UK Shrugs Off Chinese Coronavirus

At one stage whole intensive care units were full of Covid-19 patients, many of them on ventilators for several weeks.

Again, thankfully, the numbers on ventilators have continued to fall, from 3,300 to 64.

There are many ways of counting Covid-related deaths, but they all show mortality peaked in April and has been falling ever since.

If we look solely at those who died within 28 days of a positive coronavirus test, this has fallen by 99% from nearly 1,000 a day to, on average, less than 10.

That compares to an average of 30 men a day who die from prostate cancer, and 30 women from breast cancer. Neither of these figures is read out nightly on the TV news, unlike the statistics for cases and coronavirus deaths. __

TV news in the UK has no riots to report, so it is stuck in COVID panic mode. Honest journalists would try to put the waning pandemic in some sort of perspective. But we are not living in an age of honest journalists or honest officials.

Dr. Anthony Fauci may have once been a credible voice on topics of infectious disease and immunology, but his behavior since the onset of the Chinese pandemic has been highly questionable. His flip-flopping advice is less than useful.

The only thing one can infer from all of Dr. Fauci’s flip-flopping is that he either has no idea what he’s talking about or he’s simply making this all up as he goes along. He’s never had a cohesive message during the entire pandemic and his “expert” advice is nothing but hedged gibberish along the lines of “this may happen, or maybe it won’t happen”. __ Source

The bizarre world of face mask fascism

How Many Died of COVID
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US CDC finally admits that only 6% out of the 161,392 deaths attributed to Chinese coronavirus actually died solely of SARS2 CoV-19. That gives us 9,684 deaths from just COVID, in the US. Thanks media. Thanks Fauci. Thanks for all the hysteria and economic hardship over 10,000 excess deaths due exclusively to COVID, mostly in people 70 years of age and older.

Tests for SARS CoV-2 are notoriously unreliable. If a person dies and is suspected of having had contact with a person thought to have been infected with the Chinese coronavirus, he is counted as a COVID death.

In Other News

Data on police shootings does not support BLM/media narrative

Every black criminal or thug that has a run-in with the police or neighborhood watch is becoming a cause celebre for the media and others who seek to stoke violent destruction in the cities. The tinder is dry, with a lot of extra fuel added by media, politicians, and activists to accelerate the flames.

Speaking of the media narrative, did you realize that everything you think you know about Trayvon is wrong?

“There are plenty of black people who don’t believe all the black victim narratives, but no one puts us on TV. We have no control over that. 🤷🏾‍♀️ This is a great video. Thanks for sharing.”

More videos are needed to provide the detail surrounding the violent events involving Michael Brown, George Floyd, Jacob Blake, and other tragic human flotsam who are being used as an excuse by other people who want to break things, kill people, and burn things down.

If the narrative of victimhood and oppression were to fall down of its own vacuity, what would happen to most of academia, media, the deep state, and the vast and mindless woke infrastructure that pervades social institutions everywhere?

Remember, universities devote entire departments to generating people who are qualified only to act as professional political activists. They are trained by universities to organize hysterical mobs, in situations where violence and destruction will naturally follow. The transformation of universities into concentration camps for indoctrination, began as early as the 1960s. Worse, the curricular indoctrination into mindless zombiehood begins as early as nursery school these days.

These corrupt cesspools of education and academia — and all the denizens inside and outside of government who keep them in operation — are the locations where intervention from the outside may be most productive. If you wait and try to intervene at the street level, you are many years too late.

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