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Is The Long Stability of the US Coming to an End?

The US has been an outlier in terms of long-term constitutional stability among large nations:

… The 91 larger states that existed before 1940 experienced 396 different forms of government or political constitutions between 1800 and 1971, [with] sudden and profound changes. The average lifespan of the political systems was 32 years, but in Europe it was usually only 15-20 years. Of the states that already existed in 1914, only eight did not experience revolution. However, changes in electoral law and other political framework conditions have taken place in all states (Cook 2000, 173)… The more they promise and the faster they adapt to accelerating change, the greater their chances of success over a long period of time.

The revolution will only come when the indebtedness of the state and the public coffers exceeds all measures and no more even halfway credible election promises can be made. In such a crisis it will inevitably come not only to the endangerment of every democratic order, but to the questioning of every state order. __ Weiss 2020 p 115

In the context of this overall instability of major political regimes for over 200 years, the US must be seen as an incredible outlier. Until now. Now, the riots of opportunity being unleashed in Democrat Party strongholds across the US might best be seen as an early warning of the storm to come.

Now, we have the opposition US political party openly planning a forceful coup d’etat, if US President Trump wins re-election in November. Such a power grab would be far from clean, and it is not entirely clear that enough of the deep state would go along with the coup for it to be successful.

Certainly the mainstream media will play its part to see that Trump loses the election. But if the media coalition fails to swing a close election, a desperately crafted backup plan may be set in play — regardless of the ultimate consequences.

The media-backed Democrat Party is running a plainly demented candidate, who no one believes is capable of overseeing the running of a putt-putt golf course — much less the world’s sole superpower nation. It may even be questionable as to what language will be spoken in the oval office, should Zhou Biden be placed in that chair.

There would not likely even be a contest, if not for the way that the governors of New York, New Jersey, and other Democrat Party strongholds botched the response to the Chinese virus SARS CoV-2. But after the botching and the inflation of the death toll, the mainstream media has gone all-out to blame the entire economic, health, and personal life aftermath of state-level lockdowns on Trump — as if Trump somehow had magical powers to force stupid people in government to behave responsibly. Despite the absence of a second-wave surge in deaths, Democrats are still choking the economy to death with lockdowns.

Even without the Soros-CCP-Mainstream Media behind-the-scenes hanky panky, the odds would favor the ongoing march of dysgenics-fueled social democracy. That alone could take the US to the logical conclusion of its entitlement and debt-ridden decline, sooner or later. Rare presidents such as Trump and Reagan have attempted to reset the clock to more rational days, before neo-Marxist post-modernism laid the groundwork for the debt-sapped self-sabotaging welfare state in decline. But the sheer momentum of the corrupt forces of decline within the deep state — and in support of the deep state — seem at most times to be more than ordinary human reason and will can overcome.

This is what the media has come to:

Last Thursday, The Atlantic published a story falsely claiming that President Trump—the same president who has always put our military and veterans first—allegedly disrespected veterans in comments made when he was unable to visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris in 2018 due to inclement weather. The Atlantic’s editor-in-chief, Jeffrey Goldberg, threw these accusations at President Trump without providing any sources on the record. Mr. Goldberg’s entire backup consists of only anonymous sourcing, thus making it impossible for the reader or other outlets to actually fact-check the story.

However, despite no known sources publicly coming forward and attesting that they provided Mr. Goldberg with this “information,” Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media ran wild with the false tale—very much including former Vice President Joe Biden. Opponents of the president deliberately ignored the fact that as soon as The Atlantic published the article, on-the-record statement after statement from actual firsthand witnesses of the discussions at issue came out to discredit Mr. Goldberg’s claims. __ Source

Publishing an obviously false story may seem like suicide for any publication that wants to be taken seriously. But these are desperate times for the ultra-rich owners of big media outlets, who are paying $millions of their own money to get rid of Trump, and install a more pliable president in his place. Chinese money and influence play an ever greater role in this kabuki theater of politics that is increasingly being crafted in Hollywood studios that are partially owned by Chinese interests.

By any means necessary. That is the watchword for the modern opposition. And they really mean it this time. Or so it seems.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. If you want a future for yourself and your children, by all means try to keep the leftist coalition out of power. Should that precaution fail, look to your personal island of competence — and to potential islands of competence nearby.

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Many of the thinkers who have seen through the cause and essence of our global acceleration crisis and suspect its outcome, are convinced that this crisis will lead to a socialist society. This is based on a linear view of history, according to which capitalism will be followed by redemption through socialism and then communism as a paradisiacal final state.

[Admin: But this is more likely:]

“The chaotic states [in the final state of democracy] continue until the brutalized masses have once again found a strong leader. … This is the cycle of constitutions that takes place with natural necessity and through which constitutions change and alternate until the circle is closed and everything is back at the starting point. If you have grasped this clearly, you may be mistaken in time about predicting the future, but hardly about the point in the curve of growth, decline and change that has just been reached― (Polybius 180 B.C.).__ quoted in Weiss 2020

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