disorder” include concepts such as “separation of powers,” “independent judiciaries,” “universal human rights,” “Western freedom,” “civil society,” “economic liberalism,” “total privatization,” “freedom of the press,” and “free flow of information on the internet.” To allow the Chinese people to contemplate these concepts would “dismantle [our] party’s social foundation” and jeopardize the party’s aim to build a modern, socialist future. __ Source

China’s communist overlords appear particularly threatened by freedom of association, freedom of religion and ideology, and freedom of communication — including freedom of news and opinion sources.

Xi Jinping has given a name to this future world. He calls this vision “a community of common destiny for mankind.” This future community of nations would give Chinese communism the moral recognition it is now denied. The party-state would be lauded, in Xi’s words, as a new “contribution to political civilization” and a new chapter in “the history of the development of human society.” Power blocs and existing military alliances would soon melt away as the various nations of the Earth are drawn into China’s economic orbit. __ Tablet

No holds barred. No time limits. No penalties.

The PRC’s decision to allow Chinese diplomats and propaganda accounts to spread anti-American coronavirus conspiracies, for example, are hard to understand until you realize that the people spreading these conspiracies believe they are engaged in an “ideological struggle” with the values of a hostile liberal order. The stakes of this struggle could not be higher: They believe that the future of the global order and the survival of their regime is at stake. Americans should not be surprised when they act like it.


The virus is mutating

Reminder of “Gain of Function” Research on Coronaviruses

… the deeper you dive into the research activities of coronavirologists over the past 15–20 years, the more you realize that creating chimeras like CoV2 was commonplace in their labs. And CoV2 is an obvious chimera (though not nesessarily a lab-made one), which is based on the ancestral bat strain RaTG13, in which the receptor binding motif (RBM) in its spike protein is replaced by the RBM from a pangolin strain, and in addition, a small but very special stretch of 4 amino acids is inserted, which creates a furin cleavage site that, as virologists have previously established, significantly expands the “repertoire” of the virus in terms of whose cells it can penetrate. Most likely, it was thanks to this new furin site that the new mutant managed to jump species from its original host to humans.

More on the latest Flinders University research on Wuhan virus origins

Professor Petrovsky told LifeSite in an email interview that his study indicates that “there are some highly unusual features, including optimal human adaptation, that in the absence of identification of a close to identical virus in an animal population from which COVID19 could have arisen, would point in the direction of human intervention at some point in the evolution of COVID19.”

He noted that, so far, researchers in China and elsewhere have not produced evidence of the presence in animals of a virus closely similar to the one that causes COVID-19 in humans, which would give credence to their theory of natural development in an intermediary between bats, which presumably originated the virus, and humans.

China the asshole

China is to blame

Restricting other medical care and instilling fear in the public is creating a massive health disaster, in addition to severe economic harms that could generate a world poverty crisis. In the U.S. alone, 150,000 new cancer cases arise every month among patients, and most have not been seen; of the 650,000 U.S. cancer patients receiving chemotherapy, an estimated half are missing their treatments. Half of urgent-care patients are not seeking medical attention; two-thirds of physical therapy is not being administered. Transplants from living donors are down almost 85 percent. Emergency stroke evaluations are down 40 percent. And that doesn’t include the two-thirds to three-fourths of people who are skipping cancer screenings, and the more than half of children who are failing to receive vaccinations, all pointing to a massive future health disaster.

A world poverty crisis thanks to China is likely to lead to regional starvation in trouble spots of the third world.

Death of common sense

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