4 July 2020; The Pivot Point

President Trump remains coolly presidential in handling two nation-paralyzing events simultaneously.__ Source

Donald Trump vs. Marxists, at Mr. Rushmore

Angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our Founders, deface our most sacred memorials, and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities. Many of these people have no idea why they are doing this, but some know exactly what they are doing. They think the American people are weak and soft and submissive. But no, the American people are strong and proud, and they will not allow our country, and all of its values, history, and culture, to be taken from them.

… In our schools, our newsrooms, even our corporate boardrooms, there is a new far-left fascism that demands absolute allegiance. If you do not speak its language, perform its rituals, recite its mantras, and follow its commandments, then you will be censored, banished, blacklisted, persecuted, and punished. It’s not going to happen to us.

Make no mistake: this left-wing cultural revolution is designed to overthrow the American Revolution. In so doing, they would destroy the very civilization that rescued billions from poverty, disease, violence, and hunger, and that lifted humanity to new heights of achievement, discovery, and progress. __ Source

Update: Trump’s Mt. Rushmore speech praised by people who are not normally fans: here and here

Astronauts celebrate 4th inside space station

Meanwhile, Democratic Party backed leftists have destructive momentum:

During the two weeks of national anarchy that followed the death of George Floyd, cops were shot, slashed, and assaulted; their vehicles and station houses were firebombed and destroyed. American elites stayed silent. Since then, police have continued to be shot at and attacked; the elites remain silent. Monuments to America’s greatest leaders are being defaced with impunity; anarchists took over a significant swathe of a major American city, including a police precinct, without resistance from the authorities. And a push to defund the police gains traction by the day. __ NYP

These domestic terrorists are being funded by both foreign and domestic bankrolls. The idea is to frighten American voters so badly that they cannot possibly consider re-electing the man who pledged to drain the swamp, reduce illegal immigration, and return jobs and industries to the American economy. But while some Americans probably scare easily, a lot more of them will react in an altogether different manner to this type of intimidation.

The News Media Has Lost Its Mind

It is as if the lockdowns and nationwide demonstrations caused media executives to snap, leaving them in a wide-eyed, obsessive frenzy to cleanse society of all problematics, screaming all the while, “Out, damned spot!”

CNN, for example, engaged in explicit political activism this week when it sought to shame companies that have yet to pull ads from Facebook over CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s persistent refusal to censor problematic speech.

… This is not news reporting. This is activism. It is a poorly disguised effort by a major newsroom to pressure companies into boycotting a social media platform that is too committed to political neutrality and too opposed to political censorship for the media’s taste. In any other time and place, the press would have mocked and condemned the CNN article. But these are unusual times.

… The New York Times report this week claims that the history of Mount Rushmore is of particular relevance now because President Trump plans to attend July Fourth festivities at the South Dakota monument. Curious, then, that the New York Times did not think that history worth reevaluating when former President Barack Obama visited the exact same site during the 2008 campaign or when the New York Times’s own Maureen Dowd wondered in 2016 whether Obama would qualify as a “Mount Rushmore president.”

Meanwhile, back in Washington DC, the 4th of July celebration promises fireworks of a different sort:

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to converge on Saturday in the heart of Washington, where U.S. President Donald Trump will host an Independence Day fireworks display and military flyover, while protesters will march for racial equality.

Disregarding the Washington mayor’s warnings of the risk of gathering as many U.S. states mark a record number of new COVID-19 cases, crowds began to assemble early on a hot Saturday morning.

Police officers blocked off streets around the White House, Black Lives Matter Plaza and the Lincoln Memorial, where demonstrators planned to join one of the dozen organized protests in advance of Trump’s nighttime address on the South Lawn. __ Source

Americans are slowly learning how badly they had been misled by government officials over coronavirus mortality, the treatment efficacy of drugs such as hydroxychloroquine, and the devastating lockdowns that lasted far too long and took too heavy a toll in economic hardship and human lives. And now that these radical hypocrites of government and “public health” have supported domestic terror attacks across the country by antifa/BLM — to the point of posting bail for violent protestors — all trust is gone, and only disgust and contempt remain.

The point of no return

Where the virus goes

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