An Ambitious and Diabolical Plan

UPDATE: True to form, YouTube has censored the video originally posted just below on multiple channels, for “hate speech.” The documentary is called ShadowGate. Trailer and more information here.

The ShadowGate documentary should remain available online at this site

The plot thickens. Censorship, blacklisting, cancel culture, violence, and the use of law enforcement to silence inconvenient voices. The swamp needs draining now more than ever.

The plan to grab total control has been in play for a long time. The biggest obstacle has been the annoying independent streak exhibited by the people of the Anglosphere — especially the large number of people in North America who often rebel against overreaching authority. Therefore, a big part of the plan has been the undermining of the spirit of independence and self-determinism so often displayed by people of the Anglosphere and parts of Europe.

“Education” is the Key to Undermining What You Want to Control

On the streets of Seattle and other dysfunctional cities, we are seeing the results of many decades of government education and indoctrination in higher education. We cannot say that we were not warned.

The vast majority of American families send their children to public schools. Only 11 percent of children attend private schools, and fewer than 5 percent are homeschooled. And as one school board after another gives the no go signal for the coming school year, families are being thrown into crisis.

… There is no better time to make a change than right now, when public education is in chaos. Parent resource groups are forming to help families make an exit strategy and find the best education option for their children. Today, there are more options than ever. __ Source

The long leftist sabotage of the educational system has weakened the human substrate, leading to entire generations lacking knowledge — or the ability to evaluate and use knowledge. This weaker and more pliable population is essentially helpless when confronted with an unscrupulous and power-hungry government, media, legal system, educational system, and other cultural institutions including corporations that want far too much control over what people say to each other.

In other words, the detailed diabolical plan depicted in the video above — and unfolding before our eyes in the news every day — could have never been carried this far without the undermining of the minds and characters of generations of young people through a warped and twisted educational system.

Some things can’t be taken back. Once the disastrous choices have been made, the consequences must be suffered — sometimes for many generations. Most of the remarkable benefits that followed over the past few centuries from the work of the European enlightenment can be snuffed out with surprising rapidity.

The tragedy becomes more apparent when one understands how far back in time the roots of enlightenment go, and how many different threads of genius and human invention collaborated unwittingly to bring about the remarkable creation.

Duschesne lays out his agenda in The Uniqueness of Western Civilization. His central contention, he writes, “will be that the West has always existed in a state of variance from the rest of the world’s cultures,” divergences that include, among a plethora of others, “the ‘Greek miracle’, the Roman invention of the legal persona, the Papal revolution, the invention of mechanical clocks, the Portuguese voyages of discovery, the Gutenberg revolution, the Cartographic revolution, the Protestant Reformation, the ‘rational’ mercantilist state and the ‘industrial enlightenment.’” He has no doubt that the “ideals of freedom and the reasoned pursuit of truth were cultivated and realized in the course of Western time.” __ Source

It seems a shame to let it all slip through our fingers due to a fiendish quest for total control on the part of a gang of powerful individuals without principles or conscience.

We are seeing a remarkable nexus of currents in societies. Economies around the world are committing suicide over a low-mortality accidental Chinese virus that attacks mainly the old and the already sick. A nearly brain-dead candidate for US president is favored in the upcoming US national elections in November. Communist China followed up its release of the Wuhan virus with militaristic expansion along its borders, including the blatant breaking of the Hong Kong treaty that it had signed with the UK. Populations of Europe are being undermined before our eyes by way of massive third world immigration of largely incompatible newcomers — on top a “baby bust” leading to a dearth of indigenous children who are so desperately needed to keep the lights on and productive ideas flowing. The desperate rush to implement a revolutionary new economic regime in response to ginned up panic over “climate change” could lead to unintended and catastrophic consequences touching on every part of your life.

The top-down coordinated revolution of postmodern neo-Marxist “social injustice” will collapse in time, just like all other similar revolutions. But much of the damage will be irreversible.

Can the bloody coup be stopped and perhaps reversed. I don’t know. Can you think of any way to drain the fetid swamp depicted in the video above?

Note: Attaining a deep philosophical understanding of what has been happening would require a lot of reading. For those who are willing to take the time — and still have the attention span that is required — there is a great deal of relevant material available online at these sites:

Online Library of Liberty

Mises Institute

Library of Economics and Liberty

Foundation for Economic Education

The Black Book of Communism

A Neoreactionary Take on things: An extensive look at one of the more important recent trends in political philosophy

Cato Home Study Video Course on Liberty

For those who assimilate ideas better through fiction: The Hidden Truth series is an interesting look at an alternative universe where many of the same trends we are seeing today are played out in an slightly different way.

The works of Ayn Rand reveal that all of these trends go back many decades and more.

Atlas Shrugged online at

1984 online, by George Orwell

Orwell was an honest socialist, who could see where communism would lead. His warning was largely ignored by the “intelligentsia” of his day and other days leading to our day.

More: Apparently a number of people are trying to keep the ShadowGate documentary up on YouTube. Here are two channels that have the video up as of now. YouTube’s censorship and heavy-handed political bias is causing a lot of bad feeling — and the elections are still months away.

Consider getting your own copy if you are interested.

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