A New Age Where Imbeciles Live Forever

Hello Idiocracy: Human Intelligence Peaked Long Ago

It doesn’t matter whether human IQ peaked in the age of ancient Greece, or whether the Victorian age was the peak for humans. For a number of reasons, it appears that human cognition has seen better days.

In this study we used the data on the secular slowing of simple reaction time described in a meta-analysis of 14 age-matched studies from Western countries conducted between 1889 and 2004 to estimate the decline in g that may have resulted from the presence of dysgenic fertility. Using psychometric meta-analysis we computed the true correlation between simple reaction time and g, yielding a decline of − 1.16 IQ points per decade or − 13.35 IQ points since Victorian times. These findings strongly indicate that with respect to g the Victorians were substantially cleverer than modern Western populations. __ https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0160289613000470

Studies of brain reaction time (RT) have been ongoing since the Victorian age. Brain RT is well correlated with IQ as measured by psychometric testing.

Cognitive Deterioration from Genetic Mutation

Stanford geneticist Gerald Crabtree presents a theory as to why humans have been growing stupider over the past few thousand years: mutations in the genes that support human cognition.

Recently, direct sequencing of parents and their children have found about 35 to 50 new mutations per genome per generation8, or about 5,000 new mutations in the past 3000 years (120 generations). Of these germ-line mutations only a small fraction (less than 1%) will be harmful and some vanishingly small fraction will increase fitness. Thus direct sequencing as well as phenotypic analysis indicates that the germline suffers at least one deleterious mutation per average protein-coding gene per 100,000 generations8-11. If indeed 2,000 to 5,000 genes are necessary for our intellectual and emotional stability then about one child in 20 to 50should suffer a new mutation effecting intellectual function. Another way to state the same information is that every twenty to fifty generations we should sustain a deleterious mutation. Within 3000 years or about 120 generations we have all very likely sustained two or more mutations harmful to our intellectual or emotional stability. __ Our Fragile Intellect by Gerald Crabtree

Originally published in Trends in Genetics 2012 Part I and Part II

Dysgenic decline in global average IQ due to fertility

Technological And Scientific Progress Also Seem to have Slowed

We have all been programmed to believe that the pace of human progress has been inexorably accelerating, perhaps to soon climax in a techno-singularity — when almost anything will be possible in short order. But if you look at the evidence, it is quite possible that human progress is slowing, not accelerating.

You can read all about it in Charles Murray’s Human Accomplishment: The Pursuit of Excellence in the Arts and Sciences, 800 B.C. to 1950, though I warn you, if you’re in a creative or technical profession Murray’s widely ignored book is even more depressing than this essay. Murray didn’t restrict his attentions to technological progress: across the entire panoply of human endeavor (art, science, literature, philosophy, Mathematics) the indications are grim. You may disagree with the statistical technique he used (I don’t), but you can’t escape the conclusion that things are slowing down.

__ Myth of Technological Progress

Looking at the new world as defined by antifa, BLM, and the neo-postmodern left in government, academia, and media, it seems obvious that people are behaving more stupidly with more confidence than one would have expected in an advanced society.

It has taken the riots to expose the full hypocrisy of the pols who so eagerly robbed Americans of their freedom. These opportunistic pols were willing to suspend all their strictures once a politically correct cause arose sacred to them, thereby showing that all their “risk models” had no objectivity to them whatsoever. These are the same pols who suppressed religious freedom, dismissed the maintenance of the Bill of Rights as above their “pay grade,” and condemned utterly peaceful lockdown protests as perilous to the common good. __ Government in an Idiocracy

Can Human Intelligence Even Be Measured?

Depending upon how it is defined, human intelligence can now be measured using MRI scanners, as well as by psychometrics and brain RT. Psychometric measures of “g” correlate well with non-verbal and non-social measures of IQ using such tools MRI and reaction time measures. The correlation of all of these measures of intelligence with levels of life success and life expectancy validates the overall concept of measuring cognitive capacity.

Will the Imbeciles of the Idiocracy Live Forever?

Conscientious gerontologists are working hard to eliminate age-related deterioration and death. For this and many other areas of futuristic science, some progress is possible. Look at Joe Rogan’s interview with famous gerontologist Aubrey de Grey:

De Grey has formulated a rational engineering approach to the problem of age-related decline. He has been at it for decades now, and between the labs that he supports and all the other labs devoted to gerontological research, a lot of data is being accumulated — some of it likely to be useful. Using highly sophisticated computer hardware and software, this line of research is likely to meet with some success.

So will human science and technology succeed in the fight against aging, only to find that the beneficiaries of thousands of years of (slowing) human progress only want to tear down monuments, burn books and buildings, and declare an anarchy based upon irrational ideological “principles” that are apt to change in application from moment to moment? That may be a possibility.

Critical Infrastructures are Key

The quality life in a society has a lot to do with the quality of its critical infrastructures:

  • Shelter; Heating (e.g. natural gas, fuel oil, district heating);
  • Agriculture, food production and distribution;
  • Water supply (drinking water, waste water/sewage, stemming of surface water (e.g. dikes and sluices));
  • Public health (hospitals, ambulances);
  • Transportation systems (fuel supply, railway network, airports, harbours, inland shipping);
  • Security services (police, military).
  • Electricity generation, transmission and distribution; (e.g. natural gas, fuel oil, coal, nuclear power)
  • Telecommunication; coordination for successful operations
  • Economic sector; Goods and services and financial services (banking, clearing);
  • __ Wikipedia

In the third world and the emerging world, critical infrastructures tend to be poorly developed in part or in whole. Likewise, as an advanced society begins to decline, its critical infrastructure will also decay. PG&E wildfires in California are only one example.

I suspect that life extension technologies will one day be considered part of the “critical infrastructure” constellation. And as the Idiocracy penetrates more deeply into a society, the life extension technologies will decay along with the other critical infrastructures for all but the wealthy who are able to isolate themselves successfully from the results of the radical left “revolution.”

This is not a prediction, it is a warning.

The kind of politicians that were elected in California, New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, and the other disaster areas of today, are only capable of creating more decay and disaster. If voters decide to give this kind of politician ever more power, the prospects for an expansive and abundant future are bleak.

Average human IQ is declining globally. In the future there will be fewer geniuses and a lot more morons. Can you make lemonade out of that? Only if the problem is confronted clearly and honestly.


Diluting blood plasma reverses aging in mice

They found that the plasma exchange process acts almost like a molecular reset button, lowering the concentrations of a number of pro-inflammatory proteins that become elevated with age, while allowing more beneficial proteins, like those that promote vascularization, to rebound in large numbers.

More on the idiotic toll of lockdowns

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3 Responses to A New Age Where Imbeciles Live Forever

  1. Abelard Lindsey says:

    I read Scott Locklin’s piece back in ’09 and have just re-read it. He is largely correct with regards to the large scale institutions loosing the ability to innovate. However, there are two areas where he is wrong. The first, as you note, is in bio-engineering. I ready do think we will have effective cure for aging within 15-20 years for two reasons. One, bio-engineering is fundamentally cheap. it does not cost billions or even hundreds of millions of dollars to set up labs and do the R&D. The cost is low enough that biohackers can do the job. The second is that, finally, there is a lot of money flowing into anti-aging start-ups like AgeX and turn.bio.

    The other area where Locklin is wrong is that private organizations, not consumed with bureaucratic dysfunction and infested with SJW’s, are now taking the lead in technological innovation. SpaceX is poster child A for this. Another is Thorcon, developing cost effective nuclear power.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Thanks for the comment.

      SpaceX and Blue Origin do seem to contradict his theme, for their own small niche of progress. It is up to others to build on what the space pioneers are doing to grow the niche into a grand frontier across the abundant and expansive future.

      Biotech and bioengineering have been gaining momentum since around 1975, and very few politicians or political activists want to ruin their chances to live forever. So they are leaving it alone for the time being, fortunately.

      Today’s politicians, journalists, and professors, are by and large getting more and more stupid. Even if better nuclear power is perfected, will the overlords allow it to be used — when there are so many woke and politically correct developers of renewable intermittent energy who demand federal payouts into the $billions? Climate related payouts will reach the $trillions, once the wokesters control the purse.

      A lot of wokesters think that the money going into space projects ought to be diverted to social justice movements. Better move quickly on that front, Elon and Jeff.

  2. If there’s an intelligence decline due to the accumulation of mutational load, then life extension technologies based on massively improving DNA repair *should* put a stop to it. Given even mildly eugenic selection after that, human intelligence would begin to rebound, albeit slowly.

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