Joe Rogan Can’t Be Bullied, Can’t Be Bought

In the video below, Joe Rogan has a casual conversation with a former government employee and current security consultant. They talk about a lot of things in an offhanded way, which Twitter, Facebook, or the NYT would kill to keep quiet.

Watch Joe Rogan tell the simple truth about some of the shenanigans of Joe Biden and Biden’s media bridal train. These are things the mainstream media along with Facebook, Twitter, and Google have been tying themselves into knots to keep the public from hearing.

Joe Rogan tells the obvious truth as he sees it — unlike the cowards and lackies in the mainstream. And he has just begun to watch and tell . . .

It seems that Biden boosters are counting ballots that never came from legitimate voters, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of votes in single states alone. This appears to be fraud as it has never been seen. But it is worth it to the perpetrators and their backers, since the payoff runs into the tens of $trillions, if you look at government budgets and government policies which funnel $trillions of dollars in particular directions.

How Philly cheats

How Detroit Cheats

How Milwaukee Cheats

There has been eyewitness testimony about falsifying the postmarks on late mail-in ballots. Election observers were being harassed and kept away from the counting tables in Detroit. Software glitches have been discovered switching votes from Trump to Joe Biden in Michigan, and the same software is being used in other battleground states.

There have been statistical anomalies like 90 percent voter turnout in Wisconsin and bizarre late-night vote spikes for Biden in several states. All of this evidence and more strongly suggest the Democrats and their media allies are indeed attempting to steal the election.

Under the Democheats, Elections Cannot be Trusted

US mainstream media outlets have declared Biden the winner of the election, although they lack any authority to do so. The reality is yet to be decided in the courts.

The court of public opinion has spoken, and Trump was the apparent choice for four more years of the presidency. Nevertheless, the criminals of the deep state and of big city Democratic election precincts look to have made preparation for the case that Trump might win the legitimate election. And so they prepared an illegitimate election addendum.

These deep state assholes and their useful idiots up and down the food chain have set in motion an out of control feedback cycle that has an uncertain end point. Most members of the public have no idea what is going on, and will be content if they get their paycheck or their benefits check on time, and their internet and cable TV still work.

But some deep perturbations have been initiated, a lot of eyes have been opened, and this game is moving into uncertain territory.

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. The people behind the fraud are criminals and have no scruples when it comes to your welfare or your very existence.

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