Coronavirus Hysteria is for Losers

China seeded Europe with coronavirus, and Europe seeded New York. Media hysteria ensued.

US deaths are far below spring peaks, but the media won’t tell you this.

Since the novel coronavirus emerged late last year in China, Covid-19 has killed about 600,000 people worldwide. During that same time period about 30 million people in the world have died of something else. Thank goodness the virus has not been as fatal as many feared, yet many media observers keep insisting that it is

. __ WSJ via

Because the skankstream media is largely based in NYC, it projects the dysfunction of that badly run city on the rest of the country. And being the skankstream media, it cannot help stoking panic. Economically destructive lockdowns are the result.

The current per capita (pc) death rate for COVID-19 (about 7 per 100,000 for the world and about 36 per 100,000 in the US) is far below that for both the Asian and Hong Kong flus of the 1950s and 60s both for the world and the US (both about 30 per capita for the world and 44 per capita for the US). At that time, the world population was about half of today but over 1 million people died. The US population was about 2/3rds of today but over 100,000 people died. Those pandemics did not induce lockdowns, physical distancing, masks, etc. and society and culture continued. __ Source

We are learning that a lot more people have been infected than are being reported, which means that for most people the virus is far less virulent than the panic-mongers are asserting. Certainly if you shine a huge spotlight on any communicable microbe — and headline every death (and more) — you can induce panic in large numbers of people. Throw in an irresistible political motive to overstate the problem, and the skankstream is off and running with panic steaming out the nostrils.

What we have seen so far is even though the cases have tripled, the deaths are not skyrocketing in Florida, Texas, or Arizona or anywhere else where the media is obsessed with the so-called Second Wave.

… Texas and Florida will have 1/10th of the death rate of New York. __ New York is Outlier, Run by Incompetents

They want you to believe that Wuhan coronavirus is the second coming of the black death. That is the kind of thing they do for a living. But beyond mere panic, they want to cause as much economic destruction as they possibly can.

More studies are showing the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in saving lives from the Chinese coronavirus. This is not a politically popular finding in the skankstream, but there it is.

Recently, the CDC has reported that based on serology, as many as 10-20x more Americans have experienced the disease than the confirmed cases (that number could increase). Well, this is no surprise since we know that (1) most people who experience the disease experience mild disease and do not seek medical help and have not likely been tested, and (2) the likely start time of the pandemic was much earlier than believed which meant the disease was passing through the population long before the panic. If we use the conservative number of 10x, the current lethality rate goes from about 5% to 0.5%. If we use a 20x number, it is now about 0.25%. If that factor increases more, the rate will be further reduced. The known lethality rate for influenza is 0.15-0.20%. __ A

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