Why Do Black People Act This Way?

Two Black Teenagers Murder 63 Year Old Man On His Morning Walk

Yesterday morning in Charleston, South Carolina, a 63 year old man who was married to the provost of the College of Charleston, was shot to death by two black teenagers while he was on his 6AM morning walk with his wife. The black teens demanded money from the man, and then shot him down. Two teenagers were later arrested for the crime.

Police say the couple was walking near the intersection of King and Clifford Streets at approximately 6:15 a.m. when two men approached. One of the men was armed with a handgun and demanded money, police spokesman Charles Francis said.

__ Source

This type of story is all too common these days, but it is rare for the news media to provide much coverage. The common scenario of “black thug kills ‘random’ victim” is not considered newsworthy by wealthy media conglomerate owners, who have their own agenda.

According to the new National Crime Victimization Survey published by the Bureau of Justice Statics, out of the 593,598 interracial violent victimization crimes between blacks and whites reported in 2018, 90 percent were black against white, and 9.5 percent were white against black. That is simply astounding given that black people compose just 12 percent of the general population and white people comprise 62 percent. And the trend is getting worse. As Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute observes, “That ratio is becoming more skewed, despite the Democratic claim of Trump-inspired white violence. In 2012-13, blacks committed 85 percent of all interracial victimizations between blacks and whites; whites committed 15 percent.”


Impulsive violent rage is far too common among some populations, for some reason.

Jayvon Hatchett attempted to murder a “random” white man in the name of taking revenge for police shootings.

The victim’s only crime was being white. Jayvon Hatchett could have targeted any white person at any store, and it seems it just so happened that he picked AutoZone and this poor employee.

This kind of wanton stabbing is the exact recipe for a race war. If black people, in the name of Black Lives Matter, stab white people merely for the color of their skin, their movement has ceased to be about justice or equality. The Marxist leaders of the movement have already indicated that they are after a revolution, but this may be even more terrifying. __ Source

A surprising number of black Americans are on a crime spree across the continent. The more impressionable have been told by media and rap music for several decades that they are entitled, and have it coming to them. Crime statistics tell us that they have taken the message to heart, and mean to grab their “reparations” wherever they can get them. And woe unto those who call 911 on black criminals: the person who calls 911 may himself be charged with a “hate crime.” At least in certain Democrat Party controlled states and jurisdictions.

Black economist Glenn Loury is a rare voice of human reason discussing this topic.

There’s a vast middle class of African-Americans that didn’t exist a half-century ago. Compared with where else on the planet are your prospects better, even as a person of African descent, born from nothing? Where has the practical implementation of government resulted in a more dynamic, more open society than the one that you and I are privileged to live in right now? Does that sound like some kind of “America’s all great” ideology? Perhaps it does. But I’m willing to take that chance because I think it’s an empirical assessment. The question must always be: “Compared to what?” __ Glenn Loury

Why Are They This Way?

African-derived blacks make up about 13% of the US population. Crime statistics suggest that blacks commit a disproportionate amount of crime.

Percentage of Arrests and Prisoners Who Were Black 2018

First of all, not all black people are criminals or thugs — not even most. But a disturbingly sizeable proportion of persons of African descent appear to fit the profile of persons susceptible to a life of crime:

The most thoroughly researched recent book on crime and criminals is James Q. Wilson and Richard Herrnstein’s Crime and Human Nature. They found that criminals in general are most often men who score low on intelligence tests, score high in impulsivity or extroversion on Personality tests, and/or have slow and weak autonomic nervous system responses. Other studies confirm this. “Research consistently places the IQ of convicted lawbreakers at 92,” notes science writer Bruce Bower, “some 8 points below thepopulation average and ten points below the population average for law-abiding folks.” Long-term research in New Zealand confirms theconnection between crime and impulsivity. __ The Dark Side of Man

Low IQ, high impulsivity or extroversion, and slow, weak autonomic nervous system responses.

Findings of studies on resting skin conductance and heart rate indicate that antisocial individuals are characterized by underarousal; these findings suggest that aggressive children may be stimulation seekers who are relatively fearless. Autonomic underarousal also typifies infants and young children with a disinhibited temperament that is thought to be a predisposition to juvenile delinquency and adult aggressive behavior. Deficits in the orienting response, a measure of attention allocation, also predisposes to later antisocial and criminal behavior. Initial studies have shown that particularly high levels of orienting, arousal, and conditionability may protect against crime development in those predisposed to such an outcome. __ Source

There is no mention of race in these two quotations. But the three attributes mentioned: low IQ, high impulsivity, and autonomic underarousal (disinhibition), tend to be correlated in a way to suggest an ethnic stratification. An afternoon field trip and inspection of your friendly local penitentiary might confirm your suspicion as to the racial distribution of inmates, if you were so inclined.

Given the continuing inter-generational correlation between IQ, personality, race, and crime, scientists must consider that there may be a genetic component within the overall tangle of race and crime.

How Is Society Reacting?

Given the onslaught of North American crime involving ethnic gangs and independent actors of whatever color — both domestic and foreign — one might imagine that ordinary productive citizens would prepare themselves accordingly, if only for the sake of simple survival. After all, it was ordinary people who tamed the lawlessness of the wild North American west, not law enforcement per se.

So are the ordinary people being prepared to meet this tsunami of entitled mayhem? No, instead they are sinking into the mire of “safetyism.” Unfortunately, “safetyism” as it is currently being taught and practiced is not about actually keeping yourself safe. It is about nurturing an emotional feeling of not having your political correctness threatened by the broad world of human ideas that circulate in a normal free and inquisitive intellectual environment.

Unanimity is neither possible nor necessary to fight racism. On the contrary, attempts to secure unanimity can undermine the fight: They needlessly divide anti-racists and weaken everyone’s ability to grasp reality. When demands for consensus are intense, people may clam up or falsify their own beliefs. When truth-seeking can get you fired, some people stop seeking the truth. Granted, unfettered liberal deliberation is not sufficient to solve problems as difficult as reining in police abuses or ending systemic racism. But it is necessary no matter how just or urgent the cause. America can achieve more good and harm fewer people with more frank debate, less aversion to dissent, and fewer appeals to moral clarity at the expense of analytic rigor.

When a mob is being paid to be full of outrage, it will want to use any opportunity to feed the emotional and literal flames, to make sure that a rational discussion can never take place on these matters.

The public is also being hoodwinked and drowned in the most sordid of scam science.

Americans have been inundated with alarmist “scientific” claims that have not held up to close scrutiny. The problem is, they always hear about false claims but almost never hear about the retractions and whispered mea culpas (Latin for “my bad”). The net effect is undue pessimism about the state of the world.

Ordinary people can examine the news and information media, and decide that the media cannot be trusted to be honest about stories involving black people, among many other things — and they would be correct. In reality, the media consciously stirs the mob to riot whenever a black criminal dies in police custody or is killed in a police stop. But in the far more likely situation where black thugs “randomly” select a victim to murder or commit other acts of violence, the national media tends to keep silent — because the real story does not follow the preferred narrative of the ultra-wealthy owners of media conglomerates, and their elite friends in the Democracy Alliance.

But North Americans are Taking Some Steps

Gun sales in North America are surging in direct response to riots and governmental overreach in dealing with the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. And Americans are also looking for more reliable information about the world around them, as more of them awaken to the reality that they cannot trust most news and information media, most government agencies, and most spokespersons for academia, and most public spokespersons for large organizations and corporations.

The US Democratic Party took a calculated risk by spurring on the riots and looting within Democrat-controlled states and cities. The risk was considered necessary by the wealthy radical left boosters among the ultra-rich donors of Democracy Alliance and the DNC. These are the same people who continue to push a narrative of “pandemic apocalypse” in connection with the Chinese coronavirus — and who urge total economic lockdowns as long as it takes to develop a totally safe and effective SARS-2 vaccine.

The plan is to prevent any meaningful economic recovery until after the November elections. But if diabolical plans had inevitable outcomes, there would be no need to proceed to the actual event in reality.

So Why are So Many Blacks That Way?

If the modern crime wave were merely a surge out of nowhere, likely to subside back into nowhere from which it came… then the question would lack any lasting importance for most people. But this particular crime wave is only one wave on top of another pre-existing crime wave which has been ongoing for at least 5 decades, with its own ebbs and flows.

Things are much better for blacks than they used to be, so why are black spokespersons talking as if things could not possibly be worse — and promise to burn down the infrastructure of society if they do not get everything they demand in the way of a free ride? And why are there still so many black persons who are susceptible to these messages of angry entitlement, willing to be stirred into a frenzy of hate and violence?

Perhaps it does come down to low IQ, high impulsivity, and poor autonomic control. All at least partially heritable. And poor executive function, of course — also highly heritable. How heritable are executive functions? Among the most highly heritable psychological traits that can be tested.

Results indicated that executive functions are correlated because they are influenced by a highly heritable (99%) common factor that goes beyond general intelligence or perceptual speed, and they are separable because of additional genetic influences unique to particular executive functions. This combination of general and specific genetic influences places executive functions among the most heritable psychological traits. __ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2762790/

More on what executive functions are:

Executive functions (collectively referred to as executive function and cognitive control) are a set of cognitive processes that are necessary for the cognitive control of behavior: selecting and successfully monitoring behaviors that facilitate the attainment of chosen goals. Executive functions include basic cognitive processes such as attentional control, cognitive inhibition, inhibitory control, working memory, and cognitive flexibility. Higher order executive functions require the simultaneous use of multiple basic executive functions and include planning and fluid intelligence (e.g., reasoning and problem solving).[1][2][3] __ Executive Functions

Considering these attributes together: IQ, executive functions, impulse control, and autonomic balance — and noting that they are all highly heritable — one must consider whether we have the entire story, or whether there are other shoes yet to drop. Considering the controversy over the MAO gene promoter region, I suspect there are a lot more shoes that will be dropping — if science is allowed to operate without political interference.

But those few heritable attributes cannot be the entire story, because we have not considered the issues of nurture and culture. If a household does not have proper food, books, or conversation, the child will be handicapped even with the benefit of the best genetic inheritance. And if the upbringing is an abusive one, set within a subculture of crime and dissolution, all the worst triggers of genetic dysfunction are likely to be pulled.

Homicide rates are high in sub Saharan Africa and in regions of high African-derived populations such as the Caribbean and parts of South and Central America. Homicide rates are also high in North American cities with high proportions of African-derived peoples. These are correlations, without detailed studies proving causation. But in today’s politically charged climate, science is rarely allowed to peer into certain corners of the intellectual landscape. The same restrictions also apply to most of the news and entertainment media. Out of sight, out of mind.

Warning to Western Europeans: The racial crime and turmoil you see in the US is but a preview of coming attractions for you. And because of your rapidly declining indigenous numbers, you will probably be in a worse position to deal with your growing problem in a manner that can preserve your civilization. Be very careful how you vote on issues of immigration.

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood © .


When St. Louis went black

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death in police custody in Minneapolis, St. Louis, like other American cities, faced a crisis of public order. Businesses were burned to the ground, and looters roamed freely. Four St. Louis police officers were shot in one night. Civic unrest was so widespread that first responders took nearly 30 minutes to reach a 7-Eleven set aflame by rioters. The city’s elected leaders have seemingly abandoned the police.

St. Louis’s current condition reflects a decades-long tumble from growth and prosperity to decline and disorder. Back in its heyday more than a century ago, St. Louis simultaneously hosted the World’s Fair and the summer Olympics. In the later twentieth century, it remained a thriving center for business and culture. While the city retains elite universities and a handful of Fortune 500 companies, its population is less than half its mid-twentieth-century peak, and its crime rate consistently places it within the top-ten most homicidal metropolises in the world.

The story of St. Louis is also the story of Detroit, of Baltimore, of Gary, Indiana . . . etc. Check the rankings of US cities by homicide rates and more often than not you will be seeing the results of metropolitan decay via an over-preponderance of low IQ, poor impulse control, slow autonomic response, poor executive function, and other highly heritable markers of dwindling human capital.

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