Wuhan Coronavirus: Hidden Cases, Hidden Immunity

Only a small percentage of Wuhan coronavirus cases are known to health care systems. Most who have been infected will never know they had the virus, and will never spread the virus to anyone else.

And they are likely to be immune to the Chinese virus, even if they do not display significant levels of antibodies in their blood. How does that work? And how is it possible that a 20% infection rate can lead to herd immunity???

First, scientists discovered patients who had recovered from infection with Covid-19, but mysteriously didn’t have any antibodies against it. Next it emerged that this might be the case for a significant number of people. Then came the finding that many of those who do develop antibodies seem to lose them again after just a few months.

while the world has been preoccupied with antibodies, researchers have started to realise that there might be another form of immunity – one which, in some cases, has been lurking undetected in the body for years. An enigmatic type of white blood cell is gaining prominence. And though it hasn’t previously featured heavily in the public consciousness, it may well prove to be crucial in our fight against Covid-19. This could be the T cell’s big moment.

… Several studies have shown that people infected with Covid-19 tend to have T cells that can target the virus, regardless of whether they have experienced symptoms. So far, so normal. But scientists have also recently discovered that some people can test negative for antibodies against Covid-19 and positive for T cells that can identify the virus. This has led to suspicions that some level of immunity against the disease might be twice as common as was previously thought.

Most bizarrely of all, when researchers tested blood samples taken years before the pandemic started, they found T cells which were specifically tailored to detect proteins on the surface of Covid-19. This suggests that some people already had a pre-existing degree of resistance against the virus before it ever infected a human. And it appears to be surprisingly prevalent: 40-60% of unexposed individuals had these cells.

The fact that coronaviruses can lead to lasting T cells is what recently inspired scientists to check old blood samples taken from people between 2015 and 2018, to see if they would contain any that can recognise Covid-19. The fact that this was indeed the case has led to suggestions that their immune systems learnt to recognise it after … encountering cold viruses with the similar surface proteins in the past.

This raises the tantalising possibility that the reason some people experience more severe infections is that they haven’t got these hoards of T cells which can already recognise the virus. “I think it’s fair to say that the jury is still out,” says Hayday. __ BBC

If societies have large numbers of previously immune persons, then the number of people who need to become infected to achieve herd immunity will be much less than our bumbling “experts” are telling us. Some studies suggest that herd immunity may be reached when 20% of people have recovered from infection.

Children are not spreading Wuhan CoV. Time to re-open schools.

Hydroxychloroquine Saves Lives

Dr. Harvey Risch, an epidemiology professor at Yale School of Public Health, said on Tuesday that he thinks hydroxychloroquine could save 75,000 to 100,000 lives if the drug is widely used to treat coronavirus.

“There are many doctors that I’ve gotten hostile remarks about saying that all the evidence is bad for it and, in fact, that is not true at all,” Risch told “Ingraham Angle,” adding that he believes the drug can be used as a “prophylactic” for front-line workers, as other countries like India have done.

Risch lamented that a “propaganda war” is being waged against the use of the drug for political purposes, not based on “medical facts.” __ Source

We’re gonna need a lot more guillotines.

State and City Lockdowns are Killing People

Most people are going to die from everything under the sun except Chinese coronavirus. Lockdowns exacerbate the numbers of these more common, non-coronavirus deaths. While governments and media were shining a spotlight on coronavirus, the usual killers are being given free rein. Under a lockdown regime, people are afraid to get out even in an emergency. And routine medical care is often severely curtailed or canceled outright due to political and public health official malfeasance.

Over the last four months, Americans have lived through what is arguably the most consequential period of government malfeasance in U.S. history. Public officials’ overreaction to the novel coronavirus put American cities into a coma; those same officials’ passivity in the face of widespread rioting threatens to deliver the coup de grâce. Together, these back-to-back governmental failures will transform the American polity and cripple urban life for decades.

Before store windows started shattering in the name of racial justice, urban existence was already on life support, thanks to the coronavirus lockdowns. Small businesses—the restaurants and shops that are the lifeblood of cities—were shuttered, many for good, leaving desolate rows of “For Rent” signs on street after street in New York City and elsewhere. Americans huddled in their homes for months on end, believing that if they went outside, death awaited them. ___ Need More Guillotines

Sweden survived Wuhan CoV far better than New York City! And no lockdowns.

New York, aided by the screaming panic in the media and on social media, overreacted. That is, New York would have been better off if they hadn’t done anything than to do what they did.

While Democrat Party activists from antifa/BLM were holding huge “coronavirus parties” across the country, Democrat Party Politicians and public health officials were giving them “get out of jail free” cards, in case they misbehaved — and DP politicians blindly refused to consider the DNC sanctioned riots as possible social vectors of Chinese virus spread.

Meanwhile somewhere in Delaware, deep in a subterranean basement, a 3/4 senile candidate for US President — and wholly owned agent of mainland China — is hoping to ride his dubious poll numbers all the way into the White House after November’s election. Stay tuned.

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