Where Can You Find an Objective Voice?

Who holds the key to your brain?

Media and Journalism: These people filter, shade, and spin most of the information you get about the part of the world involving politics. 95% support Biden

Social Media Platforms: These people censor stories and social media that reflects badly on leftists. Virtually all of them support Biden.

College Professors: These people tell your children what to think, instead of teaching them to think for themselves. 95% support Biden

Government Employees: These people can ruin you financially or tie you up in litigation for years. A large majority supports Biden

Trial Lawyers: These people can destroy you with frivolous lawsuits. 99% support Biden

Hollywood Executives, Producers, Directors, Celebrities: These people set the mood for what is trendy, cool, and normal. 95% + support Biden

Internet Search Engines Controllers and Overseers: These people decide what returns you get when you set out to learn something or decide an issue on the internet. Google dominates this field overwhelmingly, and is decidedly on the side of Biden.

The Deep State: These people control the permanent government which exists below the levels of government you typically see and deal with. They can make you disappear without a trace. Virtually all of them support Biden.

Human Resources Departments of Corporations and Government Agencies: These people can decide not to hire any persons of a particular race and sex, as long as they are all white males — and they are increasingly making such decisions. Virtually all of them support Biden.

Big Money Wall Street: These elites control the pensions and investments of tens or hundreds of millions of people. Although they are vilified by street-level leftists, 80% of their big money political donations have gone to Biden. Why? They are hoping for a big score on the ground floor via government connections when the spending calculus suddenly changes to the tune of several $trillion dollars. The early bird who turns on the rest of the flock gets a lot more worms.

The election today is in large part about whether China will own America, or whether Americans will be able to retain ownership of most of America. The groups above who overwhelmingly support Joe Biden — along with Iran, Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, ISIS, and the rest of the usual suspects — are determined not to let US voters determine the election this time around if they can help it.

IQ scores of young birth cohorts in western countries have been dropping since 1975. We see an Idiocracy in the making, with youngsters and their teachers caught in a landslide of demographic decline. Universities, government, and media are not immune from this general “dumbing down.” The heavy support of all of the influential groups above for the Alzheimer Candidate is highly suggestive of a general rot in mental function.

In today’s election, the state of Pennsylvania is set to play a prominent role. The state’s attorney general Josh Shapiro is promising to hand over the state’s 20 electoral votes to Joe Biden, regardless of how the real election seems to be shaping up. In Philadelphia, official poll observers from the Republican Party have been forcibly prevented from performing their functions in voting places. The corruption runs deep in Philly, and not only there.

Over the past several months, we have seen the intentional crippling of the economies of dozens of Democrat Party-run states and cities — with the implied expectation that a bad economy would help Joe Biden be elected. Then, President Joe Biden would provide generous federal bailouts for the guilty governors and mayors, and no one would question any of the shady proceedings from start to finish.

All of the groups at the top of this page have been doing their part to advance the scenario where Dazy Joe Biden becomes the figurehead “president” for the deep state and the shadow puppetmasters who provide “guidance” for the deep state manipulators.

It should concern most thinking persons that such heavily biased organizations as the above play such a dominant role in determining the everyday information access in government, schools, media, the workplace, and everyday life. But because of the relentless dumbing down across society, the very idea of a thinking person with an independent mind and independent sources of information, is becoming vanishingly rare.

Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. It is never too late for a Dangerous Childhood.

These are the contrasting visions we face, behind the media facade:

Originally Taken off Facebook by Source

We will see a lot of confusion in the days ahead. But we should be clear about the world these people plan to bring about. And we should also be clear who are behind the curtain trying to bring that ugly world into existence.

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2 Responses to Where Can You Find an Objective Voice?

  1. Craig says:

    Every word of this is true, thank you Al Fin. It makes me profoundly sad. If this fraud goes unpunished and half the population is OK with that the USA is finished. Trump was cheated in the biggest scandal ever and the crickets are chirping. What a sad state of affairs. (oh, and second biggest scandal was Russia Russia Russia)

    • alfin2101 says:

      Right. The media is running active interference in blocking awareness of average low attention span consumers. But the general indifference shown by those who should be bright and conscientious enough to object on moral grounds, can be disheartening to anyone who wants to think better of his fellow man.

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