The Age of Violently Wishful Thinking

What Do We Want? Utopia! When Do We Want it? Right Now!

We have never quite outgrown the idea that somewhere, there are people living in perfect harmony with nature and one another, and that we might do the same were it not for the corrupting influence of western culture.

__ Melvin Konner… quoted by David M. Buss

In the western world we now have a higher standard of living than humans have ever known before… today’s middle class lives better than the royalty of not so long ago, and yet, human misery is everywhere.

__ Russ Harris

Cities are burning and people are dying because mind-children have been taught that their natural birthright of a perfect utopia is being withheld from them by an evil and selfish culture.

We are probably closer to utopia than we have ever been, largely because of the actions of the effect of mostly “evil white men.” Here is another look at why things are better for more people now, than ever. But we would never know any of these things if we relied upon “the indocrination machine” that controls most of the gateways of information in the US.

When indoctrinated zealots take to the streets to destroy the life’s work of much better people than they themselves will ever be, they never stop to ask themselves whether their assumptions are valid. In particular, they never ask themselves the question: “Compared to what are things so intolerable?”

Since mind-children are never to blame for their own stupidity, where should we place the blame for the plague of faux-outrage-fueled destruction and waste that litters the cities of the west coast, the midwest, and the eastern seaboard of the US?

Professors, “journalists,” and cheap trick politicians are all clear participants in the twisted indoctrination machine that cranks out so many overgrown children incapable of thinking for themselves.

But the decision-makers at Google, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are equally to blame. So are executives at Disney, Warner, the NBA, the NFL, and every news and entertainment media conglomerate.

We can also see the hands of the “perpetual deep state” in the one-sided indoctrination of the masses, from birth to death. But it is the hands that pull the strings of the machines behind the deep state, which are most to blame. The people represented by those hands generally prefer to stay in the shadows.

If the grand experiment of the founders of the USA were to collapse due to the broad range of manipulations of these “behind the deep” puppet masters, only a few persons outside of the inner circles of power would have been paying close enough attention to understand what had really happened, and who was responsible at the different layers of culpability.

Perhaps that is for the best, since this media/corporate/academic/political industrial/criminal complex now has so much power to distort and obscure reality, that it is apparently capable of placing an openly senile and deeply corrupt politician into the highest political office of the US. Any cabal with that much power which also controlled the many assets of the US government, would be difficult to oppose by any imaginable citizens’ group.

Still, when you hear the promise from the Alzheimer Campaign to “bring America back to normal,” if you are at all intelligent you cannot help but cringe at least a bit — even if you yourself voted for the shell of a man.

No one with a working brain imagines that Joe Biden will ever function as US President. The purpose of all of the riots, the looting, the burning, the murders, the deadly lockdowns, and the manufactured malaise, is the elimination of the one man who stood in the way of the grand utopian crusade which has plowed its way through universities, government agencies, media conglomerates, and corporations over the past several decades with this very goal in mind — to tear it all down.

Manning the Wall

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2 Responses to The Age of Violently Wishful Thinking

  1. bob sykes says:

    We are on the verge of a Maoist revolution. If it doesn’t happen Tuesday, it will in 2024. For all the talk of civil war, it won’t happen. Everyone will take a knee and submit to the dictatorship, even the Three Percenters and Proud Boys.

  2. Xewix says:

    Utopia can only be approached across oceans of blood. And you never arrive.

    — Peter Hitchens

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