Fraud, Fraud… More Fraud: They Are Not Called the Democheats for Nothing!

Sorting out the signs of wrongdoing:

If election observers are not allowed to observe the vote-counting process, that is prima facie evidence of election fraud. An automatic recount in all such cases should be mandatory. Other signs:

Attorney Sidney Powell claims that her team has found 450,000 ballots with only votes for Biden and no down-ballot selections made. Powell suggests that this number of single vote ballots is suspect, and indicative in part of “abject fraud” that she says flipped the election to Biden.

450,000 Battleground State Ballots Set Off Alarms

Mail in voting is an open invitation to fraud, and the Democheats accepted the invitation with alacrity — as if they had been preparing for it all along. And so they had.

When a party that calls itself “democratic” throws up roadblocks to voter ID verification procedures that are commonplace across the globe, my question is whether perhaps there are four letters missing at the beginning of the party name: “a”, “n”, “t”, “i”. (Or 6 letters, “p”, “s”, “e”, “u”, “d”, “o”.) [**]

The Fraud is By Design

It is not only elections that have been discredited by this cheating. It is the entire government, the entire media, Hollywood, Silicone Valley, and the inner city precincts where a large part of the shenanigans took place.

Black people and other minorities should not be made to bear this stigma of cheating on top of other disadvantages — such as high illegitimacy rates. But the Democheats do not hesitate to load them down with more ugly baggage. After all, if you don’t vote for the Democheats, you’re not black — according to the walking corpse at the head of the Party. Biden is telling them they have to remember whose slaves they are. And if you don’t let the Democheats use your precincts to perpetrate an election fraud, apparently you’re not black then either.

If Biden Dies Before Inauguration

If Biden were to die before December’s electoral college vote, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) would have the ability to name a replacement candidate and pressure the electors currently committed to Biden to support them instead. Presumably, although not necessarily, the new candidate would be Biden’s vice president Kamala Harris.

Once Biden is selected by the electoral college, he officially becomes the president-elect. If he were to die between the electoral college vote but before the early January congressional certification, members of congress have an opportunity to object to the electoral results in any state and, if both chambers agree, to switch that state’s votes to the opposing candidate. It’s pretty hard to imagine Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic House speaker, agreeing to hand a state to Trump in any conceivable circumstance.

Walking Corpses Do Eventually Fall Down

It would make sense for the deep state and its puppetmasters to want to dispose of the corpse as soon as possible, in an effort to move on from all the unpleasantness and open cheating surrounding the campaign and the election. But that is not likely to be enough to still the ugly waters of distrust.

If The Better Half of the Country Drops Out, It Becomes Like “Atlas Shrugged

 TwitterCNNGoogle, and the like can project and declare whatever winner they want, but they don’t get to choose the president. That’s never going to serve as proof to most Americans today. Big media and big tech have been too exposed to get away with doing that anymore.

That is why this issue needs to go to the courts to be decided. They are some of the last remaining institutions to which all Americans can—in principle, at least—be held accountable.

If all the evidence of voter fraud is not investigated and properly accounted for, half of America will fervently believe that the election is a fraud no matter who ultimately wins. It is a critical problem if half of a democratic nation has insufficient trust in its electoral institutions to believe the presidential election was legitimate. __ Source

When the people who do the actual work that keeps the wheels rolling decide that their governments have defrauded them and have become dictatorships, the trust that keeps a society afloat is degraded. After enough of that, a prosperous society loses the integral ties it needs to continue functioning like a society. This is the line which the Democheats are crossing.

The Great Neo-Stalinist Purge

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3 Responses to Fraud, Fraud… More Fraud: They Are Not Called the Democheats for Nothing!

  1. matthewpmusson says:

    The SCOTUS was deadlocked 4-4 on prohibiting Pennsylvania from extending their absentee vote by 8 days. Roberts voted with the Liberals.

    Now, the SCOTUS will probably rehear and revote. Our new Justice Barrett will probably vote with the Conservatives and those votes will be thrown out.

    If the Chief Justice voted correctly in the beginning, Pennsylvania fraudulent votes would have been processed earlier and escaped this challenge. So, it will be Roberts’ fault if Pennsylvania goes for Trump.

  2. Craig says:

    I have already decided to drop out – from voting. If this fraud is allowed to stand what is the point of voting? They will make the tally say what ever “they” need to win. I’m literally sick to my stomach.

    • alfin2101 says:

      There are many ways a person may respond when confronted with the third world nature of many of the DP big city precincts, and the many criminal election tactics that have been used in such locations for well over a century. Take your time, you may have a different response for particular situations in the future.

      It seems odd to see the high tech Silicone Valley operators being complicit with these third world level thugs, and to see Hollywood sophistication used to cover up the wrongdoing to prevent a public uproar. An odd juxtaposition of the savage criminal with the unscrupulous white collar thief and power broker, all allied with elitist super-rich string-pullers. Perhaps it is the evolutionary dead end of this iteration of the Grand American Experiment.

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