They Don’t Care if the US Explodes into Violence

The people generating the manufactured late votes in “the biggest fraud in US election history,” are willing to risk triggering massive nation-wide violence — if they can only pull it off.

Joe Biden himself bragged on video that his campaign had “put together the most comprehensive electoral fraud organization in history!” Apparently, the walking corpse was right. And certainly, that is just what his campaign needed to turn a certain loss into a dirty win.

But there is nothing truly stealthy about what is happening in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Nevada. And if the news media were willing to expose what is clearly happening, the shadow prosecutors and judges who are covering up the felonious behaviour of election officials would either be forced to act — or face serious legal consequences themselves.

The media — including social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.) — are not only pretending that the fraud is not taking place, they are actively blocking the voices who are documenting that fraud.

With that type of media cover, the perpetrators and their government enablers are betting that any violence that occurs can be blamed on their political adversaries.

Supporters of Biden have been warning that President Trump may not admit defeat and may resist leaving the White House — but they did not warn the public that they were planning to cheat their way to victory in a de facto coup. Of course Trump will resist this illegal vote tampering and will object to a criminal election result. Who would not, in a rational and moral world?

Most consumers of news and information seem to want to be spoonfed in small easy bites. Anything more substantial than “baby pablum” would give them terminal indigestion. This leaves them vulnerable to perpetual manipulation, to being led from one unbelievable whopper to another by their own short attention spans and ever weaker and more credulous mental faculties.

Virtually all of the violence so far has been coming from the left, the same kind of violence that has been happening for six months at the hands of leftist agitators and thugs who are paid and shipped-in from the outside to do their dirty work.

The money bags behind this determined coup by fraud, do not care if violence escalates. They can use their pet media hacks to frame the picture any way that benefits them. The long term impact on America and on Americans is not their concern. Their only focus remains their own power and profit gains. The little people are disposable — and that includes their own cannon fodder on the streets and in low level positions.

We keep coming back to the Democracy Alliance and other related groups of ultra-rich puppetmasters and high level control networks. They consider themselves untouchable. Whatever values they hold in their amoral arrogance, are likely to be entirely alien to most ordinary people with ordinary concerns. More

The 2020 US presidential elections are being contested, perhaps all the way to the US Supreme Court. Emotions are likely to run high. Violence by Democratic Party proxies in cities controlled by Democratic Party mayors and Attorneys General can be expected to ramp up until the election is decided in a way considered favorable to those who use the Democratic Party as their own little toy.

They do not care who is hurt, killed, or ruined. They see this as their world, as their country. You do not matter.

For your part, it is best to avoid confrontation. Let the lawyers do what they do best. The outcome is uncertain and is likely to leave a very bad taste in the mouths of half the country whichever way it goes.

What is rarely said is that the half of the country that backs the current iteration of the Democratic Party is made up of a large number of organized parasites — people who produce nothing and who tend to destroy a great deal. If such people eventually end up in control of government policy and government budgets, the resulting rapid decay in the state of the nation will be beyond sugar coating or covering up by even the most skillful spokespersons of media, government, academia, Hollywood, or corporations/advertisers.

Reality eventually sinks in. But what assets and resources will be left to fend off the wolves when what is left of the people finally wake up?

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I doubt it, but there will always be more going on under the surface than what the public is allowed to know.

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But seriously, folks. Any election that allows people to vote without proving who they are and that they have a right to vote at that polling place, is not actually a serious election — and should never be treated as a serious election.

One political party has gone out of its way to make sure that election cheating has been made easy. In a rational world, that party would be tarred, feathered, whipped, and run out of the country permanently. Anyone who defends fraudulent elections should be barred from future voting, since it is likely that they would cheat if allowed.

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5 Responses to They Don’t Care if the US Explodes into Violence

  1. Don’t be a bunch of sore losers. The rest of us had to put up with that disgusting orange clown for four years.

    • alfin2101 says:

      If you are willing to accept election fraud just to get rid of someone you don’t like, then you are the clown.

    • Dave, again. says:

      And now we will have to put up with “heels up” Harris for the next 4 years.
      Sorry, but you didn’t win anything.
      In fact, you just buried yourself.

  2. kline says:

    There is no winner in this election. It is a tie that might better be determined by a coin toss. If Biden wins we have a crook suffering from dementia rather than an orange clown.

    • Gavin Longmuir says:

      Oh yes! There will be a winner — the Wild Bunch who have infiltrated the Democrat Party.

      Once they have demonstrated they can steal a national election in broad daylight, they will not stop. We can expect to see something analogous to the Bolshevik take-over of the Russian Revolution against the Tsar. Republicans who were too polite to complain about the obvious electoral fraud can expect to be treated by their new masters with the contempt they deserve. And Democrats who don’t adhere quickly enough to the ever-changing demands of Political Correctness will be treated even worse.

      The electoral fraud is obvious. If we meekly accept it, it is game over — for all Democrats outside the Magic Circle as well as for all non-Democrats.

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