The Most Important Thing We Learn from Politics

Daily life is based largely on lies that we tell each other. Politics makes this point so well because there is virtually no truth at all in anything that touches politics or government policy — especially the media. Telling the truth “is interpreted by politicians and the media as a threat to their security.”

The mind is a bullshit machine.
The main thing that can free a person from his or her own mind is telling the truth. Telling the truth is always interpreted by the mind as a threat to its security. __ Radical Honesty by Brad Blanton

Politicians could not get away with half their bullshit if not for the media support they receive. Who would vote for Joe Biden, for example, if they knew that the former US Vice President declares repeatedly on the campaign trail that he is actually running for the Senate(!) in 2020, rather than the presidency? Biden’s obvious senility continues to be conveniently covered up by a media that supports the shell of a man almost 100%.

How politicians lie.

How newspapers lie.

Who would obediently accept government lockdown orders that destroy lives and livelihoods, if they were properly informed that the no-lockdown approach by Sweden and certain US states has resulted in quicker population recovery from the Chinese pandemic and much quicker economic recovery?

Lies make the world go around. Lies make your world go around. Specifically the lies that are tacitly accepted by you and those around you. People who tell the truth are not in great demand. Not just in politics and the media, but also in academia, in most corporate structures, and in most pubs and neighborhood bars.

Lies also make the world a sleazier place for everyone.

Consider the image below:

Joe Biden Pet Detective and Friend to Pet Lovers

The image portrays the moment of realization when Biden voters first understand that they’ve been had. It is a moment of dawning comprehension for the victim who sees that she has fallen for the BS — this time in front of a crowd!

Joe Biden has a long history of victimizing powerless women around him. But you have to go to Australia to find media coverage of that fact, which only those Americans who pay attention would know.

Or what about Biden’s corrupt relationships with China and Iran? If Biden voters wanted to hand the US over to its enemies, they could do nothing more treacherous to the republic than to hand over the reins to the power brokers behind the shell of a man who sometimes knows to call himself Joe Biden.

But how would they know? The media never tells them anything important about the man they plan to vote for. The lies and bullshit are at least 50% lies of omission.

Corruption thrives on lies. There are no greater purveyors of lies than the media and the deep state/big government. When politicians promote big government solutions to every problem — both real and contrived — you do not have to wonder if they are corrupt liars. They are inevitably swimming in their own BS.

We are living in interesting times. For over a century, the US has been both the world’s wealthiest nation and the nation that others rely on to bail them out when thrown into war by Kaisers, Hitlers, Stalins, and other tyrants.

But the vast corruption and indebtedness of the US government — along with a rising tide of demographic incompetence — makes the future much fuzzier in terms of any further potentially effective rescues of the outside world.

Do what you can.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. It is never too late for a Dangerous Childhood.

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