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The cases are mostly young people who are in very little danger from the virus. What should be considered good news – that the case fatality rate is falling each day – is being misinterpreted by the press. __ Cases Don’t Count, Deaths Do

Another type of immunity to Wuhan CoV-19

To Mask or Not to Mask

Ultimately a mask is a filter and any engineer can tell you that filters have a hellish head loss or pressure drop through them. It takes a lot of energy to pull air through a filter. In human being that energy comes from the lungs. Wearing a mask puts strain on the lungs as the person wearing the mask has to breathe harder to pull the air in. For most people, that isn’t a problem. but for some with respiratory issues that can be an issue.

N95 masks may even make a person more susceptible to being infected with the Wuhan CoV-19.

More on the mask controversy

Don’t Get Holier than Thou About Masks

Mask-wearing has become virtue signalling par excellence.

… the evidence is hardly strong enough to elevate mask-wearing into the epitome of moral behavior. Doing so reflects a greater preoccupation with the psychological effect of masks—perhaps as a restoration of control in the face of an unseen and often perplexing enemy with no cure and no prophylaxis—than with their scientific reality. Americans should demand evidence-based decision-making and policies driven by soundly attested facts, not assumptions or psychological palliatives.

Latest surge in Wuhan CoV-19 cases seem to be occurring in the young. This is no doubt a combination of the “social justice protest” effect plus “lockdown fatigue.”

A Viral Pandemic for the Nursing Homes

With increasing certainty we can say that locked down states have seen four times the death toll of those which did not. The effectiveness of masking is, as well, being revealed as suspect, as is social distancing in the absence of testing and contact tracing (the efficacy of the latter of which is additionally questionable).

A more important revelation of the ongoing deluge of data has been either missed (or ignored) by the press. At AIER, we noted the stunning death rates in long-term care facilities back in the third week of May.

Just a few days ago, the New York Times reported that 54,000 deaths due to COVID-19 — 43% of all deaths in the United States — occurred in nursing home residents and workers…

Herd Immunity: More Than You Know

Usually, researchers only think about herd immunity in the context of vaccine campaigns, many of which assume that everyone is equally likely to contract and spread a disease. But in a naturally spreading infection, that’s not necessarily the case. Differences in social behaviors lead some people to have more exposure to a disease than others. Biological differences also play a role in how likely people are to get infected.

Between 20% and 50% of persons need to get infected and “recover” from coronavirus infection to establish effective herd immunity. Often this happens without the person’s awareness. The jury is still out on where the “fizzle out” point is with this virus.

Lockdown Follies

… governments must be extremely careful when implementing [lockdown policies]. Already, we’re seeing signs of “caution fatigue,” in which people conclude that they’d rather get the virus than continue living under what feels like house arrest.

Hopefully, policymakers have learned that a targeted approach that maximizes personal liberty as much as possible is the only way to tame the virus in the United States. _ Alex Berenson

Health authorities acted like it was the next bubonic plague. No one will ever trust them again.

Anyway, the virus is now endemic, for all practical purposes. It can move through communities with great stealth, leaving swathes of “recovered” individuals unaware how they were infected or that they had even been sick. If kids go to school again, get each other infected, and help establish herd immunity… only the old and chronically unwell have an urgent need for the vaccine.

… most people infected with coronavirus don’t actually know who exposed them.

Remember, cases don’t count. Deaths and serious morbidity are the only things that count. And most cases of Wuhan CoV-19 are nothing to write home about — particularly in the young and well.

Blogger Borepatch observes that COVID deaths are way down

New Chinese swine flu highly adapted to infect humans

Why leftist governors and health officials supported violent protests

Lockdowns are for ignoramuses

Even coronavirus death counts are inflated:

  • The CDC does not require COVID-19 positivity to declare a case as coronavirus
  • The CDC has conflated “death with” the virus and “death from” to the extent that the number of fatalities attributed to COVID-19 may be highly inflated.
  • The Medicare program that covers Americans over age 65 pays a 20% premium if a case is declared COVID-19, which creates a strong temptation for hospitals to overcount.
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    1. Borepatch says:

      Thanks for the link!

    2. Gavin Longmuir says:

      “Remember, cases don’t count. Deaths and serious morbidity are the only things that count.”

      Actually, the situation is slightly different from that. “Cases” are good! The more “cases”, the better!

      Since the long-term objective is to establish population immunity (what the Usual Suspects call “herd immunity”, since they think of the rest of us as dumb cattle), we need lots of people to get infected and build antibodies.

      Fortunately, for all except the very old and very sick, most of us are probably not going even to notice that we became a “case” and did our part for population immunity, because this is not a virulent virus.

      We need an advertising campaign: “Do Your Part — Take Off The Mask!”

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