Jordan Peterson & Family Get Coronavirus in Serbia

When it rains, it pours.

The controversial Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson has contracted COVID-19, his daughter told the Sun, a tabloid newspaper in the United Kingdom.

“He’ll get better, but he’s definitely taken a step back and it’s just really unfortunate … it’s been a disaster,” Mikhaila Peterson told the newspaper. __ National Post

The Sun interview with Mikhaila Peterson provides a good deal of information about what happened. Apparently Serbia experienced a “surge” of new cases, prompting the hospital where Peterson was receiving treatment to quarantine everyone. The entire family was unfortunately “hunkering down” inside the hospital, and the entire family got the virus during quarantine.

Hospital and nursing home spread has been the hallmark of this pandemic in most countries where deaths have been significant, and Serbia is apparently no exception.

Mikhaila Peterson said her dad caught COVID-19 in a Serbian hospital, where he’d been recovering from treatment, and had also caught pneumonia.

“He was put on a whole bunch of, kind of preemptively, he was put on anti-virals and things,” Mikhaila Peterson told the Sun. “I don’t know if that was necessary, because his symptoms weren’t that bad — he didn’t have a cough, he had a mild fever, but they just put him on everything. __ National Post

Jordan Peterson has had an outstanding career as a clinical psychologist, college professor, author, public speaker, entrepreneur, consultant to businesses, and television personality. He has had some major setbacks over the past year. The many people around the world who respect and admire Dr. Peterson are hoping for a strong recovery for him and his family.

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2 Responses to Jordan Peterson & Family Get Coronavirus in Serbia

  1. Dave says:

    Jordan keeps rolling from one Eastern European country to the next, in an effort to combat his various addictions to various anti depressants.
    Although I never jumped on board the Peterson train, I think he is a fundamentally decent person, and respect his stand against the rising tide of woke.
    That being said, he has some serious problems, mostly stemming from years of anti depressant use. Now with Covid, the guy is being hit from every angle.

    • alfin2101 says:

      Chronic antidepressant usage certainly alters brain receptors and synaptic patterns. Chronic anxiolytic drug treatment creates its own changes in the brain. The same is true for other psychotropic drugs.

      If possible, it is best not to travel down that road. The problem is that the alternative methods for maintaining emotional balance without drugs are not widely taught to modern children and adults. They require more time and discipline than simply popping a pill.

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