South Asians at Higher Risk of COVID Death?

Genetic predisposition to serious infection and death from the Wuhan CoV-19 is crucially important information — but information that is being largely held back by government officials and the news media. Why are blacks and south Asians more likely to die, when infected with CoV-19, than whites and east Asians?

… the majority of doctors/nurses who died of COVID in the UK were South Asian. This is quite striking. — Goldacre et al’s excellent paper also found this on a broader scale ( From a probability point of view, this alone should make one suspect a genetic component.

__ Source

Prevalence of Different CoV-19 Strains
Yellow Strain is More Infective
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Not only does the genetic susceptibility to serious illness and death tend to vary depending on ethnicity and other genetic differences, different strains of virus are more prevalent in different geographical areas.

Many people who contract COVID-19 have only a mild illness, or sometimes no symptoms at all. But others develop respiratory failure that requires oxygen support or even a ventilator to help them recover [1]. It’s clear that this happens more often in men than in women, as well as in people who are older or who have chronic health conditions. But why does respiratory failure also sometimes occur in people who are young and seemingly healthy?

A new study suggests that part of the answer to this question may be found in the genes that each one of us carries [2].

… The two stretches of DNA implicated as harboring risks for severe COVID-19 are known to carry some intriguing genes, including one that determines blood type and others that play various roles in the immune system. In fact, the findings suggest that people with blood type A face a 50 percent greater risk of needing oxygen support or a ventilator should they become infected with the novel coronavirus. In contrast, people with blood type O appear to have about a 50 percent reduced risk of severe COVID-19. __

This web of resilience and susceptibility is being slowly mapped out. But do not expect your local government officials or news media to keep you informed. Detailed factual information tends to conflict with the official politically correct narrative.

If you have had your genome tested, you may be able to learn more about your own susceptibility to serious illness in this Wuhan pandemic.

At 23andme, T/T is the good genotype. The so-called “at risk” genotypes are T/C and C/C by order of severity.

… Most Caucasians have the genotype T/T. The C allele is thought to have been inherited from Neanderthals. Maybe there are pockets of people in Spain and Italy who carry C/T and C/C in higher than usual frequency. Scientists have not really explained the linkage. __ Source Comment 9 July 2020 11:44 am

Correlating Factors With Death from COVID

Who is at risk, besides nursing home residents?

In summary after full adjustment, death from COVID-19 was strongly associated with: being male (hazard ratio 1.99, 95%CI 1.88-2.10); older age and deprivation (both with a strong gradient); uncontrolled diabetes (HR 2.36 95% CI 2.18-2.56); severe asthma (HR 1.25 CI 1.08-1.44); and various other prior medical conditions. Compared to people with ethnicity recorded as white, black people were at higher risk of death, with only partial attenuation in hazard ratios from the fully adjusted model (age-sex adjusted HR 2.17 95% CI 1.84-2.57; fully adjusted HR 1.71 95% CI 1.44-2.02); with similar findings for Asian people (age-sex adjusted HR 1.95 95% CI 1.73-2.18; fully adjusted HR 1.62 95% CI 1.43-1.82). __ Source

Such studies as this only scrape the surface of the statistical links. This is partially because there is so much data that is either yet to be collected, or yet to be analyzed. But more to blame is the fact that there is no political advantage to large governmental, media, and academic institutions by pursuing these crucial details — so they are largely ignored.

China Blocks Wuhan Information, Moves Erratically in Shadow of Virus

Even now, Wuhan is a city under a top-down news blackout. CCP authorities cannot afford to let the international community piece together the events that led to the global pandemic from China. But how to explain China’s subsequent erratic behavior?

It is tempting to see China’s major policy miscalculations as a consequence of over-concentration of power in the hands of President Xi Jinping: strongman rule inhibits internal debate and makes poor decisions more likely. This argument is not necessarily wrong, but it omits a more important reason for the Chinese government’s self-destructive policies: the mindset of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

The CPC sees the world as, first and foremost, a jungle. Having been shaped by its own bloody and brutal struggle for power against impossible odds between 1921-49, the party is firmly convinced that the world is a Hobbesian place where long-term survival depends solely on raw power. When the balance of power is against it, the CPC must rely on cunning and caution to survive. The late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping aptly summarized this strategic realism with his foreign-policy dictum: “hide your strength and bide your time.”

So, when China pledged in the 1984 Joint Declaration with the United Kingdom to maintain Hong Kong’s autonomy for 50 years after the 1997 handover, it was acting out of weakness rather than a belief in international law. As the balance of power has since shifted in its favor, China has consistently been willing to break its earlier commitments when doing so serves its interests. In addition to cracking down on Hong Kong, for example, China is attempting to solidify its claims in disputed areas of the South China Sea by building militarized artificial islands there.

The CPC’s worldview is also colored by a cynical belief in the power of greed. Even before China became the world’s second-largest economy, the party was convinced that Western governments were mere lackeys of capitalist interests. Although these countries might profess fealty to human rights and democracy, the CPC believed that they could not afford to lose access to the Chinese market – especially if their capitalist rivals stood to profit as a result.

Such cynicism now permeates China’s strategy of asserting full control over Hong Kong. Chinese leaders expect the West’s anger at their actions to fade quickly, calculating that Western firms are too heavily vested in the city to let the perils of China’s police state be a deal breaker. __ Minxin Pei

The dynamically changing cross-linked tangle of knowledge, power, political allegiances, and financial ties that constitute our world is not an easy puzzle to solve.

It is likely that the Wuhan virus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Once CCP officials understood the significance of the accident — and the price that China would have to pay economically — they made a decision to spread the pain so that China would not suffer alone. At the same time, they instituted a news blackout over the city of Wuhan, and enlisted the WHO to dispense false information about the nature of the virus and the viral timeline.

No one should be surprised at the cynical actions of the CCP officials. It is simply the way things are done under the mindset that controls communist China.

Westerners do not have to believe China’s lies — nor do they have to behave as if they believed the lies, while secretly harboring grave doubts. Call them on their lies, and force an accounting.

Who would dare to stand up to China? Parts of the Anglosphere might, including Australia and the US. In the US, only one of the candidates for president in the November elections is likely to shine a light on China’s misdeeds — although the media is against him. The other candidate — the senile one who spends most of his time inside his own basement — has already profited too much from corrupt ties to China to be able to be believed when he makes promises about how tough he would be.

But Hunter had equally close, equally profitable ties to Chinese state-owned banks. Those connections were formed when Joe Biden was leading the Obama administration’s policies toward both China and Ukraine.

And when will the Chinese themselves learn to stand up?

More: Viral Load Counts as does Genetics

(a) viral load (around 11 minutes into the video). Paraphrasing: Ten viral particles or so might be enough to get to the throat, but are likely to be cleared by the mucociliary system. By the time viruses from the throat infection can make it down to the lungs, the innate immune system, the rapid-response part of the body’s immune system, has mobilized. For such people, it would end with a mild case.

In contrast, you get a hundred viral particles or so, and some may make it past the mucociliary system down to the lungs before immunity has had a chance to mobilize — setting you up for pneumonia and a severe case.

(b) genetics (about 21 minutes into the video): 4,000 people in Northern Italy who got particularly bad seem to belong to two particular gene variants. There are precedents for this in, e.g., the bacterial disease tuberculosis and the viral disease Epstein-Barr. __ Source

Coronavirus immunity from antibodies may last just a few months… But T-Cell immunity may provide stronger protection, time will tell.

It is clear that gestapo-style lockdowns cannot be viably maintained until a safe and effective vaccine is perfected. Because if antibodies only last a few months (or weeks) a perfect vaccine is simply not coming. In other words, as we have been saying all along, trash the lockdowns and use common-sense social distancing instead. Above all, abandon the mindless hysteria.

Protect the most vulnerable. But allow those who are not at significant risk of serious disease to go about their business, school, and recreations.

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  1. Gavin Longmuir says:

    From Minxin Pei’s linked article: “As the balance of power has since shifted in its favor, China has consistently been willing to break its earlier commitments when doing so serves its interests.”

    Yes, but this is hardly unprecedented. There was a reason England at the height of its power was called “Perfidious Albion”. The biggest kid on the block has always been able to get away with a lot. The underlying issue is that the West has sat on the couch and got flabby, while China has been working hard. It is staggering that the formerly world-leading West now depends on China for medications, medical equipment, smart phones, computers, and so much more.

    We in the West can complain about China — or we can get off our backsides. We could get back to serious education, invest in research, rein in our out-of-control lawyers & bureaucrats, roll back excessive regulation, and pursue fair trade instead of unilateral free trade. But where in the West can anyone vote for politicians committed to those policies (Trump excepted?).

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