China is the Virus; CCP is the Plague

“The Chinese, behind the shield of the World Health Organization for two months, hid the virus from the world, and then sent hundreds of thousands of Chinese on aircraft to Milan, New York and around the world to seed [the plague].” __ Source

Under cover of its own global pandemic, the CCP is turning Hong Kong into a concentration camp. Everything the CCP touches is infected with tyranny.

The Washington Post reports that communist China’s Xi Jinping will soon tighten the noose on Hong Kong, effectively ending nearly a quarter-century of the “One country, two systems” compromise which the United Kingdom and the People’s Republic of China negotiated in order to enable Hong Kong’s 1997 return to Chinese sovereignty.

… Xi may want to end the two-system arrangement which has allowed Hong Kong to thrive, but it will be harder to control Hong Kong’s spirit. Rather, by breaking down the border between Hong Kong and China, he may actually expedite the spread of Hong Kong’s dissent. __ Source

Great Britain left deep impressions of its “common law” traditions while it ruled Hong Kong. And the people of Hong Kong have not been quick to forget those traditions.

No World is Safe With the CCP In It

China remains inferior to the U.S. in all measures, but it has risen to the point where the U.S. can no longer accept China’s military ambitions nor finance the Chinese economy. China wants badly to resume the economic relationship it had with the United States, while having the U.S. accept its need to dominate first the South and East China seas and then the Pacific, while also projecting economic power and later military power globally. The United States is dominant in North America. It fought for control of the Pacific and the Atlantic in World War II. From China’s point of view, the geography of the Western Pacific and the ability of the U.S. to blockade China is an existential threat.

China has little appetite for risk. Starting a war carries with it the chance of losing. Nor can China trust the U.S. So it is laying the groundwork for an opportunity or an aggressive decision by the United States.

… China therefore has three core strategic problems. Challenging the U.S. for command of the sea is a dangerous game. While countries such as Russia might fear the U.S. as much as China does, geography prevents cooperation, so China lacks a meaningful alliance structure. Finally, China’s main adversary, the U.S., is also indispensable for the Chinese economy. __ GPF

If European and Anglospheric nations can pull significant portions of offshored manufacturing and supply chains back out of China, the CCP’s economic ability to do mischief around the world will be curtailed. China is vulnerable to a wide range of maneuvers by wealthy nations — if the wealthy nations understand deeply enough why it is in their best interests to decouple from the malignant plague source.

Tracing the origins of the Wuhan CoV-19

Few in China outside of upper-echelon communist authorities are happy. Most Chinese remain oppressed. Nor is China’s economic future rosy. Decades of the one-child policy have set it on the course for a demographic precipice which will only increase dissent. The real threat from China remains not its rise, but rather its collapse. __ Source

The repercussions of a China collapse would certainly be traumatic. But not nearly so traumatic as the repercussions from the achievement of Xi’s goals for China. Under the CCP the entire world would be a diseased concentration camp.

The virus appears designed to infect humans

Can the War With China be Limited?

Unlimited war between the civilised world and China would devastate the global landscape. But war appears inevitable — in fact it has already begun. The challenge now is to limit the damage without kowtowing or surrendering to the plague-infested dragon.

It is possible that US President Trump might intuit a path to an acceptable result. It is certain that a US President Biden could not.

More on Joe Biden and his shady past

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  1. bob sykes says:

    “China remains inferior to the U.S. in all measures,…”

    China is a weird combination of socialist dictatorship and almost laissez-faire capitalism. Apparently the CCP and Xi have decided the semi-autonomous regime in Hong Kong is over, and HK will become just another Chinese city. Taiwan is close behind. We will not, and should not, fight for either. Nixon crossed that bridge in 1972.

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