A Gem of a Physics Video

I have been enjoying the “Nuclear Physics Explained” video course lately. While scanning YouTube for some supplementary nuclear physics videos I ran across the one above, and was impressed with its visual explanatory power.

We have barely scratched the surface of what digital video can do in terms of education. Learning takes place in the mind of the learner. For many complex topics, verbal descriptions are inadequate to allow most students to get a foothold on the concepts.

In the world of dumbed-down schools and the modern emphasis on indoctrination over meaningful learning, someone or some institution will have to step in to compensate for the advanced state of decay in corrupt systems of education and training. Strained infrastructures are already suffering from a growing skills shortage as older generations retire and die off. Collapsed educational standards combined with a long-term dysgenic trend do not help.

The concept of “islands of competence” will come into play. In specific locations, persons in positions of influence will refuse to let the spark of intelligence and competence die.

Across many parts of the world, no one expects to have electric power 24/7 or reliable emergency services and health care. We have been spoiled by good infrastructure for a long time. But watch what happens to cities that were once part of the advanced world, but which are rapidly becoming third world cities.

Access to effective and portable technical and scientific training can prepare the human substrate to keep the lights on, when over much of the world the lights are going out.

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