Coronavirus Deaths Falling in Arizona, Florida

But if the crisis is passing in states such as Florida, Texas, Arizona and elsewhere, shouldn’t the public know about that? And why are the media acting as though it’s getting worse? __ You Are Not Being Told the Truth

Coronavirus Crisis May Have Peaked Over a Week Ago

Notice the decline of actual deaths, while “death reports” deceptively suggest a rise in deaths.

Remember: Cases don’t count — deaths and serious illness count. The more mild and asymptomatic cases, the higher the group immunity. The fewer the susceptible people in the exposed population, the sooner the pandemic burns out.

Florida heath officials on Monday reported the Sunday figure at just under 8,900 — the lowest number since July 7 — which pushed the statewide total past 432,000. The state also reported 77 more deaths, almost half as many that were reported Saturday. ___

As more healthy people experience the “Chinese virus” experience, we will more quickly reach a level of immunity which has a strong damping effect on further spread.

… the downward trend in cases is prominent in the hotspot states of Florida, Texas, Arizona and California…

The US is now showing early signs that surging case numbers may be leveling out with week-over-week tallies showing infections have dropped two percent for the first time after rising steadily for five weeks.

__ Source

They don’t tell you the truth, because the truth wouldn’t make you panic.

Note how deaths from coronavirus are being reported in Florida (blue) — and how the peculiar method of reporting those deaths make it seem as if the number of deaths is rising in alarming fashion (compare to organge).
The health authorities are saving up deaths from some days, and adding them to deaths on other days as if those were the days the people died.
It is no mystery why the media is latching onto these mis-reported figures — they want us to panic! Why doesn’t the health department correct this popular misconception?

as of Sunday, the biggest one-day death toll so far in the state happened back on July 16, when 114 are known to have died. And when the press was claiming that 2,013 had died in July, the actual number of known deaths was 1,847.

As we noted in this space last week, this distortion is being repeated by the media in state after state that has seen a recent spike in coronavirus cases. While deaths attributed to coronavirus have increased, the “surge” is a fiction because many of those deaths happened earlier. __

This shows how easily you can be fooled by scanning the numbers from Worldometers or Johns Hopkins. They are giving you the numbers they receive from health departments, but if those numbers are misleadingly reported it is difficult to get at the truth.

… the current situation in Florida is nothing at all like what happened in the northeast in the spring. Yet that critical information never gets conveyed by the press.

Another bit of missing context is where these deaths are occurring.

Of the more than 5,000 coronavirus deaths in Florida, 45% of them involved residents and staff at long-term care facilities. __ Source

Arizona has been hit hard by cross-border cases from Mexico the past several weeks. But even there the tide may have turned:

Arizona just reported another 1,813 new cases on Monday, and only 1 death, as the number of new cases reported in the state continues to trend lower. __ Source

Real deaths — as opposed to reported deaths — in Texas are also falling, and were never within an order of magnitude of what was seen in New York and New Jersey.

Don’t Close the Schools

  • -COVID-19, unlike influenza, affects children less than adults. There is no evidence to suggest children are important in transmitting the disease
  • -Teachers are not prepared to provide an adequate remote educational experience
  • -Children will likely be safer in school than out of school, especially in communities where they might be exposed to substance abuse, domestic violence, gang activity etc.
  • -School closures will exacerbate the existing economic downturn
  • -School closures will impose child care burdens on healthcare workers, leading to an increase in mortality rates
  • All schools are different. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that will allow for an optimal policy response in protecting all parties from students, to families, to teachers and staff. The demographics amongst individual institutions will vary greatly whether it be age, income, race, disability, and so on. Furthermore, some schools will be in areas with greater COVID-19 cases, some with fewer, some with none. No individual school should have to see their policies set by another in a far different set of circumstances. __

    Older teachers and staff should be protected, as should all older persons who are more susceptible to serious infection from coronavirus.

    Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe Says “Get Real!”

    for the last three months, I’ve been operating from the assumption that this is a year-round virus that’s eventually going to infect 100 million people and kill roughly 1/2 of one percent of those infected, conservatively. I’ve accepted those numbers. Unfortunately, millions of others have not. Many people have no sense of where this is headed, and I understand why. They’ve been betrayed by a hysterical media that insists on covering each new reported case as if it were the first case. Every headline today drips with dread, as the next doomed hotspot approaches the next “grim milestone.” And so, for a lot of people, everyday is Groundhogs Day. They’re paralyzed by the rising numbers because the numbers have no context. They don’t know where it will end.

    … Last year in this country, there were six million traffic accidents and 36,000 fatalities. Tragic, for sure. But imagine for a moment if no one had ever died from a car accident. Imagine if this year, America endured six million traffic accidents and 36,000 fatalities…for the first time ever. Now, imagine if these accidents and fatalities – over 16,000 and 90 per day respectively – imagine if they were reported upon like every new incidence of COVID. What would that do to our willingness to drive? For a while, I suspect it would keep us all off the roads, right? I mean, six million accidents out of the blue is a lot to process, and 36,000 deaths is scary – especially if you don’t know how high that number could get. It would take us a while to access the risk, before we blindly hopped into our cars again. Eventually though – after getting some context and perspective – we’d be able to evaluate the relative danger of operating a motor vehicle. Then, we could decide for ourselves when to drive, where to drive, and how much to drive. And so we do.

    Again, don’t misunderstand. I’m not ignoring COVID, or downplaying COVID, or pretending the risks at hand aren’t real. Nor am I comparing COVID cases to car accidents – I’m simply comparing the fear of each to the other, and the fear that always accompanies uncertainty. __ Source

    We live in a world of risk, where people die from a long list of causes every day. This was true before Wuhan coronavirus and it will be true long after this Chinese virus has subsided (and perhaps another has taken its place). We can hide ourselves away in fear, or we can take reasonable precautions and move forward with living.

    Unschooled Savages of the Left: Unfit to Govern

    Besides the media panic over a stable-to-dwindling pandemic, North America (and parts of Europe) face civil disorder financed by leftist donors such as those from Democracy Alliance.

    In leftist-run cities across the land, drone-mind savages are burning homes and businesses, tearing down historical monuments, and shooting innocent bystanders with minimal interference from local leftist mayors, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials.

    Homeless camps are proliferating throughout downtown Denver. Merchants are facing the double whammy of less travel thanks to COVID and people avoiding downtown due to the homeless crisis and fear of violence.

    One need only look to other cities where Democrat administrations have let lawlessness, homelessness and civil decay get to crisis proportions.

    … We are fortunate indeed to have real world results that we can look at for how well or how poorly governing philosophies and agendas work. America’s major cities have been dominated by the Democratic Party for decades, and the results are in.

    All but 3 of America’s largest cities are run by Democratic mayors. The 3 largest cities – New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, are losing population every year.

    Several of the most violent cities in America, including Albuquerque, Memphis, Detroit, Chicago and Washington, DC are run by Democrats.

    States that are bleeding population every year due to high taxation, over-regulation, decaying cities and failing public services including New York, Connecticut, California and others are all run by Democrats… The evidence couldn’t be more clear. Democrats are incapable of governing well, or in some cases, such as Seattle or Chicago, governing at all. Every single city that has problems with decaying infrastructure, gentrification, crime, violence, homelessness and other social pathologies are governed by Democrats. They promise a boundless cornucopia of “free” (i.e. taxpayer-funded) services and programs to meet every demand of the creeping socialism we’re seeing in America, at the cost of trampling people’s constitutional rights including property rights. __

    Not coincidentally, coronavirus cases are spiking in cities where rioting has been ongoing for the past several weeks. But don’t hold your breath for the media to make the connection.

    In this world, we are at risk whether we lock ourselves in our homes, or whether we go out and face the world in an attempt to improve our situations. Western traditions of personal liberty must have meaning in the middle of a Chinese-instigated pandemic and leftist-financed insurrection if they are to have meaning at any time.

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